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Friday, February 15, 2013

CNN Live From Chicago Today & Tonight

CNN will broadcast the President’s address from Chicago today, where he visits his home district and the area where Hadiya Pendleton was gunned down after performing in the Inaugural Parade.  Beginning at 3:30pm (ET), Chris Cuomo anchors coverage of the President’s address. Cuomo will host Anderson Cooper 360 from Chicago tonight at 8pm ET, interviewing a woman who has opened up her home to inner city Chicago kids who are living in an urban war zone.  Erin Burnett will interview Rev. Jesse Jackson for tonight’s Erin Burnett OutFront in regards to his criticism of the President’s handling of gun violence in their hometown of Chicago.  Ted Rowlands and Gary Tuchmann report from Chicago.  Rowlands follows Hadiya Pendleton’s murder case, and Tuchmann spends time with gang members who, for the night, put down their weapons. will live stream the President’s address on and on the CNN apps.

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Anonymous said...

I will be watching 360 tonight. I've been seeing the commercials saying Anderson is live from Chicago tonight. So far though it is early, I like that CNN is all of a sudden letting the news or interesting topics drive their on air product. However, it does not always work. If you are going to have 4 or 5 guests , it is the responsibility of the host to call out names so that they are not talking all over each other. It's annoying. I also like that they are looking beyond the pundits for guests. I had no idea about the congressman who was tweeting to his daughter he recently found out about. Fascinating story, Also, CNN did go a little overboard with the cruise ship.
There were interesting moments. The passengers
using their bodies to spell out words was classic.
I had no problem with the coverage once the ship
docked because there are hundreds of stories . Leading up to this 15 minutes every hour would
have been best. You can see that CNN is trying to
move beyond politics. The GOP silliness is starting
to sound like a broken record. Same tired old stuff.
I get that CNN was tying to take us along, virtual
reality if you will. Not a bad way to engage viewers.
Also, joust watching the segment with Ali Velshi, if you are going to have items in a monitor use an isolated camera that captures what he has on the
monitor screen. Multiple cameras.

Anonymous said...

Watching CNN now and I find it interesting how the new Washington studio now reads "CNN WASHINGTON" above the big projection screen where months ago it used to read "CNN ELECTION CENTER". It gets confusing when they have the camera on that big screen showing someone in say Mobile, Alabama yet it says WASHINGTON right above it. They should remove the CNN WASHINGTON banner and replace it with like 5 CNN logos. Just my humble view.

Anonymous said...

360 was live from Chicago a couple of years ago before the murders were being covered by the national media.

CNN needs to let go of the cruise story. No one died, it's not Katrina or BP. Move on to the news of the day.
It makes no sense for CNN to call the cruise ship a tragedy. Let go now CNN. That is the dumbest PMT promo ever to air on CNN calling it a tragedy. That's why I won't ever watch the show. What is gong on in Chicago is a tragedy with lives being lost.

Anonymous said...

Who's in charge of the LIVE bug? It's not turning off whenever they go to a pre-recorded segment. It's been happening a lot lately confusing me.