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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Reliable Sources Discusses Anderson Cooper's 'Coming Out Quietly'

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Anonymous said...

It didn't seem like he did it quietly and shame on CNN for exploiting it!

Anonymous said...

I agree.
Cooper and Sullivan planned his admission in the e-mail beforehand.
The Washington Post even equated his admission with what they call in TV Land as "Take out the trash Day," when real news is scarce and news worthy events don't happen.
It was something that was PLANNED and well executed.
But to Cooper's amazement it turned out to be a "non event."
Everyone gave it a shrug and went about their business.
CNN is trying to make it newsworthy...with difficulty.

Anonymous said...

How disgusting it is that some people can't get over their never-ending bitterness and resentment towards Anderson enough to give him credit for doing something positive, coming out in an eloquent, moving and honest way. This was BIG news, whether Anderson wanted it that way. Whenever you hear about someone coming out over the years, Anderson's name has always been the one mentioned, even in OTHER people's reports of coming out. This was no "non-event", this was a significant event for Anderson and the LGBT community and all of the people who may be helped or influenced to come out because of him. This so-called "non-event" is STILL being discussed and examined right now.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:29

Most see Anderson for what he has become, a wanna be celebrity that hangs out with the Kardasians.
The way in which he released the news was suspect? Which is why some are so cynical about it. If it helps others then good. But I think it was all a publicity stunt to gain attention for all of his low rated shows.

Anonymous said...

I mean no disrespect to the LGBT community and if Anderson's public admission helps inspire other in the LGBT community then great. But, if I'm not mistaken, he was already out. It's not like he was living in the closet - everyone knew and he was very open about it. I don't think LGBT people are required to issue public statements about their private life. I rather admired him for keeping his life to himself - I don't care gay or straight. He is still a news man to me. But, I have to admit, it did seem like a publicity stunt. And I don't like the way CNN handled it either - this was not a story they should be "covering."

Anonymous said...

@4:40: I agree with your analysis.
But unfortunately he is a celebrity and a personality and lastly a journalist.
And those who think that his admission was a BIG EVENT, are really small minded.
To many Anderson has become the ultimate manipulator.
He manipulates the news, to suit his persona on 360 and then does it again in the afternoon.
What a loss of credibility and of his own doing.
No one elses.
He wasn't satisfied being what he was, so he had to try his hand at hosting a two bit talkfest. Duh?