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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ryan Smith & Isha Sesay on HLN


Nationally Syndicated Radio Host and Best-Selling Financial Expert Clark Howard and CNN Journalist Isha Sesay Join New Show Airing 5-7 p.m. ET

HLN launches a new destination for news and information with Evening Express, hosted by Ryan Smith, beginning Monday, June 4. This new addition to HLN’s schedule will air weeknights, 5-7 p.m. ET, and feature HLN’s popular personal finance expert Clark Howard, and CNN’s Isha Sesay, it was announced by Scot Safon, Executive Vice President and General Manager, HLN. Evening Express will be based at the network’s global headquarters in Atlanta.

“HLN is excited to offer our viewers an evening news program that centers on the news and information they’ll discuss around the dinner table,” said Safon. “The format and tone of Evening Express was inspired by our hit show Morning Express with Robin Meade. Viewers tell us all the time that they love how Robin and the Morning Express team start their day on HLN, and now Ryan, Clark and Isha will be welcoming them home in the evening.”

Evening Express will provide an energetic, inspirational and solutions-oriented look at the day’s news, accompanied by deeper discussions and reporting on stories and issues that resonate in the American household, including parenting, education, health, personal finance and relationships.

Evening Express will also have a deep a social footprint, engaging with viewers and users on all platforms. In tandem with its June 4 launch, the show’s digital extensions will include Facebook (, Twitter (@EveningExp) and a dedicated blog on HLN’s recently launched web site, ( that will feature distinctive angles on the stories of the day. Evening Express hosts can also be followed at @ryansmithtv, @IshaSesayCNN and @ClarkHoward.

Smith, a familiar HLN on-air presence in 2011 as a result of his reporting during the Casey Anthony and Conrad Murray trials, was a member of the Morning Express team and host of programming during InSession on truTV. A sports and entertainment lawyer with a degree from Columbia Law School, Smith covers a wide variety of news stories and has a personal interest in health and wellness issues.

Howard is one of HLN’s most popular personalities, with a wildly successful nationally syndicated radio program and personal finance website in addition to his regular appearances on HLN weekends and Morning Express with Robin Meade. In 2011, his book, “Clark Howard’s Living Large in Lean Times,” spent 21 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list, his third to make that list. With the launch of Evening Express, the personal finance guru will now bring his expert advice to viewers later in the day, answering specific consumer questions and providing information that is applicable and actionable to a wide spectrum of the audience.

Sesay is well known to CNN audiences for her work as an anchor for CNN International, hosting the daily news program CNN NewsCenter and weekly program BackStory, and serving as the nightly “360 Bulletin” correspondent on Anderson Cooper 360°. In addition, she files reports for African Voices and Inside Africa, CNN International’s award-winning, weekly program dedicated to providing viewers with an inside look of Africa. On HLN’s Evening Express, she will bring her strong reporting skills and a point of view informed by her experience covering news stories from across the globe.

CNN veteran Angie Massie is the Executive Producer of Evening Express. Katherine Green is Senior Vice President and Managing Editor, HLN. Steve Rosenberg is Director of Dayside Programming, HLN.

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Anonymous said...

Darn! I wish CNN got the opportunity to give Isha Sesay her own primetime show. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I'll watch (in between Hardball) since I like the hosts.

Anonymous said...

I will be watching. Doe this mean that Isha Sesay
will be leaving 360 ? CNN is putting a show like
this up against Wolf Blitzer and John King. What
happens if they get higher demos ? Will they move
to CNN ? Is the the future morning show for CNN
or the eventual replacement for Out Front ? This
about 2 weeks from now. Something is up. This
is a test pilot. Why would you make changes at
HLN before CNN ? Anon 11: 40, I agree 100 %.

Anonymous said...

Isha should be on a brand new women's news
show on CNN at 7 PM. Isha Sesay, Betty Nguyen,
one of the females currently at Univision and
Asleigh Banfield. This has been in the works for
some time. This just did not come out of the blue.
Let's see if we hear anything about changes to CNN.

Anonymous said...

No Joe Carter. He definitely be a part of the show.
I hope it is a huge hit for HLN. Congrats to all.

Anonymous said...

Isha deserves her own show on HLN.
And the lovely Anderson didn't use her talents and expertise to the best of her own abilities.
He showed us himself with his Ridiculist nonsense, whether it worked or not.
Instead of bantering with her, and giving Isha a platform, he chose to keep the emphasis on himself so we could see his "other side." duh.
Boring and not funny most of the time.

Anonymous said...

She will still be on 360. I think it was more about CNN not wanting her to outshine Erin Burnett. If the show performs well what show
will it replace on CNN ? I think
it is possible this will be the new
morning show on CNN, there is more to this story than meets the eye.
Why HLN ?

