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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Tapper to Anchor New Weekday Program Beginning in 2013

Accomplished Washington journalist Jake Tapper, who has served the last four years as ABC’s senior White House correspondent and is a best-selling author, joins CNN as anchor of a new weekday program and CNN’s chief Washington correspondent, it was announced today by Ken Jautz, executive vice president of CNN/U.S.
Tapper has been a widely-respected reporter in the nation’s capital for 14 years and his most recent book, The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor, is currently on The New York Times best seller list. In his new role at CNN, he will be a key Washington, D.C. anchor and correspondent for CNN.
“We are thrilled to have Jake join CNN and take the helm of a brand new weekday program,” said Jautz. “Jake is an exceptional reporter and communicator, and we look forward to developing a program that takes advantage of all of his strengths, his passion and his knowledge of national issues and events.”
“With CNN’s impeccable reporting during the elections and the exciting changes in the works for the network, this is a perfect time to join the CNN team,” said Tapper. “I am excited about the prospect of working with both the new leadership and some old friends and colleagues.”
Tapper comes to CNN from ABC News, where he most recently served as senior White House correspondent, a position he was named to immediately following the 2008 presidential election. In this role, Tapper contributed regularly to “Good Morning America,” “Nightline,” and “World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer,” in addition to serving as substitute host of “This Week” and publishing to his “Political Punch” blog on While on the White House beat, Tapper has earned the coveted Merriman Smith Award for presidential coverage from the White House Correspondents’ Association an unprecedented three times in a row. He also played a key role in the network’s Emmy award winning coverage of the inauguration of President Barack Obama.
Tapper has covered a wide range of stories since joining ABC News in 2003, including the war in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina. In 2008, he served as the lead political reporter for the coverage of the presidential election. He traveled to early voting states across the country for interviews with the candidates, including the eventual Democratic and Republican nominees, then-Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain.
Prior to joining ABC News, Tapper served as Washington correspondent, then national correspondent, for He began his journalism career at the Washington City Paper and his writings have since been published in The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post,The Los Angeles Times and The Weekly Standard, among others. He authored a political comic strip, “Capitol Hell,” which appeared in Roll Call from 1994 to 2003.
Tapper also appeared on CNN in 2001, including co-hosting the show “Take 5,” a weekend program that featured young journalists talking about politics and pop culture.
Tapper is the author of three books including the newly-released “The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor,” currently on The New York Times best seller list. His book Down and Dirty: The Plot to Steal the Presidency was published in 2001 and Body Slam: The Jesse Ventura Story was published in 1999. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College.

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Phebe said...

This is terrific news for CNN, Tapper is one of the best in the business. He's anchoring at 4 PM which I'm not crazy about. I think CNN could use a real news hour similar to NBC's Nightly News in primetime. Tapper would be perfect for this. No pundits, no panels, just NEWS!

Anonymous said...

2012 was perhaps the worst year for CNN. I am optimistic about how greatly improved CNN will become in 2013. Very excited about upcoming changes.

Anonymous said...

I am excited to have Anderson and Jake on the same channel. I wonder though what will happen to John King.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a great get for CNN. I am so happy Tapper is coming to CNN. I agree with those who aren't as happy with the 4ET timeslot - way too early. Push outfront to 6ET and give Jake 7ET or give him Andy's 10ET slot. Anyway, welcome aboard Jake!

Anonymous said...

I think once CNN will try him out at the 4:00PM time slot then perhaps move him once Jeff Zucker figures out his CNN programming line up.

Anonymous said...

This news comes one day after Obama bashed him at a press conference after Jake asked the president about why he hasn't dealt with gun violence asking "where've you been?" Obama responded as if it was a stupid question. Perhaps it would have been better for Jake Tapper to say "why has it been taking so long?".

From what I hear, Jake is a smart reporter and anchor and I'm sure he will do great at CNN but his encounter with the president yesterday left a bad first impression to me.

Anonymous said...

I guess this won't be posted but I don't like this guy, he's in the same vein as Ed Henry and Chuck Todd, all disrespectful and arrogant towards President Obama. Fortunately President Obama easily shuts types like this down, but for me, this makes CNN WORSE. What we'll be getting more of now is continual Obama-bashing and I was hoping CNN would become a little more moderate about that and more balanced. This guy's not known for being balanced towards the president. VERY disappointing.

Anonymous said...

I'll try to make another comment although I know it won't post, the answer President Obama gave Jake in the press conference was CORRECT. Why place all the blame for lack of gun control on him? Republicans are the ones who block every aspect of gun regulation, THEY OWN THIS not the President. Because of the NRA/Tea Party's lies about "Obama going after our guns", the President has been under pressure to assure them that he wasn't, but those days are over.

anon 6:57 said...

