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Monday, December 10, 2012

Your Views on the News 12/10/12

It's been a while since we asked our loyal readers to give their opinion on how to fix CNN. With a new president set to come on board in January and the an article in today's NY Post  (read after the jump) about changes he's considering we thought it the perfect time for you to tell Mr. Zucker how you'd fix CNN.  It's all in good fun but you never know who might be reading so here's your chance. 

New CNN chief Jeff Zucker is looking at Erin Burnett to revive the cabler’s moribund morning ratings, writes The Post’s Richard Johnson. Burnett, who burst onto the TV news field at CNBC, is now hosting the 7 to 8 p.m. hour on CNN. “Zucker thinks she’s a real talent,” a source said. “He’ll team her up with a guy, and they’ll go after the audience watching ‘Today’ and ‘Good Morning America.’ One thing Zucker knows how to do is a morning show.” Zucker became “Today” executive producer in 1992 at the age of 26 and orchestrated its 16 years of ratings dominance.

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Anonymous said...

I have faith in Jeff Zucker to make CNN on top again. The other week on Reliable Sources, they discussed Jeff Zucker coming to CNN and Howard Kurtz and his panel made a great point of how CNN does a great job at holding people accountable. Soledad O'Brien and Anderson Cooper do so. I agree that CNN can do great if they make this their mission. People want facts and the truth. I also agree with Howard Kurtz when he said that he gets bored hearing pundits (not only on CNN but other networks) speak their mind. The viewers need to make up their own mind.

Anonymous said...

I personally feel that Erin Burnett should be let go. She just doesn't have that attraction. Most of the time, it's just her reading off a teleprompter or papers in front of her. She even seems bored sometimes. I really do feel that Brooke Baldwin and John Berman in the morning would be better. They've been trying that out whenever Soledad O'Brien is off. As for Soledad O'Brien, I do feel she would do great in primetime. I hope Piers Morgan is let go, or at least moved to weekends to do celebrity interviews (which he has stated that's what he wanted in the beginning, but then the Arab Spring happened and he was told to go into live breaking news, which he had never done before). Better yet, maybe it's better for Piers to move out of CNN US to CNN International. Yes, he is a good interviewer but he isn't really likable as a person for some odd reason. He's too full of himself with all do respect.

Anonymous said...

I agree with ANON6:15 about Piers Morgan. What's his deal? Why does he publicly ban people from his show? He has mentioned that he has banned Madonna for life from his show, as if his show is one of the best shows in the world. I doubt she would care. And why would he publicly say that? God forbid, what if something happened to Madonna and he had to cover it live? It would be very fake. He covered a lot of Whitney Houston. If he had said anything like about wanting to ban her before she passed away, it would have made awkward tv and perhaps unattracted viewers.

Anonymous said...

CNN is great at holding people accountable. Viewers want facts not opinion. They need to stick to the news and not anything else! I feel a winning CNN primetime team to do so, attracting viewers, would have to be Soledad O'Brien, Fareed Zakaria, Anderson Cooper, maybe Tom Foreman or maybe Isha Sesay.

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE to have Soledad O'Brien move to primetime considering I don't have time to watch her in the morning. She is outstanding at making documenteries. If Zucker does move Burnett to morings, hopefully he will move Soledad to primetime. Big fan. A great title for a Soledad primetime show would simply be "In America".

By the way, every CNN primetime show focuses on 3 or 4 issues/stories. I would love nothing more than to see a headline-type show in primetime.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Zucker should bring his former employee Ann Curry to CNN mornings instead of Erin Burnett who should be let go...

Anonymous said...

There are some great ideas here. I also read the rumor about moving Burnett to morning. Personally, I would rather they fire her but if she is going to stick around, morning may be best. That being said, didn't CNN hire her to save primetime ratings? Look how that turned out! What makes Zucker think she will just be magic in the morning? She did mornings on CNBC and that worked well for her but that was in large part due to Mark Haines. Why in the world do these failed media execs keep insisting she has talent yet everyone who watches OutFront seems to think otherwise?! She comes across like a smug, spoiled 14 yr. old girl.

Like everyone else here, I also love Soledad and it would be great to see her in primetime. She is one of he best interviewers on CNN. Hell, she is better than Anderson. As for Piers, I also agree with those who say stick him on the weekends. They seem to struggle with finding enough guests to fill the week. As a result, he covers more breaking news and he is terrible at it. Just let him hang with his mediocre celebrities instead of having the flagship primetime show. Anderson needs to shape up or ship out. He needs to re-focus on his CNN show and get out in the field more. If he is going to lead on CNN, he needs to act like a leader.

Zucker needs to revamp the schedule as well as bring in new talent both in front and behind the camera. The only way to establish a new culture is to bring in fresh blood to shake things up. CNN needs a culture shift to develop a new mission and purpose. Some ideas... Ann Curry, Jake Tapper, Lisa Ling, Nia-Malika Henderson, Clarissa Ward, or Lara Logan. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I think that Soledad is very smart and an excellent interviewer. I don't think she could succeed in primetime though because there is something very unlikeable about her. If she has a show, she needs to be teamed up with someone with a more likeable personality.

