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Thursday, January 3, 2013



Fourth Quarter 2012

o   In both M-F and M-Su Prime, CNN registered it best total viewer delivery since Q3-09 and its best in the demo since Q1-09;

o   In total day, Q4-12 is the network’s best since Q1-11 among both total viewers and in demo 25-54. 

·         CNN had significant growth compared to year ago (4Q 2011); up double digits in total day and in primetime versus last year;

·         Erin Burnett Outfront registered its best quarterly deliveries since launch (Q4-11) among both total viewers and key demo 25-54;

·         AC 360 at 8 pm is the highest rated show on the network in the key demo 25-54 (229k); AC 360 at 8p posted its best delivery in both demos since taking over the 8p hour (Q3-11), giving the network its best performance in the hour since Q3-09 among total viewers and Q1-09 among 25-54;

·         Piers Morgan Tonight at 9 pm is the highest rated show on the network among total viewers (717k); Piers Morgan Tonight experienced its best total viewer delivery since its launch quarter of Q1-11 and its best in the demo since Q3-11.

Total Day:  Up +30% in total viewers (525k vs. 404k) and +50% in the key demo 25-54 (184k vs. 123k)
Prime Time (M-F):  Up +50% in total viewers (1.016m vs. 677k) and +80% in the target demo 25-54 (372k vs. 207k)
Day Time (M-F): Up +6% in total viewers (544k vs. 511k) and up +25% in key demo (169k vs. 135k)
6pm – The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer:  Up +31% in total viewers (661k vs. 505k) and +75% in key demo 25-54 (214k vs. 122k)
7pm – Erin Burnett Outfront:  Up +23% in total viewers (604k vs. 490k) and +42% among 25-54 (195k vs. 137k)
8pm – AC 360:  Up +23% (711k vs. 578k) and +28% among 25-54 (229k vs. 179k)
9pm – Piers Morgan Tonight:  Up +18% in total viewers (717k vs. 609k) and +27% among adults 25-54 (209k vs. 164k)

December 2012

  • CNN also had a strong December, growing double digits in key dayparts compared to last year;
  • In Monday-Sunday primetime, CNN grew the most vs. year ago. FNC had double digit ratings loss;
  • For the month, AC at 8 pm is the highest rated show on the network in the key demo (202k), while Piers Morgan Tonight is the highest in total viewers (671k).

Total Day:  Up +16% in total viewers (456k vs. 392k) and +31% in the demo 25-54 (153k vs. 117k)
Prime Time (M-Su):  Up +26% in total viewers (656k vs. 519k) and +32% in key demo (203k vs. 154k)  (FNC down -17% in total viewers and -36% in demo in M-Su primetime in December)
6pm – The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer:  Up +5% in total viewers (557k vs. 529k) and +38% in the target demo (172k vs. 125k)
7pm – Erin Burnett Outfront:  Up +16% in total viewers (543k vs. 468k) and +36% among key demo 25-54 (169k vs. 124k)
8pm – AC 360:  Up +21% in total viewers (667k vs. 553k) and +20% in demo (202k vs. 168k)
9pm – Piers Morgan Tonight:  Up +12% in total viewers (671k vs. 601k) and +19% in the key demo (185k vs. 155k)

Year End/2012

CNN ends the year with a +5% gain in M-F primetime in the key demo (251k vs. 238k) – while FNC is flat.  Piers Morgan Tonight ends the year as the top rated show on CNN in total viewers (590k)
with AC 360 at 10pm the highest rated in the key demo 25-54 (198k).

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Anonymous said...

Breaking news of the Sandy Hook school massacre
gave CNN a boost. It is now 2013 so it will take 3
months to see how this year is going. By next week
all of the regulars will return and we can see if the
viewers are turing into cable news for January.

The Obama Inauguration is coming up so that will
give all 3 a spike.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys been watching CNN. They have been
airing 2 new look promos for 360 and Out Front. Also,
according to TVN CNN is putting up some decent ratings so far this week. CNN won the day/prime tine
demo on Monday & Tuesday. It's close in viewers between CNN and FOX. That is a surprise. At least CNN
is off to a good start for 2013 but it's still early.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to CNN for being #1 on the first day of 2013 with the fiscal cliff coverage. Same with New Years Eve.

Anonymous said...

It won't last. CNN is back to pundit news and not
the news. It's a shame that in the 21st century CNN
has more talk than video. CNN won't be able to keep
those ratings. They are their own worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to start being more creative and more
innovative with the news. How about utilizing data
journalism. Infographics & Visualizations can enhance any segment/subject on CNN. Purchase
the Data Journalism Handbook. Both visualizations
and infographics are good ways to engage viewers.
Whether it is done with a slide show, grid or motion,
viewers have to watch the screen. Modernization is
a must. When you use these techniques you can't
have banners interfering with message of the

We have always been confused about this regarding
the TSR. Originally, the show was to revolve around
old/ new media. Why was the format ditched ? Why
were the 2 internet reporters let go ? On Evening
Express Isha Sesay does this segment called must
see, must share. Why is this not a CNN franchise ?
Is that not the world we live in now ? We have all
seen the Galaxy commercial when santa falls down
the stairs and the 2 guys share the data.