I appreciate you posting one of my comments, but I wish you had allowed my first comment to go through as well because it expressed how I felt about Jake Tapper. I hope a variety of opinion is allowed here, I don't like Tapper and I believe he is disrespectful and arrogant like Ed Henry and Chuck Todd towards President Obama although the President can easily make quick work of all three. I'm disappointed that CNN hired him. I see a lot of negativity directed towards Anderson Cooper posted here (most of which I disagree with) I'd like to think that he's not the only person at CNN that can be criticized here.

anon 6:55/6:57 said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Until Mr. La Pierre recognizes and acknowledges that HE and his NRA ARE the problem, and stops his little game of denial, schools will never be a safe place.
What he is proposing is totally impractical, and we wouldn't need "armed anybody" if there weren't assault weapons available on demand.
He knows it and HE IS STILL putting his own profit before the safety of the countries school children, and he should be ashamed of himself.
I do not want to hear anymore from him. His proposals are impractical and ridiculous and parents should demand, not ask, demand, safety in this nations schools.
And the only way to start, is to BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS.
If parents don't demand this for their own children, nothing will change and more children will be in harms way.
No one is "entitled" to an assault weapon, unless he's at war.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the political coverage on CNN will improve.
CNN is severely damaged and Jake Tapper helps some
but likely not much. It is the on air product that is
driving viewers away from CNN. The network used to
be informative, newsworthy, smart and watchable.
Not so anymore. Everything at CNN needs to change.
The tone, a huge turnoff. Story selection and content,
it's not a news story when you or someone on your
channel get into a heated conversations. What does
that have to do with your viewers. Nothing. Delivery
and presentation on CNN falls flat . Writing is not
conversational and does not speak to viewers.
What is wrong with using music, animation and
info-graphics to help tell news stories.. Mostly,
keep in mind that TV is a visual medium. Think
more transmedia. Meaning someone can watch
you on TV, tablets or smartphones. Mobile is
only going to get bigger. Also , create programming
for people to DVR. You can now record 5 shows
at once. MSNBC is way ahead of CNN. It will not
be an easy 2013 for CNN. They realized that CNN
was becoming the network of mindless chatter
and not much else. Who will watch that. So you get
Morning Joe, Who real journalists and experts. Not
trying to pass off pundits as experts, we all know
they are not. Now with Alex Witt, Martin Bashir,
The Cycle, Rachel Maddow, The Last Word, MHP
UP WIth Chris Hayes. All of these shows manages
to find a wide range of people who have something
to offer. CNN we've got pundits and ideology. For
goodness sakes it is the 21st century. New ideas
and a new approach to the news.

I think the reason why CNN is putting Jake Tapper
on at 4 has to do with CNN's ratings leading into
their prime time lineup. The Cycle is averaging
some 533,000 viewers. So as early as 3 MSNBC has
something to build on. Try having shows that only
run for 1 hour. from 9 AM until midnight. One
reason why CNN is likely losing viewers is that
they are to lazy to stop reading the same script.
That is not the case with MSNBC. Meaning they
look fresh and seem to be constantly updating
their content. CNN same tired stories over and
over again. CNN needs to start hiring producers,
writers, video producers,editors.photographers
and people who will have the job of digging got
fresh and relevant content for CNN. Blogs and
opinion is not where you find news. That is not
legit news. Find the news and bring it to viewers.

More than personalities CNN needs to focus on
content, story-telling , written ,pictures or video
since it can be done using different techniques.
All scripts should be written in a way that helps
CNN connect with viewers. We are not angry
ideologues. We just want to find out what is going
on. Hire true contributors that elevate not dumb
down your network. Freelancers, filmmakers,
writers, photographers. Put your viewers 1st.
Stop bringing on people just to argues. It is
fake and not genuine. CNN is tone death in news
and politics. So fire the pundits and hire people
who can offer intelligent conversations and offer
a discussions for viewers to walk away with
something. Make your viewer think rather than
turn the channel because we can't stand CNN.

Anonymous said...

Only CNN. Why not put Jake Tapper up against
Hardball at 7 PM ? MSNBC has a repeat with Chris
Matthews. Tapper is a better choice for the hour
than Out Front. If it is just another hour of Obama
bashing, it will fail just like the rest of CNN. Tapper
should be able to get the big names. Please CNN
no more Crossfire. Personally, I only watch 360 and
the noon hour of the News Room. The politics on
CNN is a huge turnoff.

Anonymous said...

Yawn, this won't work, Another political taking
head show from CNN. Tapper is joining the worst
political team on television. CNN give us the news.
We are paying for news channels and not getting
them. FNC, MSNBC & CNN are all politics and talk.
In 2013 the ratings will dip dramatically for all 3,
Try original news content.