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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Raising America with Kyra Phillips Premieres Feb. 4 on HLN

Raising America with Kyra Phillips Premieres Monday, Feb. 4 on HLN

Live two-hour weekday show to cover day’s top news stories through a parental lens

Launching Monday, Feb. 4, HLN anchor Kyra Phillips hosts a two-hour daily show that covers the nation’s major news stories and explores their impact on American families. Raising America with Kyra Phillips examines topical issues that relate to home, children and today’s modern families, and draws viewer engagement through social media and interactive online posts.  

As it covers the daily news scene, Raising America will go deeper on topics that hit home for parents, including childhood obesity, safety in our schools and teens oversharing on social media to their future detriment. Contributors to the program include some of the most intriguing and popular bloggers speaking to parents today, such as Heather Armstrong, Charlie Capen, Jill Smokler, Tom Matlack and Krystel Spell, among many others.  

Raising America with Kyra Phillips airs on HLN weekdays from noon to 2p.m. (ET).

“This show is the perfect intersection of my professional and personal lives,” said Phillips. “Never before have I been both a journalist and a mother in the chair at the same time and I am looking forward to the discussions from the community we are building around this show. It’s such an important and dynamic time in American history and we want to capture that.”

“Kyra Phillips’ award-winning reporting has always taken you to the frontlines of the news,” said Scot Safon, HLN GM and EVP. “And she approaches her reporting with a mix of fearlessness, intelligence and curiosity. These are the same qualities you need to take on parenting in America these days. Kyra and the Raising America team will focus, spotlight and advance the conversation that parents are having about the news every day.”

The Raising America with Kyra Phillips digital site, officially launching with the show, will be the connection point for the news and information being discussed each day on the show. The site is the newest section of, HLN’s fast-growing digital home.

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Anonymous said...

Kyra Phillips may do very well as a
show host.
She has spunk and spirit and is smart.
If it doesn't work out on HLN, someone else will pick her up.
Good to see someone who really has the talent to do a talk

John Austin said...

Watching "Raising America" and am glued to the TV, the set is amazing! Yes, I know that may be a strange comment, but in my eye the set makes the show and Kyra keeps it warm and close to the heart, she's perfect for the show, she is a natural in the business. Congratulations on a great show!