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Friday, January 25, 2013

Your Views on the News 1/25/13

We've gotten a little bit behind on our CNN press releases this week, so here's our catch up.  Now it's your turn to tell us what you think.  If you had Mr. Zucker's ear what suggestions would you offer?

Dana Bash:

CNN Washington bureau chief and senior vice president Sam Feist announced on Tuesday, “Please join me in congratulating Dana Bash who we have promoted to Chief Congressional Correspondent effective immediately. Week in and week out, Dana’s reporting and analysis make our air better. And we saw it again yesterday with Dana’s relentless efforts to land interviews in the Capitol Rotunda during our Inauguration coverage.”
Dana Bash is a three-time award winner of the prestigious Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for Distinguished Reporting of Congress from the National Press Foundation.

Rachel Nichols:

CNN and Turner Sports have hired veteran ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols, it was announced today by Jeff Zucker, President, CNN Worldwide, and David Levy, President, Sales, Distribution & Sports, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Nichols will serve as a sports reporter for CNN and Turner Sports and will anchor a new weekend sports program on CNN/U.S. beginning later this year. Her CNN program will focus on the most interesting stories and personalities in the world of sports. In her role with Turner Sports, Nichols will handle a wide variety of assignments across the division’s vast sports properties including the NBA and Major League Baseball. Additionally, Nichols will cover all major sporting events, including the Olympics for CNN. Her first assignment will be the Super Bowl in New Orleans.

“We're just thrilled that a sports journalist of Rachel's stature and expertise will now be a regular part of the CNN lineup," said Zucker. "Her arrival, beginning next week, is an important step in expanding the range of programming and storytelling on CNN."

"Rachel is a high profile talent and skilled reporter and we are proud to have her join the Turner Broadcasting family," said Levy. "Rachel's broadcast experience covering a wide variety of assignments including breaking news, major sports events, human interest features and investigative pieces will be a perfect fit across Turner Sports' many properties and platforms."

"I couldn't be more excited to join the CNN and Turner Sports family,” said Nichols. “I believe in Jeff’s vision for CNN, and have always admired the great work of Turner Sports and what David has done there. I’m looking forward to getting started at the Super Bowl."

Prior to joining CNN and Turner Sports, Nichols spent nine years at ESPN, working as a correspondent for SportsCenter, NFL Countdown, NBA Countdown and the network's newsmagazine show, E:60, as well performing sideline duties on a number of Monday Night Football broadcasts. Earlier in her career, Nichols worked as a reporter for the Washington Post and the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.

A native of Potomac, Maryland, Nichols received a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

Turner Sports, a division of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., is an industry leader in televised and multimedia sports content, airing championship-level sporting events on TBS, TNT and truTV, and managing some of the most popular digital sports brands. Turner Sports’ television lineup includes the NBA, Major League Baseball, the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship, NASCAR and professional golf. The company’s digital portfolio includes Bleacher Report, and March Madness Live, and, as well as an accompanying collection of mobile websites and connected device apps. Turner Sports and the NBA also jointly manage NBA Digital, which includes NBA TV,, NBA LEAGUE PASS, NBA Mobile, the NBA Game Time App, and

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Dana Bash who was recently promoted at CNN. It was long in coming and well deserved.
I always wondered whether it was her own ambitions that got in the way of her marriage to John King, who it seems, is equally ambitious.
But unless there's a serious leak, the viewer will never know.

Anonymous said...

Im DYING to know what Jeff Zucker plans for Primetime!

From all the articles, here is what we know so far:

4:00PM: Jake Tapper
5:00PM: Wolf Blitzer
6:00PM: Wolf Blitzer
7:00PM: ?
8:00PM: Presumably Ann Curry
9:00PM: ?
10:00PM (or 11:00PM): Piers Morgan

Anonymous said...

Love the idea that someone had in a previous blogpost comment saying that Newsroom International should expand to 2 hours and have it hosted by Michael Holmes and Hala Gorani!

Anonymous said...

According to TVN, CNN found it necessary to take out a full page add in the Wall Street Journal, touting their victory during the recent Inauguration.
It wouldn't be that offensive, but in the upper left hand corner is none other than Erin Burnett, who did almost nothing on that day, except point out the obvious.
What is also obvious, is that Jeff Zucker, had a hand in this advertisement, because Zucker is behind 'Everything Erin Burnett.'

