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Monday, May 21, 2012

Ratings for the Week of May 14-18

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully changes will occur soon to CNN primetime. I love this network but I feel the only way CNN can make the 8PM hour #1 again would be if Oprah agreed to do a show, which is highly unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Why does 360 have Marcia Clark on the show ?
David Gergen is totally clueless. Mitt Romney has
made Bain the center of his campaign. Romney is
lying about how many jobs he claims to have help
created. The problem is that Romney lies and the
press is too afraid to call him out. Bloomberg was
the first to realize that it was not true.. Where is
the political reporting on CNN other than tax
dollars are being wasted. TEA NN.

Anonymous said...

Wow, falling below 100k at 8pm in the demo avg for the week! Has that even happened in the last decade?

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if Rachel Maddow
pulled off a big night in the ratings with the
exclusive Cory Booker interview.

CNN had better wake up now. MSNBC is now
adding interviews into their prime time shows.
CNN is still going with pundits.

Erin Burnett might actually be dropping hints
about Out Front. One night she said when we
started the show. Also, have you guys noticed
that TVN & Mediaite are trying to save PMT.
He is dong no better up against TRMS. Will
CNN be doing trial runs like ABC is doing with
GMA being on at 2 PM. NYT is hinting that if
the show does well it will likely stay. ABC is
going to take it to the Talk.

Erin Burnett will become the chief business
correspondent making appearances on all
CNN shows.CNN will completely break with
Piers Morgan. CNN will likely revamp TSR
& JK, USA. It s an presidential election year.

Changes will be made to 360 as well. According
to FB & Twitter, 360 is a fast-paced, provocative
alternative to the typical news show. Don't play
games with people. Mean what you say. I don't
get that watching 360. I noticed some little
changes last night. The show needs to live up
to the motto they say on FB & Twitter. It was
night to see the doctor who has writes about
cancer, the former NJ governor and Cheech..
David Gergen was on but I fast forwarded the
DVR. I pass on CNN pundits. Marcia Clark did
not make any sense. It should have just been
1 on 1 with the former NJ governor to really
have more time. There was so much going on
with 2 mothers in court and a judge giving the
kid a break.

Let's see how the management at CNN will
change. Will both Jim Walton and Ken Jautz
be out or will one of them actually survive.

aries moon said...

These days AC360 seems to look at political issues from the perspective of how unfairly the Obama Administration is treating poor, innocent, can-do-no-wrong Mitt Romney. Seems that Obama's always the culprit and nothing Mittens has ever done in his role as governor, at Bain Capital, or on the campaign trail merits any criticism. Just trot out the incessant Obama critic David Gergen or the highly uncredible Ari Fleischer to back the narrative you're trying to push (which is pro-Romney) and your segment is done. How is this balanced journalism?

Anonymous said...

MSNBC evening prime time has had interviews for quite some time. Especially Rachel and Lawrence.

I really would like to see how having 5 nights of TLW, instead of Jail on Fridays, would affect the ratings for that time slot.

Anonymous said...

A 295 in totals at 8PM for the star performer.
Which means at 8PM Anderson Cooper is no better than Campbell Brown.
He may improve with Dancing and Idol out of the way until fall.
But the question still remains why does Fox News continue to do well and Rachel Maddow at MSNBC, no matter what the season.

Anonymous said...

How did the worst political team on TV miss the
big news today that the spending binge that the
media and conservatives like to talk about never
happened. How many times has CNN repeated
that lie. Even asking stupid questions helping to
spread the lie. Market Watch says the spending
binge never happened. How is that CNN is in the
middle of a mass misinformation campaign. That's
right CNN hired many of the people helping tell
the American public huge lies.. CNN can't trust it.

Anonymous said...

You guys really should check out TV Newser. CNN
is not being affected financially and has so many
avenues to make money that CNN is in no rush to
make changes. It is all about morale. CNN ratings
don't hurt them financially. I get the feeling that
CNN will be slow to make changes.

Anonymous said...

Poor Anderson. In the low three hundreds....again for totals on CNN and 60
Minutes, which was shown twice in two time slots, was #18 according to USA Today.
Guess the "Cooper charm" is wearing thin.
Guess he just had to throw somebody off his show to get attention.

Anonymous said...

CNN is going all out to save Erin Burentt. Jobs
lists has 3 producers all working for Out Front.
1 being an editorial producer and booking guests.
What a way to emphasis the show sucks from
content to guests Out Front is not working. The
problem with this is that Erin Burnett is weak as
a wannabe news anchor.

Anonymous said...

Is CNN talking to Regis ? It has gotten out that
Regis will be sitting down for an interview with
David Letterman subbing on PMT. Could Regis
be coming to CNN maybe in the morning ? He
was on ABC for years in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Anderson is getting lower demo scores than Campbell Brown did in the 8PM time slot.
Shouldn't that tell Management that something isn't working.
And he's not doing much better at 10PM getting increasingly low scores.
According to TVN, the CNN executives continue to say AC and Burnett, along with Piers Moron, have "potential."
If they had potential their scores would be higher!