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Friday, December 14, 2012

Revised Weekend Programming for 12/15 - 12/16

CNN will have continuing live coverage of the Connecticut elementary school shooting throughout primetime tonight.  Soledad O’Brien is in Connecticut along with CNN correspondents Susan Candiotti, Jason Carroll and Mary Snow.  With Erin Burnett traveling home from assignment in Afghanistan, Ashleigh Banfield will anchor live on location from Newtown, Connecticut, at 7pmE and 11pmE.  In addition, Anderson Cooper 360 will be live at 8pmE and 10pmE, as will Piers Morgan Tonight at 9pmE. CNN International will simulcast tonight’s television programming. continues updated coverage.

Saturday, December 15
CNN’s live coverage from location:

6am – 9amE        Ali Velshi and John Berman

9am – 11amE     Soledad O’Brien

11am – 1pmE     Wolf Blitzer

1pm – 3pmE       Don Lemon

3pm – 5pmE       Soledad O’Brien

5pm – 8pmE       Wolf Blitzer and Kate Bolduan

8pm – 9pmE       Anderson Cooper

9pm – 10pmE     Don Lemon and Soledad O’Brien

10pm – 11pmE  Anderson Cooper

Sunday, December 16
CNN’s live coverage continues:

6am – 8amE        Connecticut School Shooting anchored by John Berman & Kate Bolduan (on location)

9am – 10amE    State of the Union with Candy Crowley (on location)

10am – 12pmE   Connecticut School Shooting anchored by Wolf Blitzer & Soledad O’Brien (on location)

12pm – 1pmE     State of the Union with Candy Crowley (on location)

1pm - 3pmE        Connecticut School Shooting anchored by Don Lemon (on location)

3pm – 5pmE       Connecticut School Shooting anchored by Erin Burnett (on location)

5pm – 6pmE       Connecticut School Shooting anchored by Wolf Blitzer (on location)

6pm – 7pmE       Connecticut School Shooting anchored by Anderson Cooper (on location)

7pm – 8pmE       Erin Burnett OutFront (on location)

8pm – 9pmE       Anderson Cooper 360 (on location)

9pm – 10pmE     Piers Morgan Tonight 

10pm – 11pmE  Anderson Cooper 360 (on location)

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Anonymous said...

I regret turning to CNN for the Sandy Hook school
shooting. They are giving false reports. Why not
wait until you hear the facts from authorities ?

What just has occurred on CNN made me turn to
MSNBC. A list of the victims was just handed out
of dead children and Soledad O'Brien tossed to the
studio with some information from Rita Cosby and
they talked about the suspect. They go back to
Soledad O'Brien and she repeats the false reports
that the police said were not true. MSNBC read the
names of those children and CNN focused on the
shooter and Rita Cosby. I don't think I will watch
CNN for coverage anyone more. Really CNN ,
Rita Cosby. How low can this network go ?

Anonymous said...

The Baltimore Sun has a scathing article on how
awful cable news is when it comes to the Sandy
Hook tragedy. There are too many examples of
bad journalism that shows how broken the news
has become at CNN. Why ? Do facts and responsible
journalism no longer matter ?

Right now Nate Silver is pointing out that the pundits
are useless. CNN brought in pundits this weekend and
that is a national disgrace. Why can't CNN have some
meaningful conversations and discussions about the
news. Those 20 babies were massacred and CNN
was so disrespectful by having 2 people of a certain
ideology to come on with the back and forth of
the typical useless talk that is so entrenched at
CNN. Jon Stewart says it best you are terrible.

I don't know if my words mean anything but it is
time for CNN executives to end this and fix the
news . There is so little fact checking or simply
waiting for authorities to set the record straight.
This should not be happening at CNN. CNN has
to make some very serious decisions about what
is stands for and remove the pundit culture
completely from CNN. 20 babies are dead CNN.
What is wrong with these people ?