Anonymous said...

CNN will succeed when it does what Anderson Cooper or Soledad O'Brien do by holding people accountable. I think CNN can find its star by doing this. CNN needs to have the news broadcast by anchors who are upbeat and smart. The double anchor format is what is best and what CNN should return to. CNN needs to get rid of bringing in pundits to give their opinion on certain things. Frankly, it bores the viewer and tends to make them change the channel. Soledad O'Brien along with Anderson Cooper in prime time would be great. Wolf Blitzer is the other big star. His program differs from other dayside programming because it's interesting and not repetitive like Newsroom. AC360º is very informative and Anderson does a great job at holding people accountable as I have been mentioning, but the format of his program has become so boring. It's not alive and very dead.

Anonymous said...

I would tell Jaff Zucker that he has the two best TV journalists in all of TV in Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer. Soledad O'Brien is an excellent reporter, but she cannot carry a show alone. Erin Burnett needs to be moved out of primetime. Also he needs to find a new place for Robin Meade. She has a lot of charisma.

Anonymous said...

Conor Knighton at 7 PM.

Anderson Cooper with 360 at 8 PM

Ladies news show with Lisa Ling, Isha Sesay, Nicole
Lapin and someone from CNN Espanol. Solo females
have not worked so why go there again. 9 PM. Add
the soundtrack with songs that relate to women.
Along with the news throw in some interesting and
fun topics. Let them each have their own sense of
style and let them be themselves so it is not fake.
Less scripted more spontaneous. I hate to say it but
sometimes I get the feeling that some things looked
rehearsed on CNN and not genuine. Keep it real.

George Stroumboulopoulos comes to CNN at 10 PM.
CNN could use his energy and creativity.

Get away from the pundits. Even FOX realized that
Sarah Palin has gotten old.

Anonymous said...

I hope it is not true that CNN is really adding Bleacher Report to their website. There are sexually obscene comment posted and homo-phobic slurs as well. That
is another misstep from CNN Journalism is not what Bleacher Report is about. So many of the bloggers don't
really know sports. Don't go there CNN. There are kids
who go to CNN for news and sports.

Anonymous said...

Mr Zucker, please turn HLN back into a news channel.
Right now HLN is to heavy on crime and no news. I miss
being able to just turn to HLN and see what is going on.
I enjoy Morning Express and Evening Express.

Also, cut down on the repeats on CNN. Can you bring
back some of the international news you used to show
on weekends. Try to stop being so repetitive. Add fresh
content every 30 minutes on both networks. Drop the
crawl and get rid on the clutter on the screen Can all
of the graphics line us from left to right. Your look is
not HD friendly.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you can put a Canadian (George Strombo (sp))in prime time right away. I have never heard of him as I am sure many others have not either. If he is so talented how about trying him out on the weekend. I think he would get the same resentment that Piers Morgan (a British citizen) gets.

Anonymous said...

"CNN will succeed when they do what Anderson Cooper and Soledad O'Brien do by holding people accountable." Really?
Soldedad, yes, she does hold people accountable, especially on racial issues, but Anderson....duh?
Pleaze, with sugar on top.
WHEN was the last time he EVER held anyone, of any merit, accountable for anything, when?
Has he ever had someone from the NRA, someone reasonable, not a crazy, a REASONABLE person, on his show, and spoke with them???
Yes, if there's a crazy out there waiting in the wings, AC will no doubt bring him on.
But to date, other than Mayor Bloomberg, whom I admire, who is NOT A CRAZY, who has he spoken with concerning assault weapons, other than a pundit??
The problem is, HE HOLDS NO ONE ACCOUNTABLE....and that's just one reason CNN continues to fail!

Anonymous said...

@9:10PM, do you even watch AC360º? Have you heard of "Keeping Them Honest"? Not to mention, Howard Kurtz of CNN's Reliable Sources even said the same thing about Anderson and Soledad.

Anonymous said...

