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Friday, July 26, 2013

Sunday Morning Programming July 28, 2013

SUNDAY, July 28, 2013


Topics:   Economy; Unemployment Numbers; Detroit Bankruptcy
Guest:    Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew

Topics:   Immigration; Politics; 2016
Guest:    Rep. Peter King (R-NY), House Homeland Security Committee; House Intelligence Committee

Topics:   Egypt; NSA Surveillance; Democratic Politics
Guest:    Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), chairman, Senate Intelligence Committee

Topics:   Politics
Guest:    Paul Begala, CNN political commentator
Guest:    Cornell Belcher, CNN political commentator
Guest:    Ana Navarro, CNN political commentator
Guest:    Chris Plante, radio talk show host

Anchor:  Candy Crowley

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS – Airs 10:00AM – 11:00AM and 1:00PM – 2:00PM     

Topics:    Reasons for new hope in the Israel/Palestine peace negotiations
Guest:     Michael Oren, outgoing Israeli Ambassador to the United States

Topic:     Reasons for new hope in the Israel/Palestine peace negotiations
Guest:    Daoud Kuttab, Columnist for al-Monitor, Palestinian journalist

Topic:     Municipal bankruptcies: Will there be more Detroits?
Guest:    Dean Baker,author ofThe End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets Progressive (2011)
Guest:    Meredith Whitney, CEO, Meredith Whitney Advisory Group, LLC; author ofFate of the States: The New Geography of American Prosperity(2013)

Topic:     What makes a great American president?
Guest:    Joseph Nye, author of Presidential Leadership and the Creation of the American Era (2013)

Anchor:   Fareed Zakaria


Topics:   Media Firestorm Around Anthony Weiner;
Guest:    Errol Louis, host, NY1; CNN commentator
Guest:    Lois Romano, senior political reporter, Politico

Topics:   The Case to End White House Briefings
Guest:    Reid Cherlin, former White House Assistant Press Secretary

Topics:   Global Media Coverage of the Royal Baby
Guest:    Tim Ewart, royal correspondent, ITV News
Guest:    Catherine Mayer, Europe editor, TIME
Guest:    Joe Concha, columnist, Mediaite

Topics:   Netflix and the Future of Television
Guest:    Peter Rubin, senior editor, Wired
Guest:    Mario Armstrong, digital lifestyle expert, HLN

Topics:   Al-Jazeera America Set to Launch in August
Guest:    Dave Marash, former anchor, Al Jazeera English

Guest host:  Frank Sesno, The George Washington University

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Anonymous said...

CNN really needs to fix it's weekend shows. What's
up with all of the repeats. We get an outdated Sit
Room and the same shows over and over again.
What's the point of rerunning the same shows on
Saturday and Sunday. It would be nice to see CNN
highlight show of the CNN I shows on weekends.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne Malveaux had a feature on CNN not too long ago about her mother's battle with ALS. The story is so moving and touching. God bless her and her family.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to fire Don Lemon right now. He has no right to attack black single moms, black teen males and the black community as a whole. Stop stereotyping and generalizing people. If you think this will get CNN & Don Lemon ratings, you are wrong. Don Lemon completely ignored the facts.
Black media always covers issues surrounding the black community. Ever hear of Ebony,Jet, the Root,Grio,Essence,Madame Nior,The Crisis, Diversity Inc,Harlem Worldm, News One, Black American Web. OF course not, it's CNN. As far as CNN is concerned blacks need to be portrayed as negative. They don't want to show the positive in the black community. It does not fit their narrative. According to CNN, there are no black professionals who are dong things in America. Thank goodness for Melissa Harris-Perry and Toure. they take their jobs seriously and would never use their positions as a cheap ratings stunt.

Try respecting the black community. This might come as a shock to Don Lemon but we are responsible , love our families just like everyone else, we work hard, go the school,act responsibly,believe in education doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

CNN has to fix the content on New Day. There is a huge story this morning about poverty in the United States. I first spotted the story on Business Insider,yes the internet is my 1st choice for news these days. I like lots and lots of content and like to walk out of the door informed. Amazingly, New Day has ignored the story. This comes on the hills of the Stanford study on economic mobility. Morning Joe has this as the lead. Mind you we are talking 80 % of Americans. I thought New Day was suppose to be more about news. Morning Joe has more content and conversation on big stories. CNN is losing the news battle right from the start. I can find 50 fresh stories on my smartphone.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree @6:47am!!! Of course, I think the problem applies to CNN more broadly. Business Insider is a great website. New Day focused on SeaWorld and the actor fighting for custody of his son. There is so much more going on that is affecting real people. Also on BI, that letter from the Saudi Prince to the King talking about how fracking and shale exploration is killing them. On CBS This morning they talked quite a bit about what's going on in Egypt and how Israel/Palestine talks are going. I read on HuffPo how employment for young folks 18-29 is continuing to decline. CNN needs to get on the ball.

