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Monday, July 9, 2012

Ratings For The Week of July 2-6

1 - Special programming was aired on one night during the week
2 - Special programming was aired on two nights during the week
3 - Special programming was aired on three nights during the week

Rating calculations are weekly averages based on nightly ratings provided by TVNewser with data by Nielsen Media Research. Numbers reflect Live and same day (DVR) data.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused. Has Kyra Phillips already left CNN? I know she is supposed to leave this month but she didn't say goodbye on Friday. Ashleigh Banfield is already anchoring the 11AM time slot, today and yesterday.

What's also confusing was when Ali Velshi yesterday morning on Early Start said "I'm Ali Velshi, filling in for Zoraida Sambolin. Now a look at the days headlines with Felicia Taylor who is in for Christine Romans who is in for Soledad O'Brien on Starting Point"

CNN needs to eliminate names in their show titles.

Anonymous said...

Brooke Baldwin is the one that should be replaced. Apparently Ms Baldwin isn't smart enough to picture the size of a 300 foot room. She had her flunkies put yellow caution tape around the news room, yes measured to the size of a 300 foot room. I couldn't believe I was seeing this on a major news channel.
This woman is an embarrassment and how she was given her own show is completely bewildering.
She is completely out of her league but hey she's pretty so that is obviously enough for the CNN managers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:49am, Ugh, I totally agree. What is up with CNN hiring these twits that just look like they are posing for Fox News? Brooke Baldwin and Erin Burnett are the two worst cute corn-flakes CNN has and they keep promoting them! C'mon CNN, you are better than this!

Anonymous said...

@2:49: I don't see what the big deal is? It helped me picture it better.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:29, after I stopped laughing after reading your post, I realized it was not only funny, it was true.
What is with CNN giving all this air time to hosts with mediocre at best journalistic skills? Brooke Baldwin is a lightweight anchor that has yet to learn how to conduct a proper interview. It's a shame that she is on at such a pivitol time of the day. Simply because she has shown herself to be incapable of handling breaking news on her own which is why Chad Meyers does most of the talking at these key moments.
But you know, I think she is popular, popular because she chooses to sell herself obviously because she has little to offer in the way of journalistic depth.

Anonymous said...

I watched the very first episode of Erin Burnett's show when it started and never tuned in again. However, this week I happened to tune in a few minutes before the end and saw Tom Foreman subbing for her and was delighted. I also caught it last night and thought it was good. Tom is a good anchor and should be given more credit for the work he does. Too bad CNN doesn't see that beauty or good looks doesn't play in Peoria, so to speak. Those who have been loyal viewers of CNN remember when they were the go to network for news, breaking or not. Now CNN relies on beauty and loudmouth argumentative pundits who only want to get the spin out there instead of informing people.

Phebe said...

I posted this response to a similar comment about Tom Foreman at ATA but it bears repeating here)

@anonymous 10:38,
I couldn't agree more. Tom has high energy, a very solid news background and he also throws in the occasional snarky comment, which I enjoy. Not sure why 360 doesn't use him for more than the bulletin. He'd be much more interesting sub than Soledad, IMO.

Anonymous said...

As a long standing viewer of CNN, as well as a long time dedicated friend of Ted T., I have seen CNN go from a respectful source of information to an almost "reality" show, of sorts. Why the "pretty" ditzy girls? Brooke Baldwin?! Who in management feels that Mrs. Brooke B. is professional enough to sit in the Anchor chair? Holy smoke! I do not believe she is smart enough to get a coffee order for two correct! She has absolutely no interview skills, yet she has her own air time?! What happened to Chad Meyers? Really? Mr. Meyers is the smartest person associated with CNN. Please remove Brooke from my telivision screen! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Brooke obviously cares more about her appearance than the news she presents. But I think Erin Burnett is better--perhaps because we see so much Brooke that I long for someone more professional, even just a little more professional!

Anonymous said...

Brooke is great! What are you guys talking about? As long as you're getting the news, isn't that enough. After all, that is the point of the news...