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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chris Cuomo Signs with CNN

From the CNN pressrooom page:

Award-winning anchor and investigative reporter Chris Cuomo is joining CNN. He will have a major role in a new CNN morning show and across the network, anchoring and reporting on major events, it was announced today by Jeff Zucker, President of CNN Worldwide.

“Chris is an accomplished anchor who is already an established name in morning television, as well as a widely respected investigative journalist,” said Zucker. “What I love about Chris is that he is passionate about every story he tells, never forgets about the viewer, and represents the type of journalism that makes CNN great.”
“This is a fantastic opportunity to do what I value the most and hopefully to do the work that I do best,” said Cuomo. “While it’s very difficult to leave ABC News, a place filled with people I have loved working with for many years, I am excited about my future with CNN.”
Prior to joining CNN, Cuomo was co-anchor of the Emmy Award-winning ABC News newsmagazine 20/20 and chief law and justice correspondent for ABC News. In just the last year, he booked major interviews in the Madoff scandal, Rutgers student case, the John Edwards scandal, and with Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky’s victim No. 1. From September 2006 – December 2009, Cuomo was the news anchor for Good Morning America, and covered every major story at home and abroad during that time. Overseas, he was an embedded reporter in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Domestically, he distinguished himself covering the continuing problem of shootings like Virginia Tech, Ft. Hood, and the Pennsylvania Amish school shootings; hurricanes Katrina and Rita; the Sago Mine collapse, and the Minneapolis bridge collapse in August 2007. Cuomo has been honored with numerous industry accolades for his investigative reporting including multiple Emmy nominations and awards, a Polk, a Peabody, two Edward R. Murrows, a Loeb and the American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award.

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Anonymous said...

I am happy about this news! I've always been a fan of Chris Cuomo. I really hope that Erin Burnett is not paired up with him though for the new morning show which I assume will air in the 7AM-9AM time slot. CNN should move Robin Meade from HLN to co-host with him. As for Soledad O'Brien, she definitely should move to prime time. If that does not happen for her, I do feel her true star will continue to shine with her great documentaries.

Anonymous said...

Big day of announcements at CNN! Sad to have read that it was just announced that contributors James Carville and Mary Matalin are leaving CNN after 20 years of contributing. It seems to me though that it wasn't there decision but rather Jeff Zucker's decision perhaps. CNN should get rid of all their annoying pundits that make me change the channel until they're finished blabbing their mouths. Certain contributors should stay though. I hope Donna Brazile and David Gergen stay.

Anonymous said...

Besides James Carville and Mary Matalin leaving CNN, so is Erik Erikson, Maria Cardona, and Bill Bennet.

Anonymous said...

Hire Bill Weir from ABC NEWS too. Pair him with Lisa Ling. I say this because both exemplify a hip journalistic style that would work perfectly with
Team Vanguard made up of Marianna Van Zeller, Kaj Larsen, Christof Putzel and Adam Yamaguchi. I love the idea of going on a daily news journey. Bill Weir is the perfect news journeyman.

Anonymous said...

The optics of this is not looking good for CNN. The network is announcing the hiring of Chris Cuomo on the same day the 2 high profile minorities are out at CNN. There are comments out their calling this ethnic cleansing. Not my words but this is a huge PR disaster for CNN. How is Mark Whitaker out before Ken Jautz ? Perception is everything. CNN is now less diverse than it was a day ago. Can CNN do anything right ?

Anonymous said...

Soledad O'Brien does not belong in primetime. Her ratings were terrible in the morning, I don't think she'd do any better at any other time slot. She really should stick to documentaries. They are usually excellent.
I also like the idea of Chris Cuomo and Robin Meade. Also I think Christine Romans should leave too. I hope she is not a part of the morning show.

Anonymous said...

Chris Cuomo tweeted this:

"YES, I AM HEADED TO CNN. I have a great chance to be the first word on what matters to you every morning. I will miss abc. Hope 2 c you soon"

It makes me wonder if he is hinting to us that the program may be titled "The First Word" ?

I personally think they should bring back the title "American Morning" or better yet " CNN Wake Up Call"

Anonymous said...

Robin Meade is talented.
I think she should be promoted and Zucker was right about poor James and Mary.
Both are a waste of time.
Don't see how they can stand one another.
I can't stand to watch either of them.
Cuomo needs to be paired with someone spicey like Robin Meade and maybe even Soledad, who has anchored morning slots and does excellent documentaries.
All this guess work is a show in itself.