Anonymous said...

Who is in charge of content at CNN these days ?
CNN should be doing what CBS is doing , the news.
CNN is starting to look like a lost cause. There is a
reason why the ratings for New Day are moving in
the wrong direction. CNN management is asleep at
at the wheel again. There are signs of big trouble.

Anonymous said...

I really find weekends on CNN unbearable. They have three shifts so the anchors work 3 - 4 hours in a row. Poppy Harlow, Suzanne Malveneux and Don Lemon are not talented enough to work that many hours. For the first time in years I am watching MSNBC on the weekends.

Anonymous said...

CNN is going to have competition from AJAM. AL Jazeera has deep pockets and is determined with a very strong commitment to news. AJAM just might be able to pull viewers away from CNN. AJAM has made it clear no Jody Arias or overboard coverage of a royal baby.
The news matters to AJAM. CNN is also ignoring the fast food strikers. With shows like Morning Joe, The Cycle, All In, TRMS, UP & MHP, MSNBC has been way ahead of the game when it comes to news for average people. Have you ever seen a minimum wage worker on CNN. For CNN it is all about Wall St.

Anonymous said...

Right on 1:37pm!!!

Anonymous said...

Bravo anon 10:34. Don Lemon made me sick to my stomach with his ignorant, insulting, simplistic comments about African Americans. He has been mocked and schooled by many who are far more intelligent than he is but he still thinks he's right. Once you have o'Reilly and the racists agreeing with you, you cannot be trusted. I've never liked Lemon, his latest incident confirms why.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to start respecting viewers period. Just pivot to viewers/consumers. You need us to watch your network. Someone mentioned before about CNN having a team of consumer reporters. CNN is stuck in the 70's.80's 0's and even 10 years ago. CNN is not adapting or changing. You need pundits in the 21st century, really ? People like finding deals and getting the most out of their money. Somewhere along the line CNN basically banned real people from their channel. Why the heavy focus on crime and people behaving badly. You make choices and CNN is making some really bad choices.CNN can not afford to lose viewers. Believe this : advertisers are going to walk away from cable news because of they are turning off millions. There is a growing sense that cable news and talk radio are not worth it. Take your money to other networks.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis says it best : who am I to judge. For me that is a big turnoff when watching CNN. Too much time is wasted judging people. Since when did that become news. I stopped watching Don Lemon and CNN some time ago. Too negative and mean. Bad vibe and the tone is not respectful. CNN is not watchable.

Anonymous said...

Why waste money on talking heads ? CNN could
always invite people from Business Insider, Huffington Post, Time, Bloomberg, Businessweek, ABC,CBS,NPR. New Republic,Rolling Stone, etc. There is no shortage of good journalism or good content. Why not try to lure away the Cycle team or the Morning Joe crew ? People like Mo Rocca and Conor Knighton, who both work for CBS ? Ezra Klein or Quartz. CNN should celebrate journalism not ideology. I look forward to the day when there is a brave executive who will fire the pundits. Jon Stewart is right about their insignificance. The 11 AM hour is nothing but crime on CNN. Somebody needs to fix both CNN and HLN. What a waste of money to have folks just sit on their butts and run their mouths. That's called mismanagement.

You have to wonder if CNN will go for a David Rhoades once his contract is up at CBS NEWS. Phil Kent is leaving and he put Jeff Zucker in charge. Jon Martin will replace Phil Kent. That is a clear generational shift for Turner. The is something going on behind the scenes. I hope come 2014 that 1 of the 1st things that Martin will do is to actually try to watch CNN for an entire day. It's a safe bet the suffering would be over for CNN viewers. Why ? he would not last very long without turning the channel.

HuffPo has a fascinating interview with the man who used to run Al Jazeera. He said these words : cable news has become so politicized that CNN is now a propaganda channel. CNN's is it's own worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

By tomorrow we will know the ratings for July 2013 for CNN,MSNBC & FNC. The Zimmerman trial likely boosted CNN. However, once the verdict came in CNN took a hit. It will be interesting to see who is up or down. New Day will get it's first ratings for an entire month. Don't think they topped MJ but it could be close

Anonymous said...

I just viewed a documentary entitled "Our Nixon" on CNN.
It could have been good and worth while but it had soooo many commercials I gave up watching it.
And why the title OUR Nixon?
Nixon was a crook. Unfortunately he was OUR President for all the wrong reasons but the title is so misleading.
The most interesting element was the way television broadcasting has changed. It was hardly recognizable. We've all become so accustomed to HD digital that analog, and poor quality analog looked like a relic broadcasted from the moon, and yet this was what we all thought was great.
I felt like kissing my flatscreen!