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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

CNN's Primetime Programming for Tonight

Two reported blasts near the finish line of the Boston Marathon killed three people and injured more than 170 others Monday, Boston police said. The explosions occurred at about 2:45 p.m., more than two hours after the first of the race's nearly 27,000 runners had crossed the finish line, CNN Producer Matt Frucci reported. Authorities did not say immediately what caused the explosions.

CNN's Anderson Cooper (@andersoncooper), Chris Cuomo (@chriscuomo),Jake Tapper (@jaketapper), Wolf Blitzer (@wolfblitzer), John Berman(@JohnBerman), Dr. Sanjay Gupta (@sanjayguptaCNN), Don Lemon(@DonLemonCNN), Brooke Baldwin (@BrookeBCNN), John King (@JohnKingCNN) Poppy Harlow(@poppyharlowcnn), Brian Todd (@briantoddcnn), Jason Carroll(@jasoncarrollcnn), Peter Hamby (@peterhambycnn), Zain Asher(@zainasher), Gary Tuchman (@GaryTuchmanCNN), Drew Griffin(@DrewGriffinCNN), Pamela Brown (@PamelaBrownCNN) and Maria Santana(@mariasantanacnn) will all be reporting from Boston.
Contributing to the CNN's breaking news coverage, Fran Townsend (@frantownsend), Peter BergenTom Fuentes, and Mike Brooks(@tvdetective.)

Primetime Programming Tuesday, April 16 (Please note the times below are for LIVE programming and all times are Eastern)
7p and 11pErin Burnett: OutFront anchored from New York
8p and 10pAnderson Cooper 360 anchored from Boston
9p and 12pPiers Morgan Live anchored from New York

In addition to CNN’s continuing coverage of the explosions at the Boston Marathon, users can turn to and the CNN Apps for live streaming of the breaking news as it unfolds. Check the homepage and breaking news blog, This Just In, for the latest details and reaction. Users can also share stories and images of the explosions through CNN iReport.

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Anonymous said...

Surprisingly , both 360 & TSR averaged a 1.0 for
18-49 yr olds on Monday according to TV by the
Numbers. You would imagine CNN is also
getting millions of page views as well. Anderson
Cooper and Wolf Blitzer bring viewers to CNN.

Anonymous said...

Anderson's interview with Rudi Guiliani last night was pure promotion for Rudi, America's former Mayor during 9/11.
Rudi Guiliani does not deserve to be interviewed about terrorism and NYC. He used the first responders on 9/11 when he knew they were working in unsafe conditions with toxins and fumes and then turned his back on them, when their health issues arose. He also praised George Bush for being President at the time of the attack.
He will no doubt turn this entire tragedy into a partisan and political issue in the coming weeks.
Guiliani can be given credit for appointing Ray Kelly and promoting him in the NYPD.
And Mayor Bloomberg has enhanced Kelly's position and no city is better equiped to handle terrorism, be domestic or foreign than NYC.
According to sources in both the Times and the NYPost, security and surveillance was good during the marathon, but it needs to be far more vigilant near the finish line.
Hindsight is always twenty twenty.

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart has again gone after CNN calling it: CNN THE MOST BUSTED NAME IN NEWS:
It will probably be on Huffpost and this website as well starting tomorrow.
John King it seems made a fatal error in judgement by saying that an arrest had been made in the marathon bombings in the afternoon and then contradicted himself one hour later, saying there was no arrest and his sources could not be verified, and the rest of the gang, including Blitzer and Cooper were in on the "speculation."
And so far, all that there is, is speculation as to who did what and when.
Nothing should have been reported but to fill air time, things stuff gets made CNN all the time.

Anonymous said...

The NY Post is the worst offender. The Murdoch
rag printed the picture. CNN needs to stop trying to
be like FNC. They saw FNC going with the news so
CNN decided to do what FNC is doing.

Anonymous said...

The bomb blasts bring viewers to CNN.
As Ted Turner once said, "The News is the star."
Erin Burnett and Jake Taper were on around 1PM to give updates about the marathon bombers and neither could read their notes.
It was embarrassing to listen to and to watch as they both fumbled for words.
Unless their directly in front of a teleprompter, neither seems to be able to do their jobs, especially Burnett. She is incapable of thinking on her feet, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Wow CNN is becoming the harding working name is news lol. They seem to been live 20 hours a day since Monday. I cant imagine how tired they all are (except Wolf Blitzer...that guy is an animal lol).

I appreciate it though! A hardcore news junky like me!

Anonymous said...

CNN appears to be trying to less speculative in wake of errors in journalism. THe anchors appeared to be more
responsible overnight. This is just surreal. A city the size of Boston being shutdown is unbelievable. Unfortunately, it's real. Considering it is like a cluster of colleges in the vicinity. Once I heard MIT I knew something was not right. This does not happen at MIT.

Anonymous said...

Usually CNN's coverage of breaking news is great but after watching Chris and Erin I just realised that is only because usually Anderson, Wolf and maybe Sanjay are doing the breaking news.

Everyone else is just terrible. Chris and Erin are constantly speculating, making stuff up, running away with things, they come across as rude and aggressive in interviews with non-media people and Chris even tries to put words into ppl's mouths.

CNN needs to offer Anderson a really fantastic deal when his contract runs out this fall because without him they are screwed.

