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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Piers Morgan on The Colbert Report 1/14/13

Stephen interviews Piers Morgan:

Stephen's follow up:

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Anonymous said...

Don't know if you guys have noticed but there seems to have been a change in CNN dayside. Ashleigh Banfield is anchoring form 11 AM - 1 PM . Suzanne Malveaux anchors from 1 PM- 2 PM. I think it might
have started this week.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Colbert makes a good point, in his parody, when he says "we should take the time to reflect and then forget."
Exactly, that is exactly what the extreme right wants us to do, forget and then do nothing.
And yes, we've read the Constitution, and Stephen, our founding fathers were speaking about muskets, not semi-automatic weapons with chamber so large it can discharge bullets a super high speed.
We're all for muskets under our pillows, Stephen and Piers Morgan, who is British, is just the right guy to tell us how we should live our lives.
England has a diverse population, and still finds no need to use guns.
Law enforcement when needed uses clubs. Can't even imagine that scenario here.