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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

‘The Lead with Jake Tapper’


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Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is Jake Tapper a snooze? Never really saw him on ABC but I have been watching him tonight on CNN for the State of the Union coverage. Chris Cuomo is terrific! Jake Tapper is a smart guy but seems too...shy? I don't know what it is, but he isn't up and about like others at CNN.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 11:02 comment. In my opinion, John Berman is a better, former ABCer now CNNer. I just hope Jake Tapper is more upbeat once his show premieres soon.

Anonymous said...

Jake Tapper = great journalist but not good enough for prime time. Good thing he has the upcoming 4pm slot to anchor rather than prime time...

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing. Dude is boring. CNN has been making a huge mistake all morning long. During a segment on the Ca manhunt they had a SOTU graphic. Hey CNN wrong black guy. CNN just keeps making blunder after blunder. Some things just should never happen.

Anonymous said...

It's sad to say but this will possibly the highest rated State Of the Union speech in history dues to the Chris Dorner story unfolding at the same time.

I worry if Jake Tapper can carry and hour each day in cable news. Maybe CNN could think forward and start developing political shows for the 21st century. It is about ideas and not ideology. Stop hiring people who come on to talk about Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton. In the words of JFK : the world is very different now. It is so far removed for the 80's or 90's. Does CNN know about the memes or GIF' s generated by the State Of the Union. For Obama it was the part where he mentioned families who lives have been changed by gun violence. Never done in a State Of the Union speech.President Obama has transformed and modernized politics that CNN and all of the other cable news channels can not comprehend or tries to understand. Obama has created a whole new political movement and style that matches up perfectly with modern society. At the same time cable news keeps politics in an an
ideological prism. jailed in the 20th century. It is not about left vs right or hiring pundits to spin their ideology. It is about smart analysis and conversation about what really happened. CNN hires pundits from the tea party but is not smart enough to hire people involved in developing politics in the age of Obama.
The president gets his age and under. CNN is stuck in politics geared towards baby boomers who are from the 60's. People who are Obama's age and under have zero in common with baby boomers. They are our parents with a different lifestyle.

There are so many GIF' s on Marco Rubio and the water bottle that is being shared and commented on in social media. Sorry but that is the tale away from his speech, which many think was not good but it is a tough act to follow President Obama delivering the State Of the Union.

There is even a meme call John Boehner a grumpy cat.

Sure CNn will get huge ratings but it has very little to do with their State Of the Union coverage.We may not like it but Dorner was what people really wanted
on google he had 2X the search of Obama. After these 2 it was Kate Upton.

Anonymous said...

You have to admit there is a disconnect. Does anyone
really talk or act like the talent in cable news ? NO.
It has been announced that Robert Gibbs has been
hired by NBC NEWS. I would have to see The Lead to
have an opinion on Jake Tapper as a host but I do
have to say that Chris Cuomo is the one to watch.
Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo worked well for
CNN last night. CNN might consider Cuomo as a
lead in for 360 at 7 PM instead of Out Front. 360
has been stacking up well lately against ED. Also, I
think those who are saying add the ladies at 9 PM
and Strombo at 10 would work wonders for CNN.
Lately, the ratings for political shows are not so
good. Is CNN capable of coming up with a different
approach to politics ? CNN needs to stop thinking
that viewers are so into politics like the reporters
are in Washington. Of course, if there is a big
political story viewers pay attention. One reason
why you end up with so much bogus news trying
to be tied to politics is because of the mindset
and culture at CNN. Not all stories are tied to
politics. Pivot from politics to a content model.
CNN doe not have to bring in pundits all of the
time the chose to.

Anonymous said...

You can only decide on Jake Tapper after seeing what type of show the Lead will be. The commercial says the big stories of the day. However, there is content, format,writing, delivery, pace among other factors.

I get the feeling you will see more of Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo and Jake Tapper headlining the biggest news on CNN. Don't waste
Cuomo on a morning show that will go nowhere on CNN. With the exception of Newsroom International,
CNN's morning to noon programming is really bad.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with anon 11:02, I'm not sure Tapper's cut out for anchoring, but honestly, I'm not an admirer of his reporting either.