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Monday, December 10, 2012

Jack Cafferty Exits CNN

Blame it on the busy holiday season but we totally missed that Jack Cafferty's contract was not renewed and his last day at CNN was November 15th.  TVNewser reported last week:

Jack Cafferty, resident curmudgeon on “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” whose TV news career began 52 years ago in Reno, has left CNN, TVNewser has learned.
Cafferty has provided commentary and insight for “The Situation Room,” since 2005. Previously at CNN, he was co-host on “American Morning,” and of a weekend business show. Before joining CNN, Cafferty was with the now shuttered CNNfn business channel.
Cafferty was a fixture in the New York market where he spent more than 20 years at three stations: WPIX, WNYW and WNBC.
Cafferty was last see on “The Situation Room” Nov. 15 which was his last day. Cafferty’s contract with CNN was not renewed.
“There is no one like Jack Cafferty,” says a CNN spokesperson. “He’s brought a lot of wit and wisdom to viewers over the years.”

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Anonymous said...

CNN should have renewed Jack Cafferty's contract and fired Piers
Morgan. CNN's #1 problem with its
evening program is Piers Morgan.
Maybe Jeff Zucker will can him when
he takes over the network. That would be a great move. Piers has
gotta go !! Cafferty is a great
talent with such subtle humor.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We wondered if he was on vacation, and then if he was ill, sad to discover he was let go. The Cafferty File was one of the highlights of watching CCC.

Anonymous said...

Get Jack Back.

btw, I renamed my AR-15 "Piers" because it is loud, chatters endlessly, and is dangerous unless it is aimed carefully.

Deport Piers.

Anonymous said...

Get Jack back! Get rid of piers - he's WAY too arrogant

Anonymous said...

Jack Cafferty was refeshing with his humor and wit. I always looked forward to hearing him in the "SR".
I miss him and wish CNN had renewed his contract or would get him back. The "SR" is not the same.
I agree Piers Morgan needs to go.

Anonymous said...

Bring Jack back! Was always spot on and had the nerve to call a "snake" a snake! I am personally concerned than CNN is going to turn into one of those "fair and balanced" networks! i want journalists with a brain instead of teleprompter readers like FOX!

Anonymous said...

Gone, but not forgotten. Always looked forward to his dry wit, commentary and gotcha journalism. With his leaving CNN what is left of crediable journalists on CNN except Wolf Blitzer. CNN has lost its greatness to attract insightful on the air journalists. Time to turn off the so called news. I do not care to listen to fluff news without substance.

Anonymous said...

Jack was one of the more intelligent and entertaining talent on CNN - really miss him.

Anonymous said...

That is OK, I stopped watching CNN when he left. Anyone who tells the truth (Dobbs and Cafferty) don't last long. I think CNN is owned by a tea drinker. CNN now is NOT impartial and the real duds like the robot Wolf keep right on drinking.

Anonymous said...

I was sorry to see Jack go. Liked his humor.

Kenneth Richards said...

I hope Jack is enjoying life... I felt he was an excellent element of the CNN team. Now, I have no idea of whats going on. CNN needs to get back to the "news" and stop filling the air with "events".

Anonymous said...

Where is Jack? Bring him back...he is Mr No Nonsense....tell it like it is.
Some of these CNNers really take themselves a tad too seriously. Serious it surely is but quit all the repeats and embellishments. Ask the question and let someone answer.

May 6, 2013

Anonymous said...

I watch CNN daily. And I will also miss the Cafferty files. Jack's wit and insight was always the highlight of my day. Especially on days that hadn't gone so well. Jack had a way of putting things into perspective... you know, my life could be worse. I only wish CNN would broaden their coverage of the world news. They tend to cling to certain stories or events that apparently must boosts their ratings. Where can a person go to simply get the days world news without a focus on just one or two particular stories? I mentioned CNN already. Headline News (HLN) seems only to show the Jodi Arias trial... and probably more court sessions to come due to the ratings boost. I guess standard regular news reporting is a thing of the past.