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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CNN VP Debate Coverage Announcement

CNN’s VP Debate Coverage to Feature Fact Checks, Focus Group, Time Clock

Rep. Paul Ryan Spoke with Dana Bash in a National Exclusive about Debate Prep
CNN will air the debate between Vice President Biden and Rep. Ryan on Oct. 11, with special coverage beginning at 7 p.m. In Washington, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and John King, will lead the network’s coverage with Soledad O’Brien inside the debate hall in Kentucky and Erin Burnett live from Old Dominion University in Virginia, where she will be joined by a group of undecided voters. Oct. 16 presidential debate moderator Candy Crowley will join the network’s coverage from Washington to provide insight as to what she’ll be listening for during the debate.
                ‘Debate Night in America’ coverage will include senior congressional correspondent Dana Bash’s national exclusive interview with Romney running mate Rep. Paul Ryan, who spoke about his debate preparation and White House correspondent Brianna Keilar’s exclusive interview with Beau Biden. On hand throughout the evening’s coverage to provide expert analysis will be chief political analyst Gloria Borger and senior political analyst David Gergen, in addition to CNN contributors Paul Begala, Alex Castellanos, Van Jones and Mary Matalin.
                During the presidential debate, the network will feature: real-time feedback from CNN’s focus group in Virginia; and a running time clock that tracks each candidate’s speaking time and will tally time spent on major issues at the end of the debate. The post-debate coverage will feature political fact checks from the “reality check” team of anchor John Berman and correspondent Tom Foreman from the network’s virtual studio. In addition, during the 11 p.m. hour, CNN and ORC International will reveal the results of a poll of viewers across the country who watched the debate.
                Chief White House correspondent Jessica Yellin and national political correspondent Jim Acosta will report from the debate and bring viewers instant reaction from the Spin Room upon conclusion of the debate. Keilar will report from the debate site leading up to the evening’s face-off.
                CNN will provide unrestricted access to the network’s presidential debate programming through and via CNN’s apps for iPhone and iPad. Additionally, Web users can become video editors with the new clip-and-share feature that allows them to share favorite debate moments on Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

Does CNN not realize that this "Unsolicited Advice" during The Situation Room is awful? It's a 10-15 minute segment with terrible "comedian" Pete Dominick and a panel of pundits giving their unsolicited advice on a certain political issue. I DON'T CARE WHAT THESE PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY! GO AWAY! It's absolutely ridiculous and they are trying too hard to be controversial with one another. It was stupid when I first saw it a month ago and still is. I cannot forget when Pete once gave his advice and said "Anyone who believes these political ads that air on Tv...YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!"

Wow, please GO away. You LOOK like an idiot.

I love The Situation Room, but need to turn the channel when this stupid segment comes on. Hopefully it goes away.

Anonymous said...

Rave reviews are coming in for Martha Raddatz as moderator and she did make Mr.Lehrer look very mediocre for his performance in the first Presidential debate.
Finally someone who did her homework and made the nine year old, Paul Ryan give specifics even though he didn't have any to actually give.
She is of course being criticized by the Republicans for allowing Joe Biden to interrupt Mr Ryan's, or the Congressman's thought process, if he was in fact actually thinking, or just speaking previously memorized lines from his playbook.
At least, four years later, Biden didn't have to worry about being called, "O'Biden" after sparring with Sarah, Plain and simple.