Cable news is a part of the problem. With the
nonstop arguing ,insults ,hate and anger.
Daily this is the atmosphere on CNN. The entire
culture at CNN has to change. Stop being so
irresponsible and frankly lazy. There is a huge
disconnect. Have the network news standards
been tossed out the window in favor of useless
talk. Why has the pundits ended up on the CNN
payroll ? CNN has been highjacked by so few
ideologues but the management did not have
to let this happen.. You would not be seeing
this on CNN if management disagreed with this.

It's just not right. Shame on CNN. I really don't
like CNN now. The fact that CNN is permitting
Nancy Grace, Jane Valez- MItcherll, Dr Drew
and Piers Morgan, a man who standards were
so bad he was fired by a British tabloid come
on their networks and cover this story shows
that Jon Stewart is so right : CNN is terrible.
I am so over the ignorance on CNN. I am now
watching Morning Joe. They are handling the
news of the massacre the right way. Respectful
to the victims, a conversation and discussion
that is useful. For CNN this seems to be just
simply impossible. Why ?

Anonymous said...

I am watching Starting Point and CNN has been
running a crawl about Piers Morgan leading a
debate on gun control. This is not about freakin'
Piers Morgan CNN . 26 people are dead and the
first funeral of a parent having to bury their child
is today. That's exactly why no one watches CNN.
They make viewers turn the channel. Piers Morgan
has nothing to do with this story. Obviously, these
peoples lives mean so little to CNN.

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan has nothing to do with the story and now they send Brooke Baldwin to CT. Her interview was beyond pathetic she is terrible. This is the new CNN with incompetent host.

Anonymous said...

Families are having to bury their children ages
6 & 7. How can anyone with a conscience hold
a town hall meeting while families are grieving.
CNN should be responsible and respectful but
we won't get that from a network that is starved
for ratings. CNN is incapable of having intelligent
conversations on this tragedy or any other topic.

Anonymous said...

I've listened to the coverage since Friday and all I can say is that I could have done without Erin Burnett. Tonight she talked without any emotion in her voice - she just read it off the teleprompter matter of factly I know some people don't want to show emotion, but come on to talk with a monotone with no inflection in your speech just doesn't seem natural to me. Please, please, please get rid of her.

Anonymous said...

CNN should not be letting those tasteless PMT
promos run period. Where is the leadership ?

Do you see this on any other cable news network ?
SNL and Letterman get it but not CNN.

Yet again this morning CNN is running another
Piers Morgan promo talking about him taking
someone on. Who cares ?

20 children are dead and CNN has no heart or
self-control. In total , 26 people are dead. Those
teachers knew their lives were in danger but they
knew there is no greater love. A legendary gospel
song says it best. It comes from the Bible.

Kaj Larsen did a doc about 3 years ago called
Fully Automatic America examining the gun
culture in America. After the funerals out of
respect to all of the 26 victims.Kaj could help
CNN have an smart, intelligent conversation
about these weapons.. Kaj could talk about
the AR-15. If you wonder about the gun culture
in America take a look at all the videos that are
posted with people using this particular weapon.

This story is different. Who has not been a kid
dropped off at school saying goodbye to our
parents or know parents who drop their kids
off daily. That is a part of daily American life.

I hope that Jeff Zucker taps Chris Licht as the
next news president at CNN. He is currently in
charge of the CBS Morning show and remember
he was involved in Morning Joe, helping change
the tone in cable news. CNN is so last century
with their approach to the news.

Anonymous said...

This is a very difficult story to cover. There have
been times when you can hear in the voices of Wolf
Blitzer, Anderson Cooper & Soledad O'Brien and
Sanjay Gupta that they are becoming emotional.
They represent the best of CNN's coverage of Sandy

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:02am
I completely agree. Those four have really stood out during this whole tragedy. I think they have brought compassion and understanding in this difficult time. CNN should be proud of them.

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with Piers position on gun control but something about being lectured by a know-it-all smarmy Brit makes his show unwatchable. Yeah, yeah, we should all be like Britain.