Anonymous said...

Erin Burnett is absolutely terrible at live breaking news. You could see it during Superstorm Sandy, just like when Rob Marciano covered the Temple shooting. Erin Burnett is obviously too comfortable with a teleprompter and table notes. CNN needs to get rid of all anchors who are bad at live breaking news. Erin Burnett is one of them.

Also, just because Jeff Zucker kept the Today Show at #1 for years, doesn't mean he can make CNN Mornings #1. Keep in mind about the entire Tonight Show Conan/Leno drama.

Finally, I don't know too much about Jeff Zucker and it may just be me, but I feel Soledad and Anderson may just be kissing up to him by saying or posting congratulating tweets about how excited they are about Jeff Zucker just because they may be fearing him.

Anonymous said...

Anchors come and anchors go.

Shows come and go.

Some on-air personalities appeal, and some don't.

All that is normal at every news network.

CNN's problem is the slow slide downwards, and the internal rot in the company.

And cause of that is useless middle management who are too busy fighting over their turf. Good off-air production people have left, and the ones who stay are miserable. B*tt-lickers are promoted beyond their competence.

Morale at CNN is low low low.

Zuckers job should be to get rid of ineffective management. CNN has far too many vice-presidents who cause problems for those whose job it is to report the news.

The names are well known.

Zucker should fire Parisa Khosravi straight off. Then Ken Jautz, Mark Whitaker and Amy Entelis.

Staff in Atlanta and around the world would cheer at that news.

Tony Maddox and Ellana Lee should also get the axe. Katherine Green, now at HLN, should also be let go.

These are the managers who have prevented CNN from being a real news network.

Zucker should hold them accountable for the decline of CNN.

Get rid of the rot, and give the staff a reason to be confident about the future.

Anonymous said...

Zucker needs to go back to the basics, and allow CNN to report the news from all over the world.

Spending money on prima donna anchors doesn't work.

Trying to be political like MSNBC or Fox isn't the right approach.

An earthquake or killer storm or famine doesn't need to be a left or right issue.

Just cover events impartially. There is an audience out there that wants facts, not opinion.

Anonymous said...

1. Dismantle Early Start and Starting Point
2. Dismantle the entire Newsroom block

The Today/GMA format is an interesting concept though I wonder if CNN will be able to attract the same caliber of guest as the networks? If Zucker is the "superstar" that he is touted to be then it shouldn't be a problem. But first thing Zucker needs to do is bring in producers, directors and those that actually know how to create and produce a news program people are going to watch.
Simulcast two CNN International programs:
The 9:00 EST hour World Business Today with Ali, Nina and Pauline. With all of the financial issues in the United States and globally this program is ideal.
Also simulcast the 1:00 EST hour International Desk with Hala Gorani - a "real" international news program with a popular and respected international anchor.

The once must see program is now three hours that seem to drag on endlessly. Wolf Blitzer is one of the most knowledgable journalist on television yet the program is filled with inconsequential talk. Re-tool TSR and drop the third hour.
One hour of AC360 seems more than sufficient.
A female is definitely needed for primetime but that female is not Erin Burnett.

Add a political show but not CNN's current version of politics. A political show that addresses issues and happenings throughout the "entire" United States covering "all" politicians from every state and venue.

Piers Morgan as a nightly program has to go. There has to be some kind of out-clause this network has on those individuals that just haven't worked out. If not possibly a special here and there will suffice.

With all the entities at CNN Worldwide, repeat shows should not be happening. Why not simulcast an English language CNN en Espanol program and also air some of the feature programs from the sister networks. CNN needs to be the Worldwide Leader in News they claim to be.

CNN desperately needs some new on-air talent brought in. Some anchors and host currently at CNN may be better suited for HLN. Many seem more suited for lighter news, entertainment news and music news.

The anchors CNN should definitely keep with new or re-tooled programs:
John Berman, Soledad O'Brien, Ashleigh Banfield, Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper.

Anonymous said...

I think CNN is lucky to have Soledad and Anderson. They are true talents. Please, please get rid of Don Lemon, Carol Costello and Suzanne Malveneaux. They add nothing to CNN. Also Wolf Blitzer should not have a three hour show. It would be amazing if they could hire Jake Tapper.

Anonymous said...

Anon @3:11am, you make an excellent point. CNN's problems are not just the on-air talent. I agree that Burnett is just awful but the rot on the inside is what leads to very bad public decisions. Culturally, ethically, and journalistically, CNN is adrift and that is because of the bad management that has run that place into the ground. They can hire whoever they want on-air but if it is the same stupidity behind the camera then it doesn't really matter.

For those keeping score... according to the NY Post, Zucker thinks Burnett has talent. He didn't say at what so take that whatever way you want to. This does not bode well.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 1:02 that Anderson has talent--but not as an anchor. He definitely shines in the field and I hope CNN puts him out there more.

Anonymous said...

NY Post now reporting that CNN will likely move Piers Morgan to 10:00PM or even later, perhaps at 11:00PM UNTIL his 3 year contract is up, then he'll be moved to another role at CNN perhaps.

