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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

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Anonymous said...

A Yale professor has found out the origins of
Memorial Day. It is a fascinating story about
how former slaves began this tradition as a
way to properly bury Union soldiers. It was
originally called Declaration Day. I would like
to see news stories like this on CNN . News
that informs and connects.

Anonymous said...

The beginning and end of 360 were so poignant
las night. See the children who lost a parent to
war speak fondly of their dads was so beautiful.

The 5 minute essay at the beginning of the show
highlighted the story-telling I expect each night
from him. IMHO that should be the norm for all
setups to all segments on 360. Anderson has done
more on Syria than any other news show. Children
is at the heart of the events in Syria. So many are
being killed.