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Saturday, May 19, 2012

This Weekend's Programming 5/19/12

SATURDAY, May 19, 2012

SANJAY GUPTA, MD – Saturday 4:30PM – 5:00PM
This week on Sanjay Gupta MD Sanjay, seven lucky viewers train together for the Malibu triathlon. Sanjay will share his advise on exercising safely and more efficiently, whatever your fitness goals may be.

Anchor: Wolf Blitzer

Voters in America: Vets Wanted?- 8:00pm – 9:00pm & 11:00pm – 12:00am

SUNDAY, May 20, 2012

24/7 Pacquiao / Bradley Part 1 - 12:00am – 1:00am & 3:00am – 4:00am

Voters in America: Vets Wanted? - 2:00am – 3:00am

SANJAY GUPTA, MD – Sunday 7:30AM – 8:00AM
This week on Sanjay Gupta MD Sanjay, seven lucky viewers train together for the Malibu triathlon. Sanjay will share his advise on exercising safely and more efficiently, whatever your fitness goals may be.

Topics: 2012 Politics; Senate Agenda; Jobs and the Economy
Guests: Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA)
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas)
Topics: President Obama’s 2012 Campaign, Democratic agenda
Guest: David Axelrod, senior strategist for the Obama re-election campaign *Exclusive
Topics: 2012 Politics, Senate Agenda, Jobs and the Economy
Guest: Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee chairman *Exclusive
Topics: Politico Roundtable: Campaign 2012 Latest
Guest: Dana Bash: CNN senior congressional correspondent
Jeff Zeleny: The New York Times
Topics: NATO Summit and Afghanistan
Guest: Anders Fogh Rasmussen: NATO Secretary-General

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS – Airs 10:00AM – 11:00AM and 1:00PM – 2:00PM
Topics: The future of the Euro; will Greece exit the Euro?; austerity v. stimulus
Guest: Mario Monti, prime minister for Italy A FAREED ZAKARIA GPS exclusive
Topic: The impact of global sanctions upon Iran’s economy – and politics
Guest: Shamseddin Hosseini, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance for Iran. A FAREED ZAKARIA GPS exclusive
Topics: Austerity v. stimulus; the health of the U.S. economy; the stability of the euro and its impact upon U.S. politics; the state of the presidential contest
Guest: Paul Krugman, opinion editorial columnist, The New York Times
Anchor: Fareed Zakaria

Topics: Campaign Ad Wars; Pres. Obama on The View; Political Headlines
Guests: Ramesh Ponnuru, The National Review
Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics
John Avlon, CNN Contributor and columnist for Newsweek/Daily Beast
Topic: New Leadership at USA Today
Guest: Larry Kramer, USA Today's new president and publisher
Topic: Facebook IPO Coverage
Guest: Sarah Lacy,
Topic: Producing the Daily Show
Guest: Mike Rubens, former Daily Show producer
Host: Howard Kurtz

THE NEXT LIST – Sunday 2:00PM – 2:30PM
This week, The Next List profiles Ubaldo Vitali, a master artisan and silversmith. His artistic output is split into two categories: uniquely contemporary creations and conservational restoration.

CNN PRESENTS: Selling A Miracle? 8:00pm – 9:00pm & 11:00pm – 12:00am

Program Descriptions:
Voters in America: Vets Wanted?
Multiple deployments interrupt lives, careers, and can lead to health and financial challenges. Featuring narration by former U.S. Army infantryman and motivational speaker JR Martinez and contributions from veteran and veteran’s advocate Paul Rieckhoff, Vets Wanted looks at the unique burdens for families of men and women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and follows the reintegration of members of the Georgia National Guard’s 877th Engineering Company back into civilian life. Deployed to Afghanistan in December 2010, more than half of these veterans faced unemployment when they returned to the U.S. The documentary also examines whether the bipartisan Veterans Jobs Bill passed in November 2011 is of any help as our nation’s heroes make full transitions back to the lives they left to defend America, and offers insights into how veterans’ unemployment may impact their decisions as they head to the polls this November.

CNN PRESENTS: Selling A Miracle?
CNN investigative correspondent Drew Griffin reports from India and the United States on a New Delhi clinic that promises hope for desperate American patients through embryonic stem cell injections, treatment that is outlawed in America. Over 85 patients have paid an average of $25,000 each for treatments for diseases ranging from ALS to spinal cord injuries to genetic disorders.

Voters in America: Who Counts
The second installment in CNN’s Voters in America series continues with an in-depth look at how election law changes enacted in 14 states since 2008 may influence the election. With a focus on the primarily partisan battle lines within the swing state of Florida, Who Counts dissects the arguments for and against new rules that may impact poll access for the elderly, students, and minorities. Proponents of the rules changes argue that tighter restrictions on registration and poll access will prevent fraud; opponents say the new laws are confusing, unevenly written for different counties even within the same state, and intimidating for already disadvantaged populations. Who Counts is narrated by actor Jesse Williams.

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Anonymous said...