January will mark his 2nd anniversary I believe.

Anonymous said...

I really like the first fifteen minutes of Anderson Live because I really like to hear about Anderson more than the people he interviews. I would like a segment like that to be incorporated into 360.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:26pm, you are a freaking genius. I agree 100% with everything you said. I am a little skeptical of the GMA/Today concept only because once again it makes CNN look like a cheap copycat. We'll see what comes out of it. If the show is good, I don't care the format or who they copied it from.

OK, just to recap, looks like we have a split decision on Soledad (its either love or hate) with a lean towards being more liked than not, Erin is universally disliked and regarded as incompetent, everyone thinks Piers is an annoying Brit, and so far, people are generally nice to Anderson. Other names that seem to be popular - Banfield, Berman, and Blitzer. Overall, I agree with that although I have to admit, I am a big fan of Soledad. So, if CNN is reading this, here are your orders: fire Burnett and Morgan, tell Anderson to wake the hell up, put Soledad on primetime because she'll be a lightening rod, make Banfield useful, keep Berman in the morning, and let Blitzer be Blitzer. Oh, and for pete's sake, show up some folks at CNNI - they got some talent. Oh, and keep Ali Velshi doing whatever he does because when he is on CNN I can't turn the channel.

Simple, right?

Anonymous said...

CNN International is pretty much #1 all over the world. Replace CNN-US with CNN International, having only the best domestic anchors/reporters tag along to it. I doubt this would happen though.

Anonymous said...

@5:49PM - Knowing how Jeff Zucker paid off Conan O'Brien to leave The Tonight Show, I'm hoping he can let Piers Morgan keep his $8 Million, 3 year contract without finishing a third year.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of the Piers Morgan commenting here. It's so odd becuase I barely could watch his show until just a few months ago. He is good at what he does but he is so full of himself. I also cannot stand his usual question "how many times have you been properly in love?"…What difference will it make it the answer is 2 or 3? To me, it's just a pointless question if you really think about it. I agree that he would be MUCH better at moving to a weekend show. Call it "The Piers Morgan Interview" airing Sundays with a Saturday repeat, same scheduling being used for the upcoming Anthony Bourdain weekend show. I'm sure he would love this more than anything. He obviously prefers celebrity sit down interviews instead of talking politics. He wasn't even part of Election Night in America.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:02, let me add to your list of those anchors (Don Lemon, Carol Costello and Suzanne Malveaux) that need to go or be re-classified as reporters and correspondents:
Zoraida Sambolin, Brooke Baldwin, Fredricka Whitfield, Randi Kaye and Victor Blackwell. Basically all of the Newsroom anchors lack adequate depth, talent and skills to host their own shows.

Anonymous said...

I noticed Ashleigh Banfield filling in for Piers Morgan AND Erin Burnett tonight. I wonder if they are trying her out for prime time? If you ask me, I always found Ashleigh Banfield a delight in the morning, as I do with John Berman right now. I think they should be the new morning duo. Both energeticly entertaining and smart. Great team I would say.

Anonymous said...

Newsroom International should be expanded into a 2 hour block and should be hosted by Hala Gorani & Michael Holmes.

Anonymous said...

@8:33PM your Ann Curry wish may just come true. More breaking news from the New York post. They're reporting that Jeff Zucker wants her at CNN.

Anonymous said...

I'm liking the idea of bringing Ann Curry to CNN. She would be good morning or primetime. CNN really needs some diversity in primetime - imagine Curry, Soledad, and Anderson in the evening. If CNN can start putting together a compelling editorial mission, those three would rock!

Anonymous said...

Hire George Strombo. CNN has to wake up about
Erin Burnett and Piers Morgan.

Anonymous said...

First thing they need to do is to turn HLN back
into a news channel . Where is the news channel
you can tune into anytime during the day and find
out what is going on. Overnight the can do what
Current used to do. HIre Max and Jason and others
to introduce news stories featured all day long on
CNN, CNN I and CNN on the web. Make it look like
you view news stories online with the media bar.
Full in depth interviews. Authors, musicians , people
who are interesting but get away from crime.

For CNN fire all of the pundits. I had enough and
realy can't watch cable news anymore. They are
to self absorbed to do some real reporting and
are incapable of an intelligent conversation. The
ratings for CNN keep getting lower. Starting Point,
Out Front, PMT and the pundits need to go. It is
going to take a lot for CNN to win me back as a
viewer. I can watch real news online and with the
latest DVR technology record all 3 network news
shows. I also think the should hire the Vanguard
Team from Current Tv. TV is a visual medium . It
is not talk radio and for goodness sakes get rid of
Kyra Phillips on Evening Express. Bring in Betty
Nguyen. Evening was fine until CNN messed up
the show with Kyra and crime. I am jsut tired of
the yapfest that CNN has become. Video and
sound matters. I could care less what anyone on
cable news thinks. I thought I was paying for
news channels.

Anonymous said...

All the people who comment and say they 'just love Soledad,' are those that don't watch her, or her documentaries would do better than they do.
If you put forth an idea, it should be real...not something that sounds good to say.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that most of Fox News' anchors are teleprompter readers and yet they get such big ratings. I admire Erin Burnett for going over to Afghanistan and it probably won't help her ratings. What about Erin and Anderson in the morning?