HLN has slightly become sort of a joke (except for Morning Express which I HIGHLY think should move to CNN). HLN might as well become an entertainment channel rather than news. It's more than halfway at that point anyway. There are people at HLN (like Robin Meade) who should move to CNN, and there are people at CNN (like Brooke Badlwin) who would make a better fit at HLN.

Anonymous said...

The late great legendary newsman Peter Jennings was a Canadian. He anchored the news on ABC until his unfortunate death because of lung cancer. Geroge Sttroumboulopoulos is described as a cross between Peter Jennings and James Dean, something to do with the jeans that Strombo wears. There are some areas in the United States where you can see CBC. The world is a small place these days because of the internet. Americans have access to television from all around the world. Strombo interviews world leaders, newsmakers,writers, filmmakers, entertainers, athletes and everyone. The man has won awards for his interviews. Don't compare George Strombo to Piers Morgan. They are nothing alike. Most Americans are not that bigoted that they would only watch Americans on television. Game Of Thrones does not have one single American actor and it is HBO's top show. It is the 21st century not the 50's. American society is more diverse than ever.
George Stromboulopoulos should be on CNN. Can
Piers Morgan say he has interviewed Hillary Clinton.
Guess what ? She sat down for an interview with Strombo. Besides he has more Americans on the show than Canadians.

Anonymous said...

Here is who I feel CNN should let go. Zoraida Sambolin for sure. She is not that great of an anchor and with all do respect, she is very boringly dull. Not sure why CNN paired her up with John Berman in the morning when it should have been Ashleigh Banfield who is a really likable anchor and is just as upbeat as John Berman is. Next, I really like Suzanne Malveux but not as an anchor. She was way better off as a CNN correspondent. I agree that Brooke Baldwin would make a better fit at HLN. She is an upbeat anchor but clearly reads from the teleprompter, is bad at breaking news, and is a horrible interviewer. If you need proof, watch her Newtown interview with that fireman. He clearly knew it was a bad interview and she was not prepared, yet she continuously broadcasted that interview as if it was a worldwide exclusive. Next is Erin Burnett…need I say more? I am REALLY hoping that Jeff Zucker doesn't move her to mornings. If he MUST keep her, have her be a financial correspondent like Christine Romans. If John King was downgraded to a correspondent from his own show, so can she. Finally, Piers Morgan. Period.

Anonymous said...

I'm really hoping that all these new weekend programs coming to CNN are only a half hour long. I am thrilled about them but CNN needs to stick to the news on weekends too. I look at "Your Money" hosted by Ali Velshi and feel that an hour for that program is way too long, even though it's aired once a week on weekends. It should be cut down to half an hour just like "Your Bottom Line" with Christine Romans which also airs weekends. I love that "The Next List" and "Sanjay Gupta MD" are each a half hour long. I hope that the upcoming weekend shows are 30 minutes as well. Parts Unknown, Inside Man, and the untitled sports program. I think the idea someone had in a previous blog post of Alina Cho hosting a half hour fashion show would be great as well. I do feel that "CNN Presents" is perfect at being an hour long though.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:16, I agree on all points. I watched that interview Baldwin did with the firefighter and that was a mess. Why the CNN execs continue to prop her up is beyond me, she's everywhere now. This woman sells herself and not the news. She is incapable of conducting a proper interview and incapable of anchoring breaking news. Baldwin is a perfect fit for HLN.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to be beefing up it's news operation now.
AJE is coming with deep pockets and non-profit
journalism. Try doing real time as much as possible.
Original reporting is gong to be crucial. Get back to
smart, intelligent conversation/discussion on CNN.
Move away from the pundits.

CNN has a long history of hiring news people from
all over the world so Strombo would be nothing new.
He has been on CBC for 9 years. So CNN would not
have to worry about a format or concept. Don't
change a thing about the show. It is informative,
smart, creative and entertaining. The blog for the
show has some incredible news content. A live
news oriented show with a studio audience does
not currently exist in cable news. CNN is in dire need
of some fresh shows and style.Stormbo has an
engaging personality that makes the show work.
Not everyone has the ability to do this. 10 PM
would be a great time since you have to be 18 to
be in the studio audience.