Try political satire rather than partisan talk. Have
Mark Fiore do flash animation for a weekly wrap
of politics. Brett Erlich is good at political satire.
Think about it. Do we just talk about everything
via an ideological prism. No. Presentation matters.
So does delivery and not excluding viewers from the
conversation. No doubt CNN is pundit excessive.
Start booking better guest and interesting people.
It's boring because we know what they will say, it
is too predictable and boring. There is more to the
news than politics. The news is getting lost. There
are times when CNN is hard to watch for 5 minutes
let alone an hour.

Conor Knighton is one of the best at meshing up
infographics./visualizations. He also a master at
mashing up search engines with the news. What
is wrong with CNN developing a whole different
concept for their approach to politics. IF you are
going to have Wolf Blitzer, mix things up. The
formats for CNN shows need to change. Not 1
show has it's own identity. It is the same formula
for all CNN shows. The only thing that changes is
the anchor chair.

CNN should provide sports highlights as well. One
complaint about ESPN is the lack of highlights. How
about sports highlight from various games. Give us
the list of NFL, NBA & MLB games that are played
daily. Give us real time scores and play by play for
who scores and what type of play. You can get live
running scores for NFl & NBA games. Have a 1 AM
ports show wrapping things up.

CNN has to become the largest news content
provider especially with Al Jazeera coming. Make
no mistake they have deep pockets. CNN has some
outstanding journalists. Why not showcase their
story-telling skills. CBS, NBC & ABC turn out 30
minute newscasts 7 days a week. CNN can't have
a nightly news show ? CNN should be doing more
news not less. Any and all shows should be news
oriented and factually based and informative.

We will keep posting. The Wrap says that Jeff Zucker
is going to be one of the entertainment executives
on the hot seat. He has to fix CNN & HLN. Officially,
he has not made any hire just yet. Will he bring in
new people to run CNN, CNN I, HLN CNN
Zucker has his work cut out for him.

Stay Tuned

Anonymous said...

There is a joke making the rounds that Congress is
more diverse than cable news. CNN needs to put on a women's news show in prime time at 9 PM. Right now
none of the cable news female hosts in prime time are
journalists. CNN should put on a group of ethnically
diverse female journalists. Women consume the news and are the majority of the population. No pundits. Fast-paced, lots of various topics with Betty Nguyen,
Isha Sesay and Nicole Lapin just hanging out with the
girls bringing us the news. They have worked at CNN,
SCBS, Bloomberg and CNBC Add in a Latina journalist
from Spanish language news. Throw in Strombo because the is no live news show with a studio
audience. He does get the big guests Even Hillary Clinton talked with George. Everyone sits in the red char with Geogre. He could give us the Debrief and
end with Mile a Minute.

Anonymous said...

Left this out about Stromob. His blog has a PSA produced by the US Navy on bath salts. Haven't seen it on CNN. The content in prime time would be 200 % better with Stroumboulopoulos Tonight on CNN.

Anonymous said...

How about throwing Alison Stewart and Maria
Hinojosa into the mix with those 3. As long as
the show is like The Talk and not The View. It
could end like The Talk begins. Let the first 45
minutes be about news or interviews ending the
last 15 minutes with a variety of topics. A news
show for women is long overdue on cable news.
Alison Stewart, Maria Hinojosa, Isha Sessay, Betty
Nguyen and Nicole Lapin would give CNN the most
diverse cable news lineup in history. CNN could use
some positive buzz for once. MSNBC & FNC won't
do this in prime time but CNN can being they need
to make changes.

Anonymous said...

As long as we are emphasizing ratings, CNN did well in the last quarter only because of the massacre that took place in Newtown, Conn and to date, ONLY Piers Morgan advocated a ban on assault weapons.
Are viewers to think that no one else on CNN dares to tackle the NRA
because of what?
Marion Hammer, the ex-President of this association dared to compare a ban on assault weapons, as discrimination, because of the "color of the weapon and the way in which it looked!"
Is she for real?? about the way in which it operates you moron, where it can hit a target and reload automatically, and discharge repeatedly!
As long as networks and anchors keep silent about gun violence, Sandy Hook will no doubt happen again.
It is just a matter of time and if CNN wants to congratulate itself in its press releases, for getting the "best ratings" from the killing of innocent be it.