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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What Sandy Has Taught Us Airs Sunday 1/6/13

What Sandy Has Taught Us – and What Can Be Done to Prepare For “The Coming Storms”
New Investigative Documentary Debuts Sunday, Jan. 06 at 8:00p.m. and 11:00p.m. ET & PT
CNN’s intrepid storm correspondents will report for a comprehensive investigation on the lessons learned by Superstorm Sandy – and what Americans need to do to prepare for the next inevitable weather test.  The one-hour investigative documentary, The Coming Storms will debut Sunday, Jan. 06 at 8:00p.m. and 11:00p.m. ET & PT and replay on Saturday, Jan. 12 at 8:00p.m. and 11:00p.m. ET & PT. 
CNN’s Jason Carroll investigates the impact of the storm surge and flooding, particularly to lower Manhattan and New Jersey, in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.  He also reports on climate change and how it may make storms more dangerous and more damaging.  CNN’s David Mattingly reports on potential engineering solutions to address the powerful storm surges associated with superstorms, and investigate the vulnerability of the nation’s power grids, communications and transport systems – and what municipalities are and are not doing to safeguard our infrastructure from storm damage.  CNN’s Ed Lavandera investigates what New Orleans has done in the deadly wake of Hurricane Katrina to make sure that city won’t go underwater again – and what we can learn from them.  CNN’s John Zarrella reports on threats to our eyes in the sky, satellites which are crucial to warning people that a storm is coming.
CNN’s Frederik Pleitgen reports from Greenland about scientists from Germany’s Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research who are studying the ice sheets and temperature changes there, and their potential affect on global climate.  Throughout the documentary, CNN meteorologist and severe weather expert Chad Myers, offers his scientific insights on the factors that make these powerful “superstorms” so destructive, and discusses what Americans can expect from future weather systems.
A complementary digital extension will offer a slideshow of the damage to the Northeast coastal states following the landfall and flooding after Superstorm Sandy.   The online coverage will include news stories and opinion pieces on what can and should be done to meet the challenges presented by the impact of the next big storm.   

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Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of the noon international news hour
with Suzaanne Malveaux . Why can't we get an hour
of international news at noon on the weekends too.
CNN has way too many repeats.

Anonymous said...

Here comes trouble for CNN NYT says Al Jazeera
is buying Current TV. That means a real news network
will be available.

Phebe said...

Has anyone seen John King on CNN recently? Through the fiscal cliff stuff has he been absent from primetime? What about Sunday shows?

Phebe said...

I forgot to add he hasn't tweeted since December 7th.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point, Phebe. I have not seen him either. He is a good reporter - I wouldn't be surprised to suddenly hear he was hired elsewhere. Hmmmm, no tv time (morning or primetime) and no tweet! Something is up.

Anonymous said...

Phebe I was wondering the same thing. There hasn't been any news anywhere. Could he be pissed that Jake Tapper is coming on?

Anonymous said...

You might just be on to something. Al Jazeera is
making it very clear that hey plan to provide world
news. Something that CNN should've been doing
a long time ago. CNN could try to hire Vanguard
correspondents Mariana Van Zeller, Christof Putzel
and Adam Yamaguchi. Vanguard is an award-winning
documentary series. It will be interesting to see if
Al Jazeera will keep the series. If they do, look out
for the first time they will have real money backing
their amazing documentary series. Vanguard is way
better than any documentary you will ever see on
CNN. Al Jazeera will be the only real news channel.
CNN, FNC & MSNBC are 24/7 political channels
who are not providing the news we pay for. It's
a news junkies dream. Right now Link is shows
some of their programming .

Anonymous said...

Apparently Jeff Zucker still believes in TEANN.
Really CNN, who cares about the tea party.Oh
yeah CNN the pundit talking heads channel.
CNN totally disconnected from reality.

Anonymous said...

Many are asking, will CNN go after the Vanguard
franchise. It fits perfectly with Anthony Bourdain
and Morgan Spurlock. Kaj Lasen is at CNN and he
was a former member of the Vanguard journalism.
It is the perfect style of journalism for CNN to add
to their lineup. Those 4 would provide so much
content for CNN. See if they can get Laura Ling in
the mx as well. She was the original brains behind
the Vanguard franchise. Vanguard is on until 2 PM
if you have Current TV. It's the only thing worth
watching on the entire network. Vanguard could
also give CNN a fresh look with the style it uses.
CNN should hire Conor Knighton too. He was with
Current and had s couple of shows. Throw in
Max Lugavere and Jason Silva as well. They had
a really cool show called Still Up and they had
mini docs they talked about for an hour of things
from all around the world. Current started off
well but lately became just another cable news