CBC had some cutbacks and as a result the show
is down to 30 minutes. Everyone wants the show
to get back to being an hour long in Canada. They
were upset that cutbacks lead to the loss of
Connect with Mark Kelley as well, another good
news show that was canceled. CNN should provide
Strombo with a wider world platform. People will
actually sit and watch an hour of the older shows
online daily. He is available in some regions of
the United States and the world. CNN hire George
Stroumboulopoulos. Jeff Zucker please take the
time to go online and watch the show. I have
no doubt Zucker will be impressed with what
he sees. CNN has to get more modern without
sacrificing it's news cred. Strombo would get
viewers who don't watch much of CNN, FOX or
MSNBC. Let's see 18-25,18-29,18-34,18-49
and even 25-54 and older.

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher would welcome George Stroumboulopoulos. Maher has been on the show. They all know who he is and CNN could use that type of show. I hope it happens.

Anonymous said...


I can tell you that the 'suits' who do the talent hiring at CNN - like Zucker, Jautz, Whitaker, Entelis etc have never heard of this Strombo guy.

He is not even on their radar. Give it a break - leave the poor guy alone in Canada apparently doing a good show.

And if he is so good, why should he risk everything to go to the declining CNN? He should stick with success.

Yes Jennings was a Canadian but he spent years in the field for ABC paying his dues before getting the big chair.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with this lineup :

Conor Knighton brings a new show to CNN called
The Download. When Current TV originally started,
it was about old/new media finding a convergence.
He is an up and comer who knows how to make it
all mesh. Think about it He could mesh up the news
from the web, social media, searches engines tying it
all together with CNN reports from all over the world.
Take for example the deadly fire at the nightclub in
Brazil. Take some newspaper headlines, websties,
photos and tie it into a report filed by CNN's
reporter in Brazil to cover the news. Because of
mobile people are not necessarily first hearing the
news on CNN. I could have found out about the
news on Twitter. 7 PM timeslot. If he is good enough for CBS, why not CNN. The reports have to
be 45 seconds to 1 minute to get a jam packed news
show. Design the graphics to make it look like you
are watching the reports on a tablet, smartphone
or media player. No banners just a media bar with
the running /time remaining. That's the world we
live and how we consume lots of news these days.

Anderson Cooper 360 is still on CNN at 8 PM. When
there are big news events people will still come to
CNN. Nights when there are no big stories 360 can
switch up the format each night like the show did
originally. Bump music please.

9 PM it is the ladies hour on CNN. A group of diverse
female journalists. No pundits allowed. Hanging out
with your girls getting your news on. If there is breaking news, they have the experience to cover the
story also. I seen names like Alison Stewart, Maria
Hinojoasa, Alina Cho, Isha Sesay, Robin Meade,
Nicole Lapin, Betty Nguyen and talent from CNN
Espanol. Good get 4 of them together and see what
if they clique. Ensemble works best if there is real
chemistry. The soundtrack it great because you
could do different things everyday. Don't say who
the music is from during the show bur after it has
aired offer the list on the show's website. It would
be a better matchup at 9 PM against TRMS and
Hannity. This hour could eventually be in play
when you look at the ratings. CNN needs to get
into the game.

George Stroumboloppoulos is a news show. CNN
needs a lineup from 7-11 PM with continuity with
news being the theme. All are different takes on
the news. CNN will look fresh every hour. !0 M
is good. It is a news version of the Daily Show.
Greta is getting beaten by Last Word in the demo
many times these days. Don't think either would
top Strombo in the demo. Better counter-programming. CNN will never get back into the game by trying to be like FNC or MSNBC. Do your
own thing that works for your network. If they don't
know about Strombo, maybe they should. Are we
not posting our thoughts hoping that the suits will
give us consideration since we care enough about
CNN to come here and offer our thoughts ?

Vanguard could run on CNN at 11 PM. but with a
different twist. Hire Mariana Van Zeller, Chrisof
Putzel, Kaj Larsen and Adam Yamaguchi. It takes
some time for them to get an hour doc going so
you turn Vanguard into an international news
show with the 4 hosts. Guiding us through news
stories from the globe traveling the world in 60
minutes via the news. At the same time have them
go out and cover their very own stories. You can
also bring in some talent from CNN International.

