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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Piers Morgan Tonight News

Huffington Post has a few interesting articles today relating to Piers Morgan tonight. Next week PMT will have a week of guests hosts with Regis Philbin filling in on Tuesday night. Philbin's buddy David Letterman will be the guest.

There's also more trouble for Piers concerning the hacking scandal in the UK. BBC anchor Jeremy Paxman claimed in testimony today that Morgan taught him how to hack into a cell phone. HuffPo reported:

Morgan, who testified before Leveson in December, has long seen his name pop up at the fringes of the ongoing phone hacking scandal. He has vehemently denied ever having hacked a phone or having told anyone to hack a phone, and there has been no hard evidence linking him to the practice.
Still, accusations that hacking was rife during his editorship of the Daily Mirror -- or that he acquired private voicemails through hacking -- have persisted.
Paxman -- who has tangled with Morgan about hacking before -- said that, at a lunch in 2002, Morgan first claimed to know the exact details of a conversation between the two (though he said it was quite possible Morgan was "imagining" when he said this), and then described how to hack a phone to him.

Piers' cheeky response on Twitter?

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Anonymous said...

CNN, please just get rid of him. I want CNN to do news. If I want to see a talk show, I will watch The Tonight Show. The talking format should have left CNN with Larry King. Not sure why it had to stay. If this format must stay, at least bring Larry King back to do one show a week. He was way better.

Mark H. said...

I cringed tonight as I watched Piers Morgan do a hatchet job on some poor author who wrote a book on guns. Is it is necessary to be so disrespectful of someone's point a view, interrupting and bully the poor guy? If you have a guest on, why not allow them to speak and save the soapbox antics for later. Larry King may have been famous for softball questions but at least he conducted the show with class. Though your competition on CNBC and FoxNews are flame throwers doesn't mean there isn't room for a civil exchange of views. Perhaps a change will get your ratings out of the cellar. FYI - I am not a right winger and I don't care for guns.

Anonymous said...

I agree was indeed rude, arrogant, as usual. He refused to allow the author to discuss his research he did the old fulabustor. What a bully!! I would challenge pierce to invite Ted nugget to discuss his views o I theassume second admendmentweekend I find him to be an anti American individual that cannot relate to the american constitutional philosophy. He even tried being arrogant with just our supreme court justice scalia. Yes Larry king has more class and I miss him too


Anonymous said...

Pierce Morgan behaved like a nasty bully tonight!

Anonymous said...

Its time to get rid of Piers Morgan who was not a good replacement for Larry King. Why doesnt CNN focus on learning on how to report the news. Maybe they should watch MSNBC for some tips on standing for something, on investigating, and reporting top stories. I used to love CNN. What happened.
Sharon H.

Anonymous said...

I just have a couple of questions as everyone now talks about why gun regulations by the presidents are bad.

If in other to drive you must past a written and driving test if passed you granted a driving license.

In other to buy a car you need to have license. That car must be register to the DMV.

If you sell that car I should be sold to someone that has a license and the sell must be reported to the to the DMV. Now in order to drive an 18 wheeler a different license is ensued.

That's not the same with regular and military weapons. It should be that military weapons should stay in the military.

If a person has a physical or mental illness that a doctor considers its unsafe for he/she to operate a vehicle.
The doctors responsibility it's to report it the the atorties.

Why can this be done with weapons?

Make sure that an illed person does have easy access to weapen is not to much to ask.

Make weapen owners responsible and liable for their weapen. Yes you can have you guns but keep them safe and pitiful reach of others. (Sandy connericut)

My question is why gun control be done the same way?

I hear that people are mentally illed and its not reported. That person can go and buy gun legally with out anyone knowing that he/she are not fit to be owners of a weapens.
He can olso by a weapen purchase a weapen person to person and there its the big problem.

There are many examples of this Virginea tech comes mind.

Why are there so many unregistered weapons?

There are many way to financially cover gun control. Taxing weapon sells like taxes are in tabaco. The tax should be high to pay the the atorties that at in the frontline dealing with the crime that all the large amount of eligal weapons that are out there.

I can go on and on but a lot of people are trying to use a examples as why not. 7 bullets are enough ....