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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CNN #1 Last Night in Cable News Key Demos



AC 360 Was Top-Rated at Midnight in Total Viewers and Demos

CNN Grew the Most vs. Last Year; FNC Lost Viewers

According to Nielsen Fast National data, CNN’s live coverage was number one last night (Tuesday, February 12) during breaking news, State of the Union address and throughout primetime in the key demo adults 25-54 and among younger viewers 18-34.  CNN topped MSNBC in total viewers and among the key demos across the night.  In addition, CNN topped broadcast networks ABC and CBS among 18-34.

When CNN went to live coverage of the State of the Union, Dorner coverage shifted to sister network HLN. The two hour coverage block (9:00-11:00p) averaged 311k in the key demo (up +97%) and 870k among total viewers (+57%) vs. the prior hour (8:00 pm).

Breaking News Coverage (6:00-9:15 pm)

CNN:              1.013m adults 25-54  403k adults 18-34      2.798m total viewers
FNC:               669k adults 25-54       130k adults 18-34       3.183m total viewers
MSNBC:         401k adults 25-54       99k adults 18-34         1.271m total viewers

State of the Union Address (9:15-10:15 pm)          

CNN:              1.436m adults 25-54  771k adults 18-34      3.635m total viewers 
FNC:               957k adults 25-54       257k adults 18-34       3.683m total viewers
MSNBC:         1.028m adults 25-54   351k adults 18-34       3.034m total viewers

Primetime (8:00-11:00 pm)

CNN:              1.284m adults 25-54  617k adults 18-34      3.361m total viewers
FNC:               868k adults 25-54       210k adults 18-34       3.822m total viewers
MSNBC:         790k adults 25-54       256k adults 18-34       2.393m total viewers  

AC 360 (Midnight-1:00 am)
CNN:              429k adults 25-54      194k adults 18-34      1.056m total viewers
FNC:               343k adults 25-54       23k adults 18-34         911k total viewers
MSNBC:         190k adults 25-54       100k adults 18-34       764k total viewers      

Vs. 2012 State of the Union
Compared to the 2012 Presidential State of the Union, CNN grew the most – increasing +36% in both the key demo and total viewers.  MSNBC was up less, increasing +26% in the demo and +8% in total viewers and FNC decreased -16% in the demo and was down -3% in total viewers. 

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Anonymous said...

Yes, and Chris Cuomo does seem to be making a difference.

Anonymous said...

AC 360 was the top rated show because of the SOTU.
AC had a big lead in and it happened to be the POTUS.
Can't be any bigger than that, and might I add, most of the nite was spent, analyzing and dissecting the
President's speech, pundit by pundit.

Anonymous said...

In response to the SOTU address, Wayne LaPierre urged Americans to buy more guns for survival in the conservative rag, The Daily Caller.
He said he was not paronoid, but this is the only way law abiding citizens can fight, excuse me, tornadoes. Really?
And here I thought right wing extremists like Wayne didn't believe in Science.
When were we ever told that we can control the weather with, of all things a gun?
Yes, the time has come for this man to resign.
He has now reached so far and so high that he even makes his friend rocker TED, look reasonable.
Anything Wayne but to have gun restrictions.....anything.
And yes, this belongs under this heading THE STATE OF THE UNION on CNN.

Anonymous said...

I as a viewer will find cause to celebrate when CNN can put out quality programs on a daily basis regardless of the ratings.

One thing I'll celebrate is Chris Cuomo; he's awesome and definitely should be involved in any domestic special coverage.

Anonymous said...

Seriously CNN? Why the massive non-stop "breaking news" coverage of this boat? We get it. It's a boat going less than 1MPH. Are their people on it who are dead? No. Nothing much to talk about. It's okay to have updates every once in a while but don't massively cover until its near the dock.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Chris Cuomo fan so I hope he is only on in the morning when I am at work.

Anonymous said...

It's simple, CNN needs Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo in prime time. CNN is getting positive press for the way Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo handled 2
stories unfolding on Tuesday night. Look at the ratings. Give Chris Cuomo the 7 o'clock hour now .

Viewers tuned to CNN on Tuesday and saw Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo. Now Chris Cuomo is not on the air. Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo shoud be back to back on CNN. They feed off of each other well.
360 is performing much better against ED. CNN might be able to take on MSNBC at 7 & 8 PM.

Anonymous said...

I find the Chris Cuomo comments fascinating. People either really like him or they don't.

Anonymous said...

If CNN is planning a March/April premiere for their new morning show, they need to redo the New York studio soon.

Anonymous said...