I always thougtht 360 shoud have
extented the news segments with
Anderson & Isha where they are having a conversation about the
news stories. The banter would be
refreshing to see on 360.There
are so many interesting stories
and video that 360 could use.
Sort of like the beginnig of the
Talk. 360 is boring these days.
James Carville and Ari Fleischer.
C'mon 360. Don't think 360 viewers
look forward to seeing these 2.

Anonymous said...

Changes are coming to CNN according to an article on TVnewser. I was excited reading it until they said "shows like Erin Burnett OutFront, AC360, and Piers Morgan Tonight probably won't see any changes because they have potential for being the channels highest rated".....'t they the problems?!

Anonymous said...

Isha's energetic style suits HLN just fine. Vinnie was doing terrible ratings-wise and HLN needed this change. Since the new show will mostly have watercooler and pop culture news, it shouldn't be real competition to CNN's more serious tone. Likewise, don't expect Isha jumping over to CNN with this kind of show. Ted Turner would commit suicide if that happens. It's somewhat strange she'll still be anchoring her CNNI show, but I guess she doesn't have any significant editorial role in either show.

Anonymous said...

I hope this means that HLN is getting back into the
news game. I miss being able to go to a channel
to get some news every 30 minutes. Isha Sesay will
do just fine. She is a talented journalist and anchor
on CNN I.

For the month of May all 3 will be down. For the
past 3 weeks CNN has been having company with
ratings heading down. This weekend summer kicks
off so the viewership numbers will drop off. A new
summer show could prove to be a smart move.
People actually talk about a variety of different
topics . News and interesting topics is cool.

Anonymous said...

If you get higher ratings, you survive. CNN needs
to fix content. How can a fire on a nuclear sub not
be a bigger story on CNN. GMA, Today, CBS all did
a full report. For CNN this was not important. By
the way radiation was released..

Anonymous said...

Ok. This means Robin Meade will be coming to
CNN in the mornings. Joe Carter is still on Morning
Express so he will be with Robin on CNN. GMA &
World News have found success and the battle for
female viewers is on. GMA will be taking on Talk.
Both Morning Express and Evening Express will
eventually move to CNN. It would not surprise
me one bit to see other females join Erin Burnett.
Who will be joining Out Front ? We know it won't
be Isha Sesay. CNN can't try this with Erin Burnett.
Viewers already have made up their minds.

I hope CNN is actively searching to replace PMT.
BBC anchor Jeremy Paxman says Piers Morgan
told him how to hack cell phones. Paxman is well
respected in the UK. CNN created another problem
for the network. In the future, CNN make better hires and stop scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I hope it is a news alternative for
the political shows on CNN, FNC & MSNBC for
2 hours.

I recently saw the interview Isha Sesay did with
K'Naan. It does sound an evening edition of GMA.

Ted Turner would be hiring people who could move
CNN forward into the 21st century. He knows CNN
has to modernize. Like it or not mobile is the next
big thing. CNN has a huge advantage in mobile ,
why do you think NBC news wants MSNBC.COM.
The battle for eyeballs won't get easier.

My workplace is paperless. My company permits
us to use in house Wi Fi for our personal devices.
It can be an I-pad. I-phone or laptop. That means
I can watch Netflix, Hulu & Direct Tv right at my
desk. That means CNN too. I also have a DVR.
I don't have to miss anything I choose not to.
CNN should be the HBO of news. That original
news shows you have got to see. If you don't
have cable CNN should permit you to live stream
CNN, HLN & HLN for a monthly fee. Netflix if
just 10 bucks a month. Make it affordable.

To really look like a 24 hour news channel CNN
should drop repeats from 2-5 AM to build a
possible audience for the morning shows. Cloud
is basically your own sever. So all CNN has to do
is to store massive amounts of news on a sever
daily. I could take material from CNN I & CNN
websites and have so much content. Just have
a 5 second graphic/underneath that covers all
tops and shows. For example, Anderson Cooper
did an interview the other night with Chen. You
would start with the graphic. Next the words
would text on the sceene : On whatever date,
Anderson Cooper sat down for an interview with
Chinese dissident Chen, here is the full interview.
have the media bar at the bottom of the screen.
All you have to do daily is to gather the news
on CNN and CNN websties. You don't need an
anchor.. How many people visit Youtube and
have no problem without anchors. Viewers are
smart enough to get it.

Some group of college kids will set it up so
you can watch the best news from all around
the world. It can be from CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera,
CCTV, you name it. CNN and all of the other
media companies will be lining up to sue them.
Well CNN ddi not know how to work it.

Anonymous said...

Will this be exactly like Morning Express. The news
is fast-paced with music all throughout the show.
Personally, I think HLN is making a play for those
younger viewers who are not into the political shows.
It will be interesting to see the demos. Will the demo
for Evening top HardBall or TSR. Morning Express
has demos better than Morning Joe.