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan is one of the very few who has come down hard on our inability to control the flow of guns and to reach a decision on gun control.
Ruppert Murdoch has given orders to Fox News anchors not to touch the subject.
There you go....
With thoughts like that nothing will change and there will be another Newtown.
Expect it.

Anonymous said...

The time for school counseling and
therapists was twelve years ago after Columbine.
Now is the time for real action, like metal detectors placed in every school, yes it will be costly, but we have money for everything else, and a complete ban on assault rifles.
No one needs a weapon made for killing multiple times. No one.
It is not in the Constitution and it should be forbidden. Period.
Those children in Sandy Hook were shot multiple times and their bodies so ravaged that the parents had to show photos of their children in order to claim the bodies.
And guns should NOT be compared to cars. It's like comparing apples to peanuts.
Cars were made for enjoyment and transportation. Yes, they are machines that can kill IF regulations aren't followed, or rules of the road, but no reasonable person, gets into his vehicle and says to himself, "I think I'll use this to kill someone today."
The ONLY reason someone carries a gun is to kill, whether it is for sport, or "just because they felt justified," like Adam Lanza.
I don't want to understand anyones motives for killing.
The time to enact legislation is Now, or never....and we know the results of never.

Anonymous said...

In the Washington Post's written edition, it reported that most Newtown Conn. residents are showing more anger towards Mrs Lanza and her negligence, than in her son's massacre.
They do not view her as a victim and neither did President Obama when he visited and participated in the condolences on Sunday.
Even though there were 27 victims, the town has justifiably decided to ignore Lanza's mother's killing and not recognize her death.
This is wise. Had she ultimately lived, she would be the one held accountable even though her son was not a minor.
She showed him how to light the match, but she didn't tell him who exactly to burn.
The responsiblity lies with her poor parenting skills.
Mrs.Lanza recognized that her son was troubled but she didn't take the necessary precautions and made deadly weapons readily available.
Who else can you blame in this tragedy?

Anonymous said...

The head of the NRA should be ashamed of himself.
After listening to his proposal, that all schools should have more guns, with armed security guards stationed at critical points, I have come to the conclusion that they need a "reality check, that is practical."
Because the only language everyone seems to speak, is money, the residents of Newtown, who suffered a loss, all 26 of them, need to sue the NRA, big time.
Someone needs to be accountable in this crime, and since Mommy is dead, and so is the son she gave birth to, it is time for the NRA to lose a little profit.
This proposal should go to President Obama and Vice President Biden, because the membership of the NRA have a problem hearing, but they don't have a problem counting the many dollars it takes to lobby all of the Republicans and
some of the Democrats, and directing their dollars for their own benefit.
And then they need to spend time in a regular public school, taking children to the bathroom, gym, art, and teaching in small groups.
Let them see just how "beneficial" arming all of the faculties in all of the schools would be.
In other words their solution is to increase their sales, and do nothing, practicality be damned.
After a full week of meditation and silence this is what they've come up with?
Well, now it's time for the rest of us to, as they say, "lawyer up."

Anonymous said...

If Soledad O'Brien can show how annoyed she is with the non-proposals from the NRA, and Piers Morgan can show how ridiculous the pro-gun lobby looks to Europeans, especially Britian, than Anderson Cooper can take a position on the gun lobby.
Ratings come from feelings and anchors must emote at times like these and not wait until tragedy strikes in order to show feeling.
The gun lobby is a hot button issue and we need to hear how the anchors we watch actually feel about issues that are important to us, other than showing sorrow and hand wringing after the incident.
I don't care what the pundits think, or the lobbists from either side.
We know how they feel.
Give us a show with a little substance, other than ritualistic interviews with those who have suffered severe loss.
While it may help the victim's families to unload on national television, it doesn't help the viewer in this crucial debate, and violence with no consequence or punishment, should never be viewed as entertainment.