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Friday, June 14, 2013

2 Boston Boys, John King & Kevin Cullen, Discuss Whitey Bulger

John King sat in for Anderson Cooper on Friday night and had a fascinating discussion with fellow Boston native Kevin Cullen, co-author of 'Whitey Bulger'. 

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Anonymous said...

John King has gotten the short end of the stick lately.
Someone has to remind Jeff Zucker that when it comes to political statistics, voting habits district by district and voting blocks, whether Republican or Democrat, and the diverse nature of campaign strategies, no one does it better than John King....on any network.
CNN would clearly be at a disadvantage if John King were ever absent for the next election cycle. He is always the one we look to for political interpretation of the data on the 'magic wall' and no one, on any network can challenge his statistical ability in this regard.

Anonymous said...

On Friday, George at CNN, had one fantastic interview with Henry Winkler. The man has some serious interview skills, all 3 interviewers were simply amazing but the Fonz was my favorite. New Republic has a story about the 2 Georges. Nice pickup for CNN.

Anonymous said...

Prediction : New Day will be a disaster for CNN. The reason : CNN misrepresented the numbers of their own poll that has people shaking their heads. AN 8 pt drop does not mean plummeting, you need double digits to make that claim. The trustworthy claim is downright dishonest. The numbers are 50-49, the margin is plus or minus 3. That is not a margin one way or the other.

The worst thing to lead a news show with is a poll. You have to start like CBS, Give viewers the news people are talking about first. The first 30 minutes should be more news than you can handle not a boring poll. The ratings will not be good. I am in an office and everyone thinks this show is horrible.

Granted it is the premiere episode but first impressions matter. Also, you say it is a new day but ;you still have Christine Romans involved on the show. Hire Nicole Lapin and another personality to compliment Michaela . Chris Cuomo works but just not feeling Kate Bouldan. This is like pairing John Roberts and Kiran Chetry. CNN has repeated the same mistakes again.

Anonymous said...

If CNN wants to have a morning show to attract younger viewers, a poll is not the way to do it. If you are going to use alternative music why not have 1 of the cast be a younger personality. Brett Erlich comes to mind for me.
He does political satire and once hosted Viral Video Film School on Current TV. Zain Asher is a better fit for the business news, Jon Berman is a good fit but if Berman is going to have a role on New Day don't have him on Early Start. There is the chemistry issue with Chris and Kate.Michaela needs an hour of her won on CNN. It's gonna be hard for CNN to get it going n the mornings with this show.

Anonymous said...

Some on the Huffington Post are saying the same thing about Jon Berman and Christine Romans. It makes it look like the old show. Chris Cuomo and Michaela Pereira are the best ones on the show. Sadly, the show didn't hold my attention. I channel surfed after 30 minutes. So I was in and out on CNN. I had stopped watching CNN in the mornings. Lets see where the ratings are 3-6 months from now. CNN has been in a downslide with morning ratings. Summertime is not exactly the best time to launch a brand new show.

Anonymous said...

I thought New Day was a good show - yes it had some of the first show jitters but overall a good start. I have problems with the emphasis on polls but that is an editorial call well above New Day and since it was a CNN poll, you know they are going to talk about it. I am sure there is no hard and fast rule about what constitutes "plummeting" so your arguments are simply partisan. Clearly Obama's popularity has taken a hit lately - don't take it so dang personal, this happens to Presidents on occasion.

For the love of all that is holy do not hire Nicole Lapin - Christine Romans does just fine. CNN doesn't need another preening narcissistic celeb-psuedo-journalist. it is just one show so let's see over time what the story slection mix is going to be. Hard to tell after one show. I do not think New Day will be a disaster because they are committed to success and there is big internal support unlike Starting Point which became a grudge match between executives. I was skeptical of Zucker but they did hold firm to it being a newsy show with not a lot of fluff. Good mix of all kinds of things going on. I think this has potential.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Zucker has set the bar low for New Day. He just wants the show to top Starting Point . Like that's hard to do. I would give the show a C- for today. Some segments worked others did not. CNN has problems with it's political coverage. What's new about having Jon King come on and talk about the latest CNN poll ?

CNN might need to hire a couple of more people to make it work. Jon Berman was way off on his internet picks. I know this because I was searching. Get someone like a Conor Knighton who can track the internet and find out what is really trending.

People were talking about the 3 minute Samsung commercial in which Jay Z announced his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, True Blood,NBA Finals, Danny Green and Miss USA.

Last night was likely bad for cable news with True Blood & the NBA. It's like the Heat/Spurs series is going 7 games. So it's a rough ratings week for CNN and the others.

Anonymous said...

I liked the show because I do like Kate and Michaela. Michaela needs a bigger role. I have said this before - Chris Cuomo reminds me of Rick Sanchez. I also am tired of Christine Romans - a new business reporter is needed and they should hire someone in their 20's to talk about what is trending online.

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't Chris Cuomo be paired with Soledad O'Brien?
I know there were some here who didn't care for her, but she was a professional who knew how to do her job and do it well.
She was at CNN a long time and the pairing may have worked if given a chance.
This pairing is just plain boring and more of the same.
Viewers HAVE to be given a reason for watching and there is NO reason to watch CNN in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Well, New Day is a major upgrade from Starting Point.
30 minutes of commercial free news, smart move. It
all boils down to content, which will determine the
ratings. Next, it's about the hosts, writing,delivery &
presentation. CNN is simply going with the CBS model. Celebrate journalism.

The loose format is great. The set is perfect. CNN
really needs to go with the model during dayside.
Extend the format . It works for CNN. The News
Room needs to go away but keep the international
hour with the loose format.

Too bad Tj Holmes is no longer with CNN. He would
be the perfect 4th host to fit with Michaela's
personality. Chris Cuomo and Kate Boldaun are
okay. The show has potential to get CNN back
into the cable news morning show game.Spoke
too soon time to turn the channel here come the
pundits. Back to Starting Point. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Don't think it changes anything for CNN. You do know that CNN can't do a show without pundits. Why do you think their ratings are taking a dive ? CNN is no longer factual or accurate. You can't trust CNN.

Anonymous said...

For the most part the reviews are mixed. In the end, CNN might need someone like TJ to mix better with Kate and Michaela. Having another guy helps keep Chris Cuomo from looking overbearing with 2 women.
But it has to be the right guy with the right personality. TJ has interacted with Kate in the past. Michalea's personality is off the charts. She's amazing.