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Thursday, May 24, 2012

HLN Hosts Daytime Emmy ® Awards


2012 Show Includes Tributes to Outgoing Series & Beloved Talent;
Spotlight on Innovative Programs

HLN grabs the reigns as the host network of the 39th annual daytime entertainment Emmy® Awards to be presented live from The Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 23, 8-10 p.m., ET/PT, it was announced by Scot Safon, Executive Vice President & General Manager, HLN, and Malachy Wienges, Chairman, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

“HLN is thrilled to work with NATAS to celebrate some of television’s best programs and performances,” said Safon. “Every day we focus on the news and information people talk about, and that has included extensive coverage of the Daytime Emmys in the past. This year, we’re very excited to also be carrying the event itself.”

“The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) is very excited to announce that the 2012 Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Awards will be broadcast live on HLN on Saturday, June 23, from The Beverly Hilton hotel, in Beverly Hills, California,” said Wienges, Chairman of NATAS. “Working with the show's producer, Gabriel Gornell of LocoDistro, we are preparing a new, fresh, creative show that will honor all the genres that make Daytime Television part of our daily lives. These shows include Daytime Dramas, Children’s and Animation Programming, Game Shows, Courtroom, Talk, Culinary, and the Morning Shows.”

Wienges also noted that with Barbara Walters presenting Bill Geddie, Executive Producer of "The View" and the “Barbara Walters Specials” with the 2012 Daytime Lifetime Achievement Award, “this will be one of the most exciting Daytime Emmy® broadcasts in years!”

This year’s presentation will feature thoughtful and celebratory tributes to beloved shows that recently have finished their run, including All My Children (nominated for “Outstanding Drama Series”) and One Life to Live; a look back at the daytime TV landscape through the years juxtaposed with today’s innovative programming lineup and platforms; surprise guests and unusual presenter pairings.

Fan input will be an integral part of the presentation with featured segments on air and online at Presenters and additional program information will be announced within a few weeks. The 39th annual daytime Emmy Awards is produced by LocoDistro; Gabriel Gornell is Chief Creative Officer and the show's producer.

“It's exciting be working with both NATAS and HLN on such an important event as the Daytime Emmy Awards,” said Gornell. “I couldn't have hoped for a better fit with them as creative partners as we pay tribute to some of the very best that entertainment has to offer.”

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Anonymous said...

You guys have got to visit Reuters to look at a
fascinating article on cable news. CNN is not the
only network with falling ratings. 24/7 political
talk channels have steadily been losing viewers.
The pundits and opinion have peaked. No new
viewers are coming in because they can't get
news. There has always been conversation on
this bog about so little news on CNN. Talk and
opinion won't save CNN. It has played out and
CNN decided to go with an AM pundit show.
We all know that FNC & MSNBC will do all they
can to point to how bad CNN is doing. Will the
media take the bait and ignore what is going on
with FNC & MSNBC. Yes, it is more dramatic for
CNN but FNC & MSNBC are in the same boat.
They are too partisan to grow and CNN made
the wrong choices.

Anonymous said...

CNN has been dissing viewers for years. Television
is a visual medium. I don't care what the pundits
think or have to say. There is real news happening
and CNN can't find it. CNN is too close to talk and
opinion nonsense. So much BS is on CNN that you
know it is not true. CNN thinks so little of viewers.
Nobody turns to CNN to see pundits. CNN give the
viewers the respect we deserve. Stop insulting our
intelligence with misinformation and lies. Some
network executive had better figure this out but
then again this is all these guys know. Make the
switch to being content providers, original reports
and interesting people and stories. There is no
news and that is the problem. Stop it with the
pundit games and stupid questions. CNN has no
idea what people are talking about, how about
doing some stories that we will be talking about.
A wide ranging group of news oriented shows that
is factual and informative not ideological. Of course
the market has maxed out for MSNBC & FNC.
Their audiences are getting older and viewers
50 and under can't watch cable news because it
is a huge turn off. You go to where you can get
the product you want. CNN had a wide open field
and could have started a news revolution.

For far too long CNN has been treating viewers like
we are not even in the room. No business survives
without bringing in new costumers. We pay for
news but can't get it. CNN should become the
1st cable news network for viewers. CNN is
suppose to be working for us. Viewers are not
buying what CNN is selling. CNN is suppose to
be a news and journalism metropolis. Someone
at the network decided the news was not
important to viewers. Disconnected and out of
touch. The consumers are in the driver seat .
CNN, MSNBC & FNC don't get it.

Anonymous said...

CNN took the worst hit because the network
abandoned it's rich news heritage. It is like
ESPN dropping sports. CNN is Pundit TV. You
can watch CNN all day long and not get any
news. Thank goodness for Jon Stewart, CBS,
ABC, NBC, NPR, BBC & others. Cable news
will rot your brain. You don't use pundits
for Pakistan, China and real news. Too much
fake made up news. Love that viewers are
revolting and tuning out.

Anonymous said...

It is the tired old predictable formulas that has
gotten old. It has been ages since I have talked
about something I saw on CNN. Too bad David
Rhodes can't run CNN. I don't see a commitment
to news on CNN. Didn't Jon Stewart warn CNN
years ago ? You watch the news to learn what
is going on in the world. Boy it would be great
if CNN did news that got us talking.

Anonymous said...

CNN has to transition to real time news. Get rid
of the ancient crawl and banners. For goodness
sakes clean up the on screen clutter. CNN is too
busy . Keep everything on 1 single line. News
Trailers, music, better production. Stop spending
too much time on politics. Pundits should have
been done 5 years ago once social media came
along. That means CNN should be using the
news to connect with viewers not manufactured
made up stuff. No more telling us Americans
want, think or feel this or that. It would be so
cool if CNN did stories that would be talking