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Monday, April 15, 2013

CNN Coverage of Marathon Blast

Two reported blasts near the finish line of the Boston Marathon killed two people and injured 28 others Monday, Boston police said. The explosions occurred at about 2:45 p.m., more than two hours after the first of the race's nearly 27,000 runners had crossed the finish line, CNN Producer Matt Frucci reported. Authorities did not say immediately what caused the explosions.
CNN's Anderson Cooper (@andersoncooper), Chris Cuomo (@chriscuomo), Poppy Harlow (@poppyharlowcnn), Brian Todd (@briantoddcnn), Jason Carroll (@jasoncarrollcnn), Peter Hamby (@peterhambycnn), Zain Asher (@zainasher) and Maria Santana (@mariasantanacnn) will all be on the scene tonight in Boston.
Contributing to the CNN's breaking news coverage, Fran Townsend (@frantownsend), Peter BergenTom Fuentes, and Mike Brooks (@tvdetective.)
In addition to CNN’s continuing coverage of the explosions at the Boston Marathon, users can turn to and the CNN Apps for live streaming of the breaking news as it unfolds.  Check the homepage and breaking news blog, This Just In, for the latest details and reaction.  Users can also share stories and images of the explosions through CNN iReport.

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Anonymous said...

I think it is safe to say that Boston is not as prepared as NYC as far as taking precausions.
The NYPD is far more secure under the guidance of Ray Kelly, especially since 9/11.
However, if we think back to 9/11, wasn't one of the entry airports in Boston, and shouldn't they always be on high alert since they were in fact, used as a port of entry by the original hijackers?
This unfortunately is another lesson, for the Boston area, whether it was one, or twenty, malcontent individuals.
Perhaps a good renewal of strategy in how to handle terror attacks, be it domestic or foreign, for the Boston area,
In NYC, practice drills, unknown to the public are frequent and first responders are always on high alert.
Perhaps Ray Kelly needs to visit Boston for this renewal. Complacency was the order of the day during this marathon.
We can never become complacent. It is our worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

I was at work when the bombings happened and right away most of the televisions in the buildings were on CNN. Journalists need to be responsible. We don't have answers and should not be jumping to conclusions. I have people who were born and raised in Boston and have family members still living in the city. Follow the news and the people who were on scene and follow the stories where they lead. To me CNN should be letting all of the witnesses introduce themselves and tell us their story of what they saw and their responses. Afterwards you can ask questions about what you hear and you end up with more relevant conversation and questions.

Anonymous said...

Does this now mean that 360 will be on at 10 PM all week rather than The Lead ?