Anonymous said...

^ @9:21pm I think Erin could go to the morning where she will do the least damage. She is the lead-in and lead-out to Anderson yet the two of them don't really seem to have much chemistry. No way would they waste Anderson's talents on the morning. She would be lucky to be on the air in the morning. As for Afghanistan, she's just wanting to suck up to Panetta. She never stays in one place very long - I always get the feeling she just wants a stamp for her passport. I give her some credit - she is doing all she can to try and save her job. Can't blame the girl for trying but I just don't think she has what it takes.

Anonymous said...

'No way would they waste Anderson talents.'
The only talent Anderson has is in the field reporting and yes, according to the NYPost that is exactly what Zucker may have in mind...replacing Anderson in the 8PM hour.
Zucker was hired to improve ratings folks, and if it means removing those that were deemed 'safe' and secure, but had low ratings, that is what he will do.

Anonymous said...

If you really think about it, Anderson Cooper in the morning could possibly be a great fit for him. Jeff Zucker is looking to revamp the CNN morning show to perhaps be more like Today or GMA. His talk show which was recently cancelled, which could kind of give him that laid back talk / serious news mix that suits him. He would get to travel when necessary, and will have a co-host (presumably Erin Burnett...I think Ashleigh Banfield would be better). We've seen Anderson Cooper field reporting on American Morning (now Early Start/Starting Point) and besides his talk show, we've seen him with Kelly Ripa, and recently doing drop ins on CBS This Morning. I would not see this as a downgrade considering Morning is just as valuable as prime time.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully once Jeff Zucker figures out his programming, he can have his team come up with much more simple graphics and fonts on screen. First on all MAKE EVERYTHING CAPITALIZED! I barely can read the lowercased-smaller HD format font! I honestly feel since this graphics package went into effect two years ago, it plays a big part in CNN's ratings. People need clear headlines to read. Next, don't multi-color the on-screen graphics! Make it simple like CNN International. Next, get rid of the news flipper. Technology has advanced so people can easily go to now instead of being distracted from programming. Same with the Stock quotes time box. Make the CNN logo bigger too.

Anonymous said...

I am all for CNN doing a special on Afghanistan but why in the world are they sending that girl Erin? Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

3:32AM -- i agree and I might add that it would be nice for CNN to change their logo but not totally different, keeping it looking familiar. The current CNN logo looks too 80's-ish. Change it too look more like HLN's perhaps. If you google an image for the CNN Marketplace Middle East program, I think the CNN logo in that looks perfect. Simple red box with white CNN letters in it.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper 360 will remain in prime time on
CNN. The show makes money for the network. Look
just moving shows and personalities to different time
slots just don't work. CNN needs fresh ideas and new
shows that are not bound by the dumb pundit format.

CNN can save itself by becoming the worlds largest
news source content. Just turn on the TV and there
it is. Yes change the graphics and logo and drop the
crawl it is irrelevant and adds to too much clutter.
CNN has Zite so why not match that up with the
news stosry being discussed.

Here's a prime time lineup that would work wonders
for CNN. CBC canceled a show called Connect With
Mark Kelley. Great show put it on at 6 after a 1 hr
edition of TSr. No more 2 hour shows. Create new
shows CNN. Ar 7 give a show to Conor Knighton,
who is currently with CBS. He was one the host of
show on Current called Infomania. Get him to do
the same thing with the news stories of the day.
if you can't get him go with Aisha Tyler from the
Talk. She is really good.

Keep 360 on at 8. It was a huge mistake for CNN
to have only white males in prime time. Fix it by
giving the 9 hour to a women's news show. Go
with Isha Sesay, Nicole Lapin,Betty Nguyen and
hire a Latina Journalist to round out the hosts.
The demographics of America is changing. Wake
up CNN. You can have a sound track each day.
Songs like Natural Woman or othters. Fromt he
beginning to the end the music is key. It would
not be the View. No shouting but conversation
and respect for each other.

Yes, by all means hire George Stroumboulopulos.
He should have succeeded Larry King in the 1st
place. Not the current half hour of the show but
the original show called the hour. Get back to
intelligent conversation and give viewers something
to walk away with. Right now CNN is ignorant and
insults viewers intelligence.

The format for Anderson Live would be great for
a brand new morning show. Yes the pundits need
to go. Put people on your channel who are really
qualified to have discussions about the news.CNN
should be a journalistic hub. Good journalism
should be highlighted. It can come from Time,
Si, Business Week, Fortune and others. Get out of
the ideological stupidity.

MSNBC bested CNN by being creative. That went
with smart but cool. Making the news hip. They
have Erza Klein, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence
O'Donnell, the Cyclle crew. Melissa Harris Perry,
and Chris Hayes. Meanwhile at CNN crazy pundits
and folks on the payroll of Beck and Breitbart.
Yeah let people come on and lie to viewers.

Jeff Zucker has his work cut out for him. CNN is
so badly damaged and just shuffling talent worn't
fly. It's the content, story-selection, presentation
and have that conversation with viewers.

