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Friday, May 25, 2012

This Weekend's Programming 5/26/12

SATURDAY, May 26, 2012

SANJAY GUPTA, MD – Saturday 4:30PM – 5:00PM
This week on Sanjay Gupta MD, the fight over prostate cancer screening, and a new recommendation that men not get the PSA test. Sanjay cuts through the confusion, to see just who should get the PSA test, and what they need to know. Sanjay also looks into a recent report that found the air quality in schools to be toxic, and what you can do to protect your kids.

Topic: Cost of War in Afghanistan; Negotiations with the Taliban; Relationship with Pres. Obama
Guest: Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan
Topic: New Book; Foreign Policy
Guest: Gen. Colin Powell (Ret.), former Secretary of State
Anchor: Wolf Blitzer

CNN PRESENTS: SELLING MIRACLES – Airs Saturday 8:00PM – 9:00PM and 11:00PM (Sunday 2:00AM)
CNN investigative correspondent Drew Griffin reports from India and the United States on a New Delhi clinic that promises hope for desperate American patients through embryonic stem cell injections, treatment that is outlawed in America. Over 85 patients have paid an average of $25,000 each for treatments for diseases ranging from ALS to spinal cord injuries to genetic disorders.

SUNDAY, May 27, 2012

SANJAY GUPTA, MD – Sunday 7:30AM – 8:00AM
This week on Sanjay Gupta MD, the fight over prostate cancer screening, and a new recommendation that men not get the PSA test. Sanjay cuts through the confusion, to see just who should get the PSA test, and what they need to know. Sanjay also looks into a recent report that found the air quality in schools to be toxic, and what you can do to protect your kids.

Topics: Campaign 2012; Jobs; Economy; GOP Agenda
Guest: Rudy Giuliani, former Republican presidential candidate; former New York City Mayor
Topics: Campaign 2012; Jobs; Economy; Democratic Agenda
Guest: Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), chair, Democratic National Committee
Topics: Treating Veterans; State of the V.A.; Dealing with PTSD
Guest: Gen. Peter Chiarelli (Ret.), former Vice Chief of Staff, U.S. Army
Topics: Veterans Benefits; Mental Health Issues
Guest: Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), chair, Veterans Affairs Committee
Topics: Challenges Facing Veterans: Unemployment, Disability Benefits, V.A. Backlog
Guest: Paul Rieckhoff, founder and executive director, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
Guest: Tim Tetz, legislative director, The American Legion
Anchor: Candy Crowley

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS – Airs Sunday 10:00AM – 11:00AM and 1:00PM – 2:00PM
Topics: U.S. Debt and Deficit; Simpson-Bowles Proposal
Guest: Erskine Bowles, president emeritus of the University of North Carolina; board of directors, Facebook
Guest: Alan Simpson, former U.S. Senator (R-WY)
Topic: Election 2012: Economy, Religion, Same-Sex Marriage
Guest: Ross Douthat, opinion editorial columnist, The New York Times
Guest: Chrystia Freeland, editor, Thomson Reuters Digital
Guest: Bill Keller, opinion editorial columnist, The New York Times
Guest: Peggy Noonan, author and opinion editorial columnist, The Wall Street Journal
Anchor: Fareed Zakaria

Topics: Cory Booker’s Remarks on Meet the Press; Bain Capital and Romney Coverage
Guest: Anne Kornblut, The Washington Post
Guest: Roger Simon, POLITICO
Topics: New Book; Bravo’s Celeb-Reality Phenomenon
Guest: Andy Cohen, senior vice president, Bravo TV; author, “Most Talkative”
Topics: Running ABC News
Guest: David Westin, former president, ABC News
Host: Howard Kurtz

THE NEXT LIST – Sunday 2:00PM – 2:30PM
This week on The Next List, a profile of Sarah Parcak who has been called the Indiana Jones of space archaeologists. Parcak uses infrared satellite imagery to uncover Egyptian ruins and ancient civilizations thought to have been buried forever. Her work is mind-boggling and is literally transforming the field of archaeology.

Health care costs are rising in America while health care quality continues to sink. CNN and TIME’s Fareed Zakaria examines what we can learn from the rest of the world about fixing health care by examining the pros and cons of how medicine is practiced in the U.K., Taiwan, Switzerland, and a successful trial program within the U.S. as well. Zakaria also interviews Atul Gawande, MD, surgeon and science and medicine writer for The New Yorker, Game Show Network CEO David Goldhill (author of “How American Healthcare Killed My Father,” The Atlantic, 2009), and Washington Post journalist and author T.R. Reid (The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care, 2010) for practical recommendations on improving health outcomes more efficiently.

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Anonymous said...

Why did CNN drop the VIral Video segments with
Josh Levs. ABC News turns so many stories based
on internet videos. There is an awesome video
making the rounds of the best marriage proposal
ever..I don't know how ABC News does it but they
use the web effectively for news stories.

Anonymous said...

Hello, we are back and it is time for a discussion
about CNN ratings for May 2012. The months of
June, July & August really don't matter that much
in TV, so all 3 are gearing up for September 2012.
This time around we just focused on Mon-Fri but
for the summer we will keep an eye on Morning
Express & Evening Express. The data was obtained
using TVN & TVBTN as sources.

360 is averaging 388,000/116,000 at 8 PM

ED is averaging 779,000/181,000

BOR is averaging 2,694,000/494,000

Two key points about 360. It is only behind by
65,000 in the demo. CNN will take that for a
couple of reasons. It is the 1st time CNN sees
a demo that is more than 100,000 , more later,
and MSNBC has yet to find an 8 PM show that
matches Countdown. ED's demos being under
200,000 is not good for MSNBC. Remember
MSNBC made the switch because of the demo.