CNN gets busted again. Media Matters is reporting
that CNN has pundits on the payroll who are feeding
the craziness that President Obama was born in
Kenya, That means CNN management believes this
stuff. They made the decisions to hire these people.
Why ? CNN management is permitting the network
to be highjacked by a the right wing hate machine.
CNN management brought them onboard so that
means CNN is playing a role in spreading lies.
CNN thinks we are stupid. Unfortunately for them,
viewers are much more smarter and turning from
CNN in droves. I refuse to watch TSR or John
KIng for that very reason. Jack Cafferty has really
bought into this stuff.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to restore it's journalistic credibility. CNN
went so far over the cliff with POV that the network
forgot about facts, reporting and interview skills,
Viewers are hip that so much of what you see on
CNN is not true. Somewhere along the lines CNN
decided that facts don't matter and that viewers.
needed opinion and not real journalism CNN is
just making stuff up and going with whatever FNC
says the news is suppose to be. CNN should realize
that their viewers are likely to be informed and are
hip that it is BS coming out of the mouths of CNN
contributors. CNN is not even smart enough to
bring on people who can intelligently discuss
very complex issues. People who know what
they are talking about and won't lie to viewers.
If I wanted FNC, I would be watching them why
go with the knock off if you can get real thing.
This is not CNN. Where has CNN gone ? As far
as CNN is concerned pundits are experts. Only
on Planet CNN and viewers are taking the first
starship out ASAP.

CNN has literally lied to their viewers, How many
times has Erin Burnett gotten busted ? She does
not even realize that the United States is not
Greece, Spain or the Eurozone. When it comes
to the crisis in Europe, Ezra Klein gets it. Erin
Burnett does not.

Piers Morgan can't conduct interviews. What
CNN saw in him is anybody's guess. The people
who approved PMT, Out Front & Starting Point
should be fired. They obviously can't do their
jobs.CNN stop insulting the intelligence of
viewers unless you think you don't need us.

CNN decides to give the pundits a morning show.
Come up with games for them to play all day long.
What is in it for CNN viewers. Absolutely nothing.
Nothing up substance. Nothing gained.

MSNBC is staring to attract 18-34 yr olds for the
simple reason that we are now a global society.
You need to be informed MSNBC is smarter than
CNN. Like we are not suppose to see that CNN
has actually deceased the amount of news. Where
is the news. So CNN is no longer in the news biz.

CNN completely gets every story wrong leaving
out vital facts by trying to make something that
is not news news. Are viewers suppose to not
catch on to CNN. There is a negative perception
of CNN that can't be undone. I know CNN is lying
because I have seen the same stories on CBS,

CNN let unqualified hacks run the news on their
network and now they are seeing the consequences.
The IQ on CNN has dropped significantly. CNN
just hired Jon Alvalon's wife. CNN is still not
getting it. The pundits outnumber journalists and
shows how badly run a news organization CNN
has become. Bad decision after bad decision.The
person who hired the birthers, tea partiers and
Obama conspirators should be fired. If people
like this have made it to the management ranks
of CNN, that concerns me. For far too long CNN
has been a conduit to hate, misinformation and
made up manufactured so- called news stories.

CNN needs to find their David Rhodes. Someone
in their 30's who has a strong commitment to
news and rock solid journalism. It will be a long
tine before I become a loyal CNN viewer again.
They made me turn the channel.

Anonymous said...

You guys might be on to something when it
comes to a women's news show. Just this morning
Melissa Harris Perry had a group of young women
on MHP and the spoke about how you just don't
see women doing things in the media. You don't
see smart or strong women who defy all of those
stereotypes. Imagine the strong message a group
of ethnically diverse female journalists would send,
Basically, the news is from a male POV. MSNBC
has the ability to do such a show like this at 7 PM.
CNN had better beat them to the punch.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the 10PM weekend hour is no longer titled "CNN Newsroom" but is now "@donlemoncnn".

Anonymous said...

Content is the way to save CNN. It is not about
opinion. Television is a visual medium . Bloggers
are not journalists. They can't provide CNN with
a tsunami of content. Instead of going to these
blogs for content. CNN should be digging for
content that we don't know about. I can easily
find 50 plus stories for Starting Point that we
have not heard about all day long. CNN must
transition to a content provider. Old media like
CNN has to get back to connecting with viewers.
The best way to do this is to give them content
that you can actually gain something from.
There is no excuse for CNN still on a story
that is more than 24 hrs old with nothing new,
Can you say old media. It is all about working
hard for your viewers. Design news show with
the viewers/costumers in mind right from the
start. Video content is going to be so crucial.
Even Mashable is using video. So it is not just
all about story content but video too. Most
people know these blogs are not news sources
so why does CNN try to turn their non news
into legit news. CNN is suppose to be a news
source. ESPN has been around as long as CNN,
do you hear anything about them struggling
in the ratings. It is simple ESPN would never
abandon it's core principles. The piling on
does not matter, it is about CNN finding real
solutions to their mountain of troubles. Any
changes CNN make must be visible to any
viewers they hope to get back and newer ones
they hope to gain.

It is al about adapting, evolving, innovation
and creativity. CNN is in dire need of a serious
news makeover. By the way those news trailer
you guys are talking about is done daily on
ESPN. So CNN using music and video would
be nothing new. You have to find ways to keep
the viewers watching for a very long time and
opinion will never be that big of a draw for
CNN. CNN can't be FNC or MSNBC. CNN needs
to be CNN.

Anonymous said...

Cable news yet again is going bonkers trying to
say that Corey is at odds with President Obama
over Bain. Failing to use the entire statement &
not putting things into proper perspective. The
man was saying both sides were nauseating. You
don't have to wonder why they are in trouble. Like
you can't go on the internet and see what really
was said. Sure Corey Booker only talked about
Obama but not others. Do your jobs and stop
being a part of chattering masses. Politico says
Rush's ratings are down. So CNN certainly does
not need to listen to him.