He first order of business had to be to fix prime
time. CNN is a distant 3rd morning, day and

Viewers have to see that CNN is changing and trying
to fix problems. It must be tangible

Anonymous said...

I'm going to tell it like it is and you can respond anyway you want:
Morning Joe or Anderson Cooper?
Who would you watch?????
No, who would MOST people watch and that is how Zucker thinks.
Moving people with low ratings around is not going to improve the ratings decline.
Your ratings follow you. yawn

Anonymous said...

@3:11 AM is correct. We focus on the anchors because as viewers that is what we see. But CBS got back to it's Ed Murrow roots lately because they hired a 'real news' manager in David Rhodes and promoted Jeff Fager. Those two got tough with producers and focused the news gathering process. Zucker needs to get rid of the dead weight EQUALLY in front (like Piers Morgan) and behind the camera (like Parisa Khosravi).

Anonymous said...

Zucker already has a successful model in front of him to follow -- CNN International. Just change CNN US to air more CNN International. American audiences aren't stupid - they want to be informed.

Anonymous said...

American audiences are stupid.
They know more about 'the Jersey Shore,' than they know about what's happening internationally, and many of them don't even know who their elected officials are.
Europeans know far more about the world and its problems and care far more and are multi-lingusitic, as opposed to their American counter-parts.
Some Amercians can't even speak their native language.
That's probably why CNNi was always run at noon, not to interfer with our thought processes....those that had any.

Anonymous said...

Od you guys really think that Mr Time Warner, Jeff
Bewkes would let Jeff Zucker demote Anderson to
field reporting. In the industry that would be called
a dummy move.360 is the top demo show on CNN.
That is how the networks make money. Given the
really bad track record at CNN for new shows.It
would be a hard sell to get advertisers to spend
money on new CNN shows.

In 2013, it looks like FNC is going to be contested
in the demo at 9 & 10. CNN needs to find the right
show at 7 PM to lead to prime time. The right
shows at 9 and 10 could get CNN back into the
game. 360 is the only show many will even watch
on CNN. Just proof that CNN does not get the
diversity thing. On Starting Point CNN has 4
white males with Soledad and they are taking
about some racial comments about RGIII. That's
so pathetic and why CNN is in trouble. So CNN
could not find anyone who has written on these
matters. Nobody from Ebony or Jet available.

Anonymous said...

Jim Walton was a terrible manager. He didn't lead, didn't make the hard decisions, and let those under him run amok and drag down one of the world's most recognised brands. I don't think readers on this forum will dispute that. So the posts about Zucker needing to get rid of the existing middle management are spot on. Mark Whitaker, Amy Entelis, Ken Jautz, Ellana Lee, Tony Maddox and Parisa Khosravi all need to go. Zucker should show right away that he is a leader who will make the tough calls - and fire those now under him who have dragged down CNN. Start fresh.

Anonymous said...

Anon Dec12 @8:13pm
I am one of those "who just love" Soledad. I watch her frequently in the mornings. I watched the Who Is Black in America special and her doc, Muslims Next Door. Both were outstanding. She is really good and a smart, tough interviewer. As for ratings, yes Starting Point is struggling. Her specials, however, do well. Who is Black in America scored 913 total viewers and 267 demo viewers according to TV Newser. Just so you know, that blows the pants off anything on CNN primetime. Bigger than Piers or Cooper. That is MSNBC level of ratings. The morning show needs some work but if Zucker's strategy is to promote Burnett and can Soledad, he is nuts. However, if he sends Soledad to primetime, he may be on to something good. CNN primetime needs some edge and Soledad knows how to bring it.

Anonymous said...

You guys might be on to something. Apparently,
Jeff Zucker is looking for a comedian to do a Daily
Show for CNN. 2 names would be Conor Knighton
an Aisha Tyler. Both work for CBS right now. Please
bring George to America. He is smart sharp and
books some amazing guests. CBC cut the show
down to 30 minutes. The hourlong version is a
great fit for CNN. CNN is a cable news channel
that ignores women. It would be great for a news
channel to be groundbreaking with a news show
with 4 female journalists. I wonder sometimes if
CNN has trouble booking guests because
they only seem to use pundits while MSNBC gets
people who know their stuff. MSNBC passed CNN
by creating smart programming. CNN is too
repetitive and does stories that no one cares
about. Give me a reason to watch your network
Right now I only have one and that is 360. Now
if I don't like what is going on I turn away. CNN
bored down 360 with annoying talking heads
and got rid of the music and the cool theme

Now the show moves too slow. CNN has to
create fresh new shows but you have to keep
familiar shows that have some following. Look
there are fewer eyeballs now with DVR and
mobile. The TV biz as a whole is having some
problems. Take a look at the network ratings.

Anonymous said...

According to the NY Post, Zucker wants a "broader definition of news". More traveling chef's, and less Arwa Damon in Syria.

More fluff from CNN is on the way.

