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Monday, February 11, 2013

CNN's SOTU Coverage

CNN Dedicates Tuesday Night to President Obama’s State of the Union Address
Sen. Marco Rubio’s GOP Response to Air Live in Primetime
Guests include former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Michigan Gov. Granholm
CNN’s political team of anchors and correspondents will lead the network’s coverage of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address Tuesday, Feb. 12 beginning at 7 p.m. ET.
Leading the network’s coverage will be anchors Wolf Blitzer, Kate Bolduan, Erin Burnett, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo and Jake Tapper. Special guests providing analysis and perspective include former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. Dana Bash will report live from inside the U.S. House chamber and Jessica Yellin will provide updates from the White House.
Commentary will be provided throughout the evening by chief political analyst Gloria Borger, senior political analyst David Gergen, along with political contributors Cornell Belcher, Donna Brazile, Alex Castellanos, Margaret Hoover, Van Jones and Ana Navarro.
The Republican response, delivered by Sen. Marco Rubio, will also air live following the State of the Union address.
On the magic wall, chief national correspondent John King will provide a report card on first term State of the Union promises, and assess the prospects for congressional action on a second-term Obama wish list that includes the economy, immigration, gun control and climate change. Burnett will conduct a focus group from the University of Richmond, where registered voters provide live reaction during the president’s speech. John Berman and Tom Foreman, live from the network’s virtual studio, will offer reality checks of the president’s remarks and the Republican response.
CNN’s coverage extends across all platforms with the network’s “Tweet of the Union” database, which allows users to track the conversation among members of congress in real time and filter the conversation among demographic and editorial storylines. Starting Tuesday, viewers can follow the conversation at and add their own spin on the president’s speech via Twitter using the hashtag #tweetoftheunion.
CNN Digital will live-stream both the address and the response on and on CNN’s mobile website and apps. Users can visit for analysis, commentary and reaction to the speeches and follow along on The Political Ticker’s live-blog.
CNN International will simulcast both the Presidential address and the Republican response. In addition, a CNN/ORC International poll will be released on the favorability of the President and the GOP.

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Anonymous said...

No Piers Morgan? Candy Crowley?

Anonymous said...

Where's Soledad?

Anonymous said...

I know that Chris Cuomo and presumably Erin Burnett (hopefully not) will be hosting a new morning show in the 7:00-9:00 time slot. It makes me wonder if Early Start will be sticking around. If so, hopefully Zoraida Sambolin (yawn) can be replaced.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully President Obama wil be emphatic about what his proposals are on gun control and not brush it aside.
This is even more important than immigration and more Americans are anxious to hear whether he actually will invoke an executive order to get some legislation passed on gun violence.

Anonymous said...

Yet again CNN goes ancient with too many pundits. Can you say outdated ? Try building a digital newsroom that is specifically made for television.

The White House will be streaming the speech on it's website, If you view the speech on You Tube, Facebook or Google Plus, the experience is enhanced by being data enriched with graphs and charts.

On top of that the Obama administration has something called Citizen Response permitting viewers to share parts of the speech in social media. Also, you can send the administration how the specifics affect them. Until CNN figures out how to make these events interactive they are toast. Why so many pundits. Old media is fading away fast because the can't move beyond talking heads and completely ignore viewers with the same tired old formulas.

Isn't it ironic that President Obama can find people with these skills but CNN can't ? CNN continues to make itself irrelevant. Newt Gingrich , really ?

Anonymous said...

That will be the day. CNN still thinks Ted Nugent is
worthy of TV time. I had to use Google and still don't
understand why CNN thinks we care what he has to
say. How long do you think it will take for CNN to
catch on that certain people they seem to love don't
matter to viewers. It is more about what they bring
to the conversation to make it intelligent and not
crazy. CNN is too closely affiliated with the crazies
that most of us don't bother to waste time on. The
last thing you would think CNN would want is for
viewers to go who are you . That is a putdown for
talking heads. It takes so little to get on CNN. I am
starting to think the bar is very low. Mainly just
make statements attacking Obama. Definitely will
skip the worst political team on television. Like
average Americans are obsessed with the GOP.

So looking forward to Fusion and AJE.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the graphics tonight, just like the Inauguration. Very simple, very clean, all capitalized letters. No news flipper ticker on the bottom, just CNN logo with LIVE bug and SOTU logo (often switched to a red Breaking News logo...better than yellow) with a simple headline at times of what is being talked about.

Anonymous said...

While I really dislike Newt Gingrich and think of him as outdated, he did praise the campaign that President Obama ran
against Romeny, and said it was one that 'couldn't be beaten.'
Thankfully, he was right.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who watched the President's speech on gun violence in his State of the Union address couldn't help be riveted at his proclamation of "They deserve a vote," a reference to all those who had been struck by random gun violence.
Now let's hope that the do nothing congress gets this message or they
don't deserve our votes for their re-election.