I just switched the channel off because Chris and Erin are insufferable. I'll be back as soon as they got Anderson back in Boston and him and Wolf on the air.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Anderson really makes CNN. Without him, I turn the channel. I just can't get used to Berman, Tapper or Cuomo. I wish they would go back to ABC. I think though that Erin Burnett has really improved and is doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, Zucker dodged a bullet by not having Chris and Erin do mornings. They are unwatchable. Never cared for Erin and I kinda liked Chris but this is not his best moment. Makes you really appreciate Anderson. Berman and Tapper were pretty good this morning.

Anonymous said...

Trampadoo nailed it. Chris and Erin are a couple of dimwitted egomaniacs - stereotypical annoying East Coasters. Tapper is good but kinda boring. Not so sure about Berman either. @1:02pm, if this is an improved Erin, I would hate to see her when she first showed up. So many smart women on CNN and they think she is the best they can do?

Anonymous said...

I have to chime in on Chris and Erin, they are simply unwatchable. Anderson Cooper is professional and cautious about what he says, those other two have been anything but. And I can't warm up to Jake Tapper, he may grow on me, but so far it hasn't happened.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why they don't let Isha do more field work? She is eloquent, super smart, beautiful and charming. I don't get it.

I am not feeling Zucker's decisions. When Chris started at CNN with some Dorner coverage together with Anderson and then filled in twice for him at AC360 I thought he was pretty bad and got some flack for criticising him and was told to wait and see how he evolves (which is a legit point I guess) but he seems to be getting worse actually. He was positively antagonistic towards some of the people he interviewed, kept interrupting, said some extremely cringe-worthy things, was too dominant as a co-ancor and constantly injects his personal opinions. This is the stuff I don't want to see on CNN and the reason why I like Anderson and Sanjay so much, Wolf is okay too.

Tapper is okay as well. I agree, maybe a bit boring, lacks charisma, something Anderson has in abundance.

Anyway, I'm kind of sad about all this because I like CNN and I don't want to have to switch the channel because some reporting is just unwatchable. I hope they can get a grip.

Someone in twitter said something very fitting along the line of:

At this point CNN is like a bad band with one good song. Everyone keeps shouting "Play Anderson Cooper! Play Anderson Cooper!"

PS: Nothing against my Isha, though. :)

Anonymous said...

Of course death is what this suspect deserves. This is the reason the hijackers killed themselves on 9/11. Civilized people act in a civilized manner and they knew no jury would find them innocent.
The FBI saw red flags again with the brother and let him go because he hadn't committed a crime yet. Russia tipped them off, so they knew this family was trouble.
They did EXACTLY the same thing BEFORE 9/11! That has to be the biggest loophole there is....can't arrest until there's a terrible tragedy!

Anonymous said...

Chris Cuomo is totally out of his league on CNN. He is tall and lanky and should not be doing street reporting. Standing next to Wolf Blitzer he looks odd.
Jake Tapper on the other hand, seems to be holding his own.

Anonymous said...

This "suspect" for want of calling him what he really is, committed an act of treason in Boston.
An act of treason, since he was a "naturalized citzen as of September of this year, deserves death. Anyone who commits treason, for any reason, deserves the death penalty for betraying his Country. Our founding fathers alluded to it in both the Bill of Rights and The Constitution.
On another topic, I am very impressed with Dana Bash's reporting. No wonder she was promoted to Senior White House Correspondent. It was a title well deserved. She was in complete control during the panel discussion in the SIT Room this Saturday. She has a dogged determination to get things done.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:35 PM:

There won't be any death penality, get over it. If you prefer the "good old times" of the founding fathers you better also take the slavery, absense of women's rights, criminalisation and killing of homosexuals, lynch mentality, child labor and disturbingly low age of consent. Ugh. The death penalty has never helped anyone or produced anything positive, instead gives a bad example to citizens and killed thousands of innocents in the course of time. Time to arrive in the 21st century. Never mind that all other western countries already got there in the 20th.

Anonymous said...

"There wouldn't be any death penalty. Get over it"
Are you a tax payer?
Do live in this Country?
Our Founding Fathers seems to work for the Second Amendment rights people and so does the Constitution.
I don't want to pay for this person's socialization and assimilation for the rest of his life and he's NO MINOR.
The way in which he is treated, should he survive his wounds, poor thing, will all depend on where he is tried and if it is anywhere near get over it.
WE can't afford to support individuals who are malcontents in the 21st century and the majority of United States citizens feel as I do and so does OUR military.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:22 AM:

It's that Anon from ATA, right? ;) Your founding fathers also owned slaves and there will be more tax dollars going into the trial of the guy if he would be sentenced to death than if he got locked up for life.

But thanks for demonstrating that immunity to criticism attitude that is keeping your country from solving a lot of accute problems that most other western countries have long ago overcome. :)

Anonymous said...

Republicans will ask for the death penalty, no matter what the Obama Administration wants.
And it seems as though the Republicans get whatever they want, and this happened on President Obama's watch.

Anonymous said...

Zucker has a checkered history -- success at Today, followed by failure atNBC (Conan etc).

If things continue, he will also be known as a leader who took the news component out of CNN (even more than the slow slide by Walton and gang).

Not a good legacy.

But hey - he's pay millions of dollars, and none of us are. So he must know best - right?