Just like you don't learn anything from TLC --- now you won't get news from CNN.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Zucker destroyed NBC so I am not confident
he can fix CNN. There is the Conan Leo debacle,
not doing anything to fix the Today Show slide and
NBC's low prime time ratings. Don't forget he was
forced out at NBC for completely destroying NBC.
The network has yet to recover. I really don't see
a difference between him and Jim Walton. Maybe
he learned some valuable lessons but I am not
sure he is the right guy. If it were David Rhodes
that would be impressive. Why do you think he
was just producing Katie Couric's talk show. A
boring show that puts you to sleep.

Anonymous said...

It is now being reported by the New York Daily News that Jeff Zucker is trying to look for a late night comedy news host (like Jon Stewart). What a bad idea in my opinion. I want news but with comedic news you tend to show opinionated news. Besides, what if there was major breaking news? It would be a mess. And didn't they try this already with DL Hughley?

Anonymous said...

They need to test Soledad O'Brien out in the late afternoon. She is not ready for primetime. I watch her in the morning sometimes and she is a great interviewer, but she is so fresh that I don't want to be on her side even when I agree with her.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper has the highest demo at CNN and still comes in dead last in the time slot. Nancy Grace at times even beats Anderson's demo and total viewer numbers.
Anderson is not the ratings draw he use to be and he can blame himself for that. Three shows and not one doing good in the ratings, if I were Jeff Zucker, I wouldn't be impressed by that.

Anonymous said...

BBC World news is getting more distribution in the US.

Here's the quote:

“We are really pleased by the growing demand in the US for a global news network which is both non-partisan and non-sensational in approach,” said Jim Egan, the COO of BBC Global News. “BBC World News is about serious news; with on the ground reporting and analysis from different parts of the world and a mandate to inform and provide a balanced view. We know that audiences around the world value the channel’s distinctive world view and we are pleased that more US viewers now have access to it.”

Uhhhh .......... serious news. Global news. Non-partisan news.

And a growing audience.

This is the direction CNN should have stayed in. The demand is clearly there.

But clearly Zucker doesn't see that.

Who wants to bet that this time next year that CNN will be more 'ZUCKED UP' that it is right now ??

Anonymous said...

CNN had better find a better show to go up
against TRMS. PMT is a joke . Rachel Maddow
was the top demo on Thursday in all of cable
news. Gotta wonder how many CNN viewers
she picked up. Her show is blowing up. 360
is going to be on CNN. It is their top show.

Viewers turned on CNN because they are too
close the the right wing media machine that
is nothing but Obama bashers. Look at the
pundits on the CNN payroll.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Zucker has to find people to run CNN and HLN.
Will he leave Ken Jautz in charge ? He will not be
involved in the daily news operations. He has to
pick a news president. Who gets to run HLN ?

Anonymous said...

@3:15PM: You make a whole lot of sense and I've made this same case
quite often.
AC has the highest what.
They're the highest on the lowest rated cable network and they are still low.
No, that doesn't impress me either.
But putting Erin Burnett in Afganistan is one bad move.
That lady can't put one foot in front of the other in NYC and Zucker makes her a 'foreign correspondent!'
Now Soledad in Conn. was a good move.
She has empathy. She has children.
She can relate to viewers on the subject.
Jason Carroll wasn't bad either.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Zucker is going to move CNN away further from doing hard news - it's bread and butter. Diluting a brand is never a good idea. Meanwhile, CBS is focusing more on hard news, the BBC and Al Jazeera are getting a bigger audience in America.

Not smart Zucker, not smart.

Anonymous said...

Conor Knighton would be great for CNN. Check
out his work for a show called THe List on You
Tube. The show is only available in like 20 cities.
His writing, delivery and wit is pretty awesome.
His segments are called What's The Deal. He is
this generation's Jon Stewart.

Why can't Soledad be a part of an all women's news
show with Isha Sesay, Nicole Lapin and Betty Nguyen
and whomever the 5th host would be. No pundits
or ideologues. It might just work against TRMS.
CNN does have a women's issue.

George Stroumboulopoulos is interesting. One
recent episode featured Javier Bardem. Yes the
bad guy in Skyfall. The thing is he and Strombo
had a conversation about a doc called Sons Of
The Clouds The Lost Colony. Bardem apparently
did a documentary on the people of in Western
Sahara. It is a news story that you don't see.

Anderson Cooper is a gifted writer. Why can't
he greet us each night with an opening essay
of the news events of the day. Video, pics,
sound, music. Edited video trailers for each
of the segments the show will talk about.

Have him and Isha do a 10 minute segment at the
end of the show about some stories you might
not know about or have heard nothing about all
day long or will be hearing about in the future.

CNN has to move on 2 fronts : rebuild a very
strong news apparatus and have innovative
shows that are different that are news but a
different style but informative and real news.

The problems at CNN are deep and severe. For
the most part it can't be blamed on Anderson
Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Soldedad O'brien and all
of those fine journalists at CNN. I don't want
to see Piers Morgan doing breaking news on
CNN. It is time they understand you can't turn
people into credible journalists who are not.
Viewers know. We are not stupid. Erin Burnett
has just made too many mistakes that she is
not credible. Respect your viewers. No more
dumbing down of the news. Glenn Beck and
Breitbart employees have no business on CNN.
They are not real news nor journalism. CNN
is suppose to have high standards. I think
so. Most days I can't watch CNN. The pundits
have got to go.