I would not use the word "awesome"
to describe Chris Cuomo.
I do think he has enough experience to be on in primetime and I also think he can hold his own with Anderson Cooper and can be a good alternative on the same network.
Both have different styles, but get the job done.
However, Cooper has proven overtime, that he is too much of a good thing.
Dropping one slot of 360 is a good thing and Chris can handle it, just as well.

Anonymous said...

CNN over did its cruise ship coverage. Jeff Zucker has made a point of pushing a “broader” definition of news. Is this what he means by broader? Not to make light of an uncomfortable, potentially hazardous situation. But, really, this was a bit of overkill.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to do a women's news show at 9 PM with
a diverse group of female journalists. Make it like The
Talk rather than The View. No pundits or politics.

I have noticed all week long that Morning Joe has been
dedicating time to news aimed right at women. They
know this is crucial for their future. The show would
have to be more like The Talk, which is gaining on
The View. You don't need the bickering or cat fights.
Go with Betty Nguyen, Isha Sesay, Nicole Lapin and
someone from CNN Espanol or hire someone from
Univision. There are reasons why you see ethnically
diverse female hosts and why they are popular.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I must say I'm totally amazed on the meteor shower story from Russia. This occurred before the asteroid is expected to have a close encounter with planet earth. This is exactly why CNN needs a science,
environmental and technology team. Let's see Dr. Kaku
from the science channel or someone from Discovery or
Nat Geo to explain these unbelievable scientific events.
The video circulating of a meteor across the sky is just

Anonymous said...

Will we be able to see the asteroid live on CNN ? Will
they be hanging out with the amateurs who discovered
the huge asteroid ? If it is anything like the video out of
Russia to see that live would be something special.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:06, I agree. I'm not impressed with Cuomo and I don't think CNNs troubles have ended because of his hire.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased when CNN does anything to move away from pundits and talking heads. Television is a visual medium so in many ways that is why to a certain extent CNN's coverage worked. TVN has the ratings and it appears to have worked for CNN. 360 at 10 was the top demo for all cable news shows for the day. BOR had at 8 had 2X the viewers. As a whole the talking head are way more ridiculous. So while it might have been overkill at least it was something different and viewers did not seem to have a problem with the coverage. Take a look at the ratings. CNN just might end up having the last laugh. CNN still does more news than FNC & MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the cruise ship coverage was just right and not 'over kill.'
The guy in the cabin was, IMHO, over kill.
How many times do we have to see the clip of the cabin with flames surrounding it?
If that's the only video available, move along to another story.
Many times on 360, AC would be stuck in first gear, for far too long.
The cruise ship touched many people
who were waiting dockside for relatives.
The broader story should be the one with the most appeal.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is saying Chris Cuomo is the answer to all of CNN's issues but that he is a good hire for CNN.

Kudos to CNN for dong real time news. Many of us want more than repetitive political talk. You have to applaud Jeff Zucker for experimenting with different styles of news. For the most part cable news has gotten stale. Critics just don't understand that it was a fresh news story all day long rather than the same old talk with different sets of pundits. I hope Zucker is a troublemaker, in a good way, modernizing the news and bucking the tired old formulas. When there is a really big/breaking news story CNN will cover the events as warranted. Most days that big story won't happen so you have to be creative. Bringing on the pundits and yapping political ideologies requires zero imagination.

Anonymous said...

Really, you people think CNN's coverage of the cruiseship was spot on? OMG, it was complete overkill which is why they were criticized by HuffPo, Washington Post, and Jon Stewart. It was dumb soft news anchored by a dumb psuedo news anchor (burnett). If this is the tabloid crap CNN is going to cover, then I give up on CNN.

Anonymous said...

For those who have been critical of CNN's wall to wall coverage of Carnival's Triumph's docking in Alabama's port of call, they must read Huffpost's 'CNN Laughs All The Way to the Bank.'
It seems viewers were indeed interested in the cruise ship story
and there was a real ratings hike to prove it, beating both Fox and MSNBC.
This is not surprising.
Cruising is an industry that has become very competitive and specialized over the years and the ships themselves are floating cities, catering to thousands of people per year, expecially older retired folks who have the money and time to spend and to above all else, watch the News.

Anonymous said...

I thought all the cable news coverage of the cruise ship was overkill, but the ratings don't support that. So good thing I'm not running the show.

I agree with whoever said you either really like Chris Cuomo or you don't. I really like him and am glad to see him on CNN. I hope they do something with him in prime time, his value would be more appreciated there. Jake Tapper I think is going to be a wonderful addition, too. Granted no one person is THE answer to all the problems CNN has, but I think they are moving in the right direction.

Totally off-topic: I love several of the women on the View, but can not stand the overtalking that goes on. I tune out instantly. I can see why The Talk might be making some headway. Also The Chew's hosts work well together.