360 is averaging 420,000/147,000 at 10 PM

TLW is averaging 792,000/240,000

OTR is averaging 1,511,000/321,000

360 at 10 is the top demo for CNN but is
not tops in viewers. That likely has something
to with Anderson Cooper live from Syria. Kudos
to CNN on that call. Given the massacre that
happened this weekend, it is a very important
news story, Syria is a big story that should
not be ignored and 360 should not ignore a
story of that magnitude for ratings.

PMT is averaging 423,000/119,000

TRMS is averaging 899,000/273,000

Hannity is averaging 1,885,000/397,000

PMT is not the top show for viewers on CNN
either. He is benefitting from 360 bookends
because the 10 PM demo is higher than PMT.
TRMS is giving a lift to TLW. This hour is a
problem for CNN. That is a wide demo gap
of 154,000.

We will end this session here with more to come.

Anonymous said...

Lets start with the beginning for the 2nd half of
our findings. It is ugly right from the start for CNN.

Starting Point is averaging 195,000/73,000

MJ is averaging 374,000/129,000

F & F is averaging 1,059,000/296,000

We have a hunch this would be an historic low.

TSR is averaging 437,000/90,000

Hardball is averaging 664,000/116,000

The 5 is averaging 1,566,000/339,000

Yes, when it comes to viewers for the month
of May 2012. Wolf Blitzer is # 1. It is not good
for him to be under 100,000 in the demo but
this is another one that CNN can live with. If
you look closely there is only a demo deficit
of 26,000 between TSR and Hardball.

Jk, USA is averaging 344,000/84,000

Sharpton is averaging 662,000/136,000

SPSL RPT is averaging 1,651,000/332,000

We think John KIng might be doing a little
bit better.

OFront is averaging 306,000/86,000

Hardball is averaging 705,000/148,000

Fox Rpt is averaging 1,495,000/324,000

Depending on the Friday numbers OFront
could fall under 300,000.

For 3 hours CNN is not getting 100,000 in
the demo. Not good news at all.

In prime time CNN is averaging 410,0000 in
viewers with 126,000 in the demo.

MSNBC is averaging 802,000/221,000

FNC is averaging 2,037,000/399,000

Daytime CNN is averaging 306,000/90,000

MSNBC is averaging 447,000/123,000

FNC is averaging 1,214,000/302,000

MSNBC totals for daytime top CNN in prime time.
You can bet MSNBC will be more than happy to
point this out in a press release.

We will end this portion here and end with
some closing thoughts in our next post.

Anonymous said...

Final thoughts.

CNN still has some big problems, let's hope they
can find solutions. It is no easy task running any
network, just ask Oprah. When you have been
at CNN as long as Jim Walton, you get a chance
at redemption. Ken Jautz might be different. The
point is somebody has to fix CNN. It won't be
easy nor will it be overnight or anytime this year.

Previously, we have said that the ratings were
going down for all 3 cable news networks. Look
for that to continue. It is summer and viewers will
turn off cable news unless there is a big story.
That is why we want to keep an eye on Evening
Express to see if a summer show can actually
gain traction.

Viewers are not warming up to the coverage
of this year's presidential election.. The CNN
approach is not working and FNC & MSNBC
don't seem to be bring in big numbers either..
It is too partisan and juvenile to make sense.
There is nothing in it for viewers. It is too
much it is all about me and not about what
is happening on the campaign trail.. It is no
surprise that cable news is losing viewers.
CNN,FNC & MSNBC all look alike and do all
of the same tired old things.

Even American Idol got old this year.

Stay Tuned.

Anonymous said...

CNN sucks. Stop bashing Justin Combs for a
$ 54,000 football scholarship to UCLA. It is not
taxpayer money and if it is an athletic scholarship.
It has to have a monetary figure when Justin signed
his letter of intent. Leave the kid alone he earned it
so who the hell is CNN to say he should not get it.

Millionaire kids get scholarships all of the time so
CNN is just trying to fan racial flames. Really CNN.
Who the hell is CNN to say he does not deserve it.
Justin worked his butt off and has a 3.75 GPA. You
have no say on who your parents will be. By the
way CNN Diddy is a college educated rapper with
an MBA. Leave the kid alone and get a life.

That is why people hate CNN. Make up a topic
just to stroke anger. That is why CNN is a huge
failure and deserve it the ratings they are getting.

Anonymous said...

It was Starting Point so no one saw and CNN got the
facts wrong, which is the norm for the network
these days. It is a positive story. This no ordinary
scholarship. There is criteria. You have to be under
19, won awards, have academic test scores above
the national average. Justin Combs earned it. It is
a high stakes competition among athletic elites.
Something is seriously wrong at CNN.

Anderson Cooper needs to focus on Syria tonight
as well. There are rumors that the United States is
considering arming the rebels. Just don't bring on
John McCain to bash President Obama. If you
listen to the Joint Chiefs Chair military action is
possible in Syria. The big question is what will it
be even Russia is talking differently.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer to watch In The Arena with Eliot Spitzer rather than OutFront with Erin Burnett. His ratings were better anyway.

Anonymous said...

Totally disagree with you on the redemption for Jim Walton.

Can't just blame Jautz. Jim Walton was in charge when Klein did his damage.
So it's time to start blaming the appropriate party which would be Jim Walton.
As as long as he is in charge, CNN will not begin to improve.