Loading up news stories like the internet for the
overnight hours is a great idea. Just have graphics
for every topic and let it roll all night long . CNN
is too guilty of very little live programming. Hire
people live Jason Silva and Max Lugavee and others
to just introduce and have conversations about
the news. The duo hosted a show called Still Up.
Plus both are filmmakers. Vanguard is one of the
best documentary series around. Why can't CNN
hire the Ling sisters Lisa and Laura, Marianna
Van Zeller,Adam Yamaguci, Christof Putzel
and Kaj Larsen. It could be a hipster Night Line.
With ABC moving the show to midnight. Why
not have them do a Vamguard type show that
can air daily at 11 PM. They are remarkable
journalists. Hire journalists not pundits. For
additional content they have CNN reporters.

So here is the brand new CNN now available,
bringing you the next revolution in cable
news. A news vision for the 21st century.

Conor Knight at 7PM

360 at 8 PM

Soledad hanging out with her girls and talking
the news at 9 PM. Soundtrack for the entire hr

Stroumboulopoulos at 10 {M.

Vanguard at 11 PM

From 12 AM to the beginning of the morning shows.
Call it something like The Download. Meaning you
are getting the lowdown on all of the news of the
day all night long on CNN.

Do keep the International Hour with Suzanne
Malveaux. it's the best CNN dayside show. News
Room needs to disappear and replaced with 1
hour shows. 1 hr of TSR with Wolf Bitzer.

I'm okay with Mark Kelley being on CNN at 6 PM.
CNN should have an evening hr long newscast.
Go to the CBC webstie and watch Connect.

Yes, it sound radical but is necessary.

Anonymous said...

None of us should be surprised of the CNN train
wreck. It all began when they hired Elliot Spitzer
and Piers Morgan. CNN was criticized for having
3 white males in prime time. They did not care.
Later the same thing happened when CNN hired
Erin Burnettt. It showed a pattern of CNN hiring
white females that they think are cute but can't
get ratings. It continued when they named Ken
Jautz as the news president. Let's see he hired
Glen Beck, Nancy Grace and turned HLN into a
crime channel. Giving the pundits a morning
show. The health care ruling debacle and many
on air mistakes. Finally, the 2012 Presidential
election coverage was horrible. CNN's pundits
were wrong and made CNN look bad. CNN
created problems that did not have to happen.
I don't think you can clean up this mess. It
went on for too long. Viewers are not coming
back to CNN. How many times have we come
to this blog to say this was going on. The PMT
are to much to take all day long. They make CNN
look cheesy.

Anonymous said...

For now I am holding judgement until I see what
Jeff Zucker does. He is right about this : news is
more than politics and war. He is so right. I am
so over people being given TV shows who do
nothing but sit on their butts and pimp their
political leanings. CNN understands that things
have to change. News runs the gambit. Isn't Jon
Stewart more accurate than cable news.

Anthony Bourdain and Morgan Spurlock are coming
to CNN is 2013. How about Vice and Vimeo too.
Nothing is wrong if CNN has shows like Travel,
Discovery, Nat Geo, History, Science or even some
HBO movies based on real life events. CNN got
hit 1st . It will eventually hit FNC and MSNBC.It
is smart for CNN to take the HBO route. They
realized before everyone else that HBO would not
;make it just airing movies. HBO has some of the
best shows on television. I see nothing wrong
with CNN bringing Real Sports to the network or
the arts. Who says a concert or play can't be on

Anonymous said...

If Zucker is looking for another Jon Stewart, he will Never find one.
Jon is one in a billion and he is on 'the comedy channel.'
If news is too horrific, like the school shootings, he does not cover it.
Zucker needs to find new talent in a hard news personality with a following....someone who is serious minded enough to keep on doing what he's doing, because News is engaging and interests him, for the long term.
Not someone who is going to use the News, as a stepping stone to something else in order to make a name for himself.
Yes, those people are, indeed, rare.
Opportunists: Not Wanted

Anonymous said...

@01:06 PM

Kaj Larsen already works for CNN.

And CNN covered Javier Bardem's documentary yesterday. Should still be links up on

Anonymous said...

Aisha Tyler would be able to pull off a news/comedy
show. SHw had a show on TV before Jon Stewart.She
gets good press for being smart. Same goes for
Conor Knight. Esquire called his show Infomania,
The Daily Show's kid brother. Jason Silva is on a
whole different level. Let's hope CNN gets back
to smart,intelligent conversation. Joe talks about
the right wing news machine all of time pointing
out that they simply lie to people. CNN should not
be tied to the right wing media misinformation
machine. When did brains become a bad thing for
CNN. MSNBC understood that there was a void for
intelligence in cable news. That is why you have
Rachel Maddow, Melissa Harris Perry , Chris Hayes,
Ezra Klein and others. There is a reason why Joe
surrounds himself with smart people and has
chosen to elevate the conversation. There are
times when he gets on his conservative soapbox
but at least he dared to be different . There is no
thinking in putting 2 people on to have a bogus
ideological argument. CNN has to get out of the
left vs right mentality. Crossfire won't work in
the 21st century. Nor is just hiring others from
another network mean much. It is all about
content, the guests,the conversation,the story-
telling , having that daily conversation with
your viewers. CNN is being lazy and they need
to understand that being weill informed is in
vogue. George is very good at relating to his
in studio audience and viewers. He is a master
in the art of connecting with viewers.