IMHO this is a very strong Mon-Fri lineup for CNN.
If CNN could gain, hold on to viewers and not have
huge drops in viewers/demos that would be good
news for CNN. Go with thislineup form 7-midnight.

Anonymous said...

Someone on a former post wrote this comment on January 17th:

"To the commenters here:
I personally enjoy reading the comments but if don't keep them brief, you tend to lose the reader.
I always look for the short comment that makes the point.
If you go on for any length of time, most people, like myself, will not bother to read your comment.
Just a suggestion."

I have to agree. Not to mention that I see a lot of the same comments in different posts. Love the ideas but please keep them short. JMHO :)

Anonymous said...

It seems like major changes at CNN will take effect beginning in March or April considering new programs begin at this time. Hopefully CNN changes the entire dayside schedule and return to two anchors instead of one.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching The Situation Room right now. I'm not sure why the set is still themed out from the Election.

Anonymous said...

OMG...and I don't mean that lightly, because I hardly ever use that phrase.
According to TVN, Sarah Palin might just be headed toward CNN after being released from her 'sweetheart deal' from FOX.
Why in the world would Zucker hire her? She's an idiot who knows nothing and Roger Ailes saw the writing on the wall about Palin's lack of intellect, last year.
But CNN's Jeff Zucker is out to make or remake a name for himself, and Sarah, plain and simple, needs an outlet.
Let's hope CNN doesn't do, what we think.
Now here's an interview Piers Morgan might like to 'chew' on.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING: Chris Cuomo leaving ABC for CNN! Reportedly he will be part of the morning change up. I'm thrilled!

Anonymous said...

Roger Ailes realizes that the divisive talk from Sarah
Palin and Glen Beck damage your network brand.
Don't go anywhere near Sarah Palin CNN.

CNN already has problems with Erin Burenett. She
and Jessica Yellin are getting all birther calling the
president a liar asking for proof of skeet shooting.
Just when you thought CNN would not go deeper
into the ignorance realm, they find ways to make
you regret watching CNN. Is this what CNN calls
journalism these days. Erin Burnett has got to go.
Cancel Out Front now because Erin Burnett is not
helping CNN fix it's problems. I don't feel sorry
for CNN anymore. Their problems are self-inflicted.
I have had it with CNN. Mediaite says CNN owes
the president an apology. How can you be that

Anonymous said...

Very interesting about Chris Cuomo coming to CNN. Just read the article. I really hope he isn't paired up with Erin Burnett but rather Robin Meade. That would be a winning team from 7-9AM.

Brooke Baldwin also tweeted that once again she will be co-hosting with John Berman on Starting Point tomorrow. I think they would make a great 5-7AM team, however it would mean that Brooke would have to move to New York unless they do a side by side double screen which could work out.

Anonymous said...

I have a question : will Jeff Zucker change the people in charge of CNN & HLN ? Will he hire visionaries like David Rhodes ? Love what Chris Hughes is doing at the New Republic. The 29 year old co-founder of Face Book has a vision for journalism that is so refreshing. You guys have to realize that news consumers have access to real reporting and great journalism that cable news is currently not providing. You watch the news to learn about what is going on. Does anyone get that from cable news ?

Anonymous said...

The only show I watch on CNN is 360. I didn't
turn on cable news , cable news turned on me.
CNN is pundit central while HLN is crime all of
the time.360 is the only show I can tolerate.

Any chance Chris Cuomo replaces Erin Burnett ?
CNN has made some bad hires in recent years.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that CNN understands that skeet shooting is a sport. It has nothing to do with assault weapons or gong out and killing people. There is nothing connecting the two. That is what happens when you take right wing media seriously and think it is news.CNN could use some common sense. Obama bashing is the CNN plan and it will fail for TEANN.
CNN is so disrespectful to President Obama. I think
Joe calls it Obama derangement syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Just read that Erick Erickson from the Red State website has decided not to renew his CNN contract and is going to guess where - Fox. Now who else can we get to leave.

Anonymous said...

@6:02pm -- I wonder why too. I still see the big election patriotic cube decorations stacked on top of each other throughout the studio. It's like leaving up a Christmas tree after Christmas.