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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Daily Show Investigates Investigative Journalism

Former CNN'er Kaj Larsen guides John Oliver through the world of investigative journalism:

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Anonymous said...

CNN is so pathetic. You don't let a Kaj Larsen go. The
smartest thing Jeff Zucker can do is to hire back Kaj
Larsen and add Marianna Van Zeller, Christoff Putzel
and Adam Yamaguchi.

The pundits are making CNN look stupid. CNN has
no journalistic brain at all. The pundits are driving
CNN into the gutter. Their stories are not news but
are just dumb chatter.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Show is pure entertainment and yes that was entertaining but why talk about something from a year ago? CNN still has journalists all around the world and most of them are beyond terrific. Take Arwa Damon for example. Yes, it's a shame the way CNN US has become. It might as well be replaced by CNN International. American cable news channels have become entertainment, but CNN by far is better than FOX or MSNBC.

Anonymous said...


Actually, CNN has less and less journalists around the world every year.

Bureaus like Jerusalem have been dramatically downsized, and other places like Baghdad, Jakarta and Bangkok have been shut down completely.

In comparison to the BBC, Al Jazeera, Russia Today, CCTV, Press TV, ABC Australia, German channels like ARD and ZDF -- CNN has far fewer reporters overseas.

This is a result of a policy by VP of Newsgathering Parisa Khosravi, alongside VP Ellana Lee and with the encouragement of VP Katherine Green to cut down overseas reporting.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Show is trying to get CNN's attention again. Remember Jon Stewart has been telling CNN for years now that they are terrible. Now he is getting into why. No investing in journalism. It is as if the news has died on CNN. That is why CNN is in a downward spiral. CNN completely butchered their coverage of President Obama's gun control policies. Bob Schieffer got it. Putting things into perspective about presidential moments like this are groundbreaking. Last night on 360 Anderson had pundits on saying this is about 2014. What ? It was a failure and shows the problems at CNN. They have zero news smarts. They are missing the real news.
The Daily Show is offering a reason why. CNN has killed off the news. CNN is no longer in the news business. It 's hurtful to CNN fans. Not everyone wants FOX or MSNBC. We are looking for CNN but can't find it. The average CNN viewer is looking for
news not pundit speculation that defies the facts.
CNN has to be a news oriented network not pundit
central, Opinions are of zero value to viewers. Give us the news we get it. We don't need the ideological
morons. Jon Stewart is telling us that CNN will no longer be interested in news or reporting.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jon Oliver. It is sad when Americans can't get
real news. Deadspin uncovering the Manti story shows
what investigative journalism leads to, generally a big
breaking news story. CNN is not breaking/discovering
news anymore. I want to know more about the Kaj
Larsen story. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if CBS
hires the Vanguard Team. David Rhodes has a strong
commitment to the news. CNN needs to drop news
from it's name. Anon 10:42 you are so right BBC, AJ,
RT CCTV,Press ABC 7, ARD, Euronews make CNN look
bad. Would CNN hire a David Rhodes, Chirs Licht,
Rome Hartman, David Neuman, Neufeld at Nightline.

Anonymous said...

360 would have been fine had Anderson Cooper let
the gun violence legislation end with people whose
lives were affect by gun violence.

Give him credit for having the man who broke the
Manti Te'O story. Good interview. Dude is being
mocked with something called Te'oing on the
internet. Here comes another Oprah big get right
after Lance Armstrong or maybe 60 Minutes Sports.
Memo to CNN : sports is bigger than politics.

There is also a whole lot of buzz about Vogue
having a photo spread with Sandy first responders
and models. Talk to the editor at Vogue. Not sure
if it is a tribute or tasteless.

I am stunned that Anderson Cooper does not have
big names come on his show. I'm sure he can get
fellow journalists and big names for 360. Originally,
I was drawn to 360 because it was not your typical
cable news show with pundits. Can we get the old
360 back like right now. The original version of
360 moved faster and was way more interesting.
They covered everything and talked about stories
that you did not see anywhere else. I miss the
global news coverage on 360. Maybe he can have
Kaj Larsen drop by on 360 for a conversation. I
hope Jeff Zucker takes a look at the earlier years
of 360 and tells them to get back to 360 roots.
I would have no problem with Anderson Cooper
having Kaj, Marriana Van Zeller, who is working
for Nat Geo, Christof Putzel and Adam Yamaguchi.
Heck hire them as 360 correspondents for original
reporting. IMHO they all fit more with 360. They
do a style of reporting that AC once did brilliantly.
It would give 360 an identity. A news DNA. After
all 360 is in many ways the only news show in
cable news prime time.

When you look at the cable news ratings so far
this year, the demos/viewers seem to be going
down. It might not hurt to start pivoting from
24/7 politics. There is no shortage of content
for news stories. It is about passion for the news.

Donnachadh said...

The media is reinforcing the Orwellian gloom which is casting its pall across the world by not investigating the stories behind the undoing of this planet. It's too much like hard work to explain the impacts of rapid urbanization, the astonishing population growth, the huge economic losses from disasters, the fossil fuel industry's crimes against humanity and future generations, the spineless lack of political leadership in the US and the western world in general on the issues that really matter, the coming food security crisis, land-grabs in Africa, the soaring economic losses from disasters, deforestation, the acidification of the oceans, slum growth, gun violence, the growing number of failed/ failing states….much easier, less exhausting to focus on boob jobs, the Oscars and drag a few infatuated fools out to face Christina Amanpour fresh from make-up. CNN was unkindly ridiculed in its early days as chicken noodle news now it's even less nourishing. God be with the days when they had reporters like Peter Arnott and Richard Blystone who would go to the ends of the earth for a story without stopping off at the hairdressers en route. The world is losing another great public commons in the decline of non-profit news, news that galvanises public and makes the powerful sleep uneasily in their beds.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what 360 did last night but they need to do it again. 360 beat ED in the demo at 8 and beat Greata at 10 in the demo.. IF 360 can consistently top ED in the demo that is good news.

Anonymous said...

We laugh but this is sad.
'Zero Dark Thirty' is about investigative journalism at its best, and that's how we found Osama Bin Lauden.
And what does CNN do?
Cut out its entire investigative unit.
I've asked for years, where are the Woodsteins of today and one commenter actually asked who was Woodstein.
Need I say more?