Anonymous said...

No doubt that George Stroumboulopoulos,
Aisha Tyler and Conor Knighton would be good
for CNN. They are news and conversation oriented.
Definitely thinkers and not a departure from news
but expanding the news.

Conor Knighton is also a contributor on CBS. We
all know Aisha Tyler from The Talk. IMHO the best
one on the show. The way she approaches topics
is refreshing.

Strombo is well Strombo. The show and the
website are both so addictive and informative.
Good CNN finally got around to the story but
Strombo had it 1st. Who knew Marisa Tomei has
a film out about Syria. Also, the kids in Paraguay
who made instruments from a landfill to form an
orchestra. The oncoming food crisis and possible
solutions. Antfarms in Buffalo , NY but not like
you think. It is like Fat Albert. If you are not
careful, you might just learn something.

Vanguard was the 1st to tell us about Obama's
army during his 1st presidential run, Uganda and
gay legislation. Maybe Kaj Larsen can get the rest
of the team to come to CNN. Current might be for
sale. The network is in trouble and I'm not sure
Vanguard survives. Love the Ling sisters. Would
be a welcome sight on CNN along with the return
of Betty Nguyen and Nicole Lapin to CNN.

I'm doubtful if any of these hires will ever
happen. Knighton,Tyler,Strombo, Vanguard and
the Ling sisters all represent a thirst for news ,
information and knowledge, That is not what you
actually see on CNN these days. They are not
pundits so no need to apply.

It would be great to see both Betty & Nicole
back on CNN. Both are currently available.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said fire the existing middle management was correct.

That's Step 1.

Step 2 is rebuilding the network.

Parisa Khosravi - BUH-bye !!

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan is a gun control advocate and he is right.
There are not too many times when I soundly agree with him on anything, but I absolutely agree with him on this.
He said in England the problem doesn't exist because there are no guns.
The police use clubs as weapons, most of the time.
How come that doesn't work here I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Buzzfeed has an interesting article on how MSNBC
is a threat to FNC especially at 9 & 10 PM. It's so
simple FNC has become stale and CNN made a
bad decision to imitate FNC. Dumb move. FNC
gets it's news from tired old blogs and talk radio.
MSNBC is getting more news from social media
and modern news sources. Amazingly, there is
real news on Face Book & Twitter and You Tube
& Vimeo, etc. You just have to really know how
to track down legit news stories that TV news is
severely missing and not covering at all. TRMS
is the best . CNN like FNC is stale. The same tired
old people they rely on for news stories instead of
trying to tell viewers something fresh and current.
The content and story selection on CNN is the
worst. You know they getting news from old media.
Jeff Zucker has to find ways to make CNN stop
being stale and too predictable. The Crossfire
mentality is killing CNN. All they know is left
vs right. Zucker has to get CNN back to being
smart,informative, fresh,current ,relevant and
on and on. MSNBC is betting at finding news
from GQ, Rolling Stone, Vanity, Time, Business
Week, Fortune, etc. For CNN and FNC it is
Drudge, Beck, Breitbart, talk radio. The pundits
need to be replaced with journalists, authors,
and people who rely on facts not ideology.

Anonymous said...

Please make the ladies news show happen at 9 PM.
A diverse group of female journalists would easily
find an audience. Women consume lots of news and
are majority of the population. Soledad could thrive
in that type of show. She is the most hight profile
female at CNN. Why can't we see Soledad, Isha,
Betty & NIcole ? Who has a problem with that ? CNN
needs to improve counter-programming to take on
FNC & MSNBC. Name 1 thing that CNN has done in
years that is new and has not been done before.
Definitely no pundits. They set her up for failure
in the morning. Outdated format, tired ideas.
What is wrong with a group of women journalists ?

Also, CNN should hire Conor Knighton, Max
Lugavere , Jason Silva and the Vanguard people.
They understand the new media that CNN clearly
is way behind the curve on.. There is a reason
why CBS named a 35 year old as their news
president. ABC News is also good at this as well.
America is changing demographically /culturally.
CNN is buried in the past.

Anonymous said...

CNN could really use George Stroumboulopoulos.
The prime time content would improve significantly.
The interviews this week with Quentin Tarantino
and Ken Burns. Their latest projects deal with some
tough subjects Django Unchained goes back to
slavery in the United States. Burns is talking on The
Central Park FIve. I would like to see it return to the
hourlong format in which Strombo talked about
news stories at the beginning of the show. Why
can't Mo Rocca, Conor Knighton, Jason Silva, Max
Ligavere and others be contributors to CNN. You
paint yourself into a corner when only ideologues
can be contributors. Boring. Why can't a CNN
contributor bring news content. For too many
hours it is nothing but blah, blah on CNN.