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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CNN & HLN's July Numbers



New Day Outperforms MSNBC’s Morning Joe 4 of the past 6 Weeks in Demo 25-54 Rating and Narrows the Gap Significantly

The Lead with Jake Tapper is #1 in Cable News in Demo 25-54 Rating domestic site has highest July on record for page views and video starts; U.S. mobile web posted the highest month ever for video starts

Buoyed by coverage of the crisis in Egypt, the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 and the trial of George Zimmerman, CNN’s ratings momentum continued in July with the network finishing a strong second in all key categories including Total Day, M-Sun Primetime, M-F Primetime and Daytime in both total viewers and 25-54 demo rating. For the third consecutive month, CNN had more viewers than MSNBC and for the third time in four months, CNN dominated MSNBC in the key demo 25-54 rating (MSNBC placed fourth).  July represents CNN’s second best demo 25-54 rating performance this year (since Boston bombings in April, 2013).

CNN also had notable gains compared to a year ago (despite elevated audience levels a year ago amid coverage of the Aurora, CO theater shooting) posting double-digit growth in all categories while FXNC and MSNBC lost viewers in July. Every one of MSNBC’s M-F primetime programs experienced double-digit declines this month vs. a year ago. In July, FXNC continued their trend of losing viewers in the key 25-54 demo rating and for the second straight month, posted its lowest 25-54 audience since May 2006.

CNN’s newest program New Day also saw significant ratings gains compared to a year ago and topped MSNBC’s Morning Joe for four of the past six weeks in the demo 25-54 since the program launched (June 17, 2013). New Day also narrowed the gap significantly with Morning Joe this month compared to CNN programming a year ago.

CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper was the #1 show in cable news in July at 4pm in the key demo 25-54 rating.

TOTAL DAY (6a-6a):

CNN               521k total viewers (up +47% from a year ago) / 183k A25-54 (up +68% from a year ago)
HLN                387k total viewers (up +57%) / 159k A25-54 (up +57%)
MSNBC          381k total viewers (down -12%) / 138k A25-54 (down -3%)
FXNC             1.063m total viewers (flat) / 216k A25-54 (down -14%)

M-F PRIMETIME (8-11p):

CNN               656k total viewers (up +26%) / 243k A25-54 (up +51%)                              
HLN                466k total viewers (up +55%) / 197k A25-54 (up +86%)
MSNBC          620k total viewers (down -28%) / 188k A25-54 (down -22%)
FXNC             1.857m total viewers (down -9%) / 327k A25-54 (down -19%)

M-Su PRIMETIME (8-11p):

CNN               675k total viewers (up +38%) / 255k A25-54 (up +71%)
HLN                491k total viewers (up +53%) / 196k A25-54 (up +68%)
MSNBC          589k total viewers (down -18%) / 206k A25-54 (down -7%)
FXNC             1.672m total viewers (down -3%) / 298k A25-54 (down -10%)

DAYTIME (9a-5p):   

CNN               652k total viewers (up +49%) / 201k A25-54 (up + 72%)
HLN                480k total viewers (up +117%) / 170k A25-54 (up +98%)
MSNBC          338k total viewers (down -13%) / 96k A25-54 (up +2%)
FXNC             1.147m total viewers (down -6%) / 206k A25-54 (down -20%)

CNN’s programs all had significant ratings gains in July, highlights include:

New Day (6-9am):   July marks the first complete month of CNN’s new morning program and it has posted strong ratings gains vs. a year ago – increasing +49% in total viewers (337k vs. 226k) and is up +34% in the demo rating 25-54 (126k vs. 94k).  In addition, New Day has dramatically narrowed the gap vs. MSNBC’s Morning Joe to -2% in the demo (126k vs. 129k) and -9% in total viewers (337k vs. 372k).  A year ago (July 2012) the gap between CNN programming and Morning Joe was -33% in the demo (94k vs. 140k) and -42% in total viewers (226k vs. 389k).  New Day has also outperformed MSNBC’s Morning Joe for four of the past six weeks in adults 25-54.

CNN dayside programming (@12noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm): all ranked #1 in cable news in July in target demo 25-54 rating.

 The Lead with Jake Tapper (4pm):  Ranked #1 in cable news in July in the key demo 25-54 averaging 213k, FXNC Your World with Neil Cavuto followed with 199k and MSNBC’s Martin Bashir trailed with 115k. July represents the first time since Jan 2009 that Cavuto placed second to CNN.  The Lead increased +82% in the demo 25-54 (213k vs. 117k) and +42% in total viewers (702k vs. 495k) from a year ago.

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer at 5pm placed second in cable news in both total viewers and in the demo 25-54.  The program increased +58% in the demo from a year ago (198k vs. 125k) while FXNC’s The Five lost -25% of its demo audience (296k vs. 396k).  At 6pm The Sit Room grew +44% vs. last year in the demo 25-54 (174k vs. 121k) and +24% in total viewers (530k vs. 429k).  Special Report with Bret Baier at 6pm was down -34% in the key demo in July (247k vs. 377k) and off -3% in total viewers vs. a year ago.

Erin Burnett Outfront: was also up by double digits this month – increasing +34% in the 25-54 demo rating (166k vs. 124k) and +24% in total viewers (493k vs. 396k).  EBO topped 4th place Hardball with Chris Matthews in the demo (166k vs. 159k) this month, and the Fox Report with Shep Smith declined -31% in the demo 25-54 (243k vs. 351k) from a year ago. 

AC 360 is the #2 ranked program in cable news at 8pm in both total viewers and the demo 25-54, and is the #1 primetime program on CNN in total viewers.  Compared to a year ago, AC 360 grew at 8pm increasing +58% in the demo rating (256k vs. 162k) and +30% in total viewers (693k vs.533k), while O’Reilly is down -20% in the demo and flat in total viewers and Chris Hayes  is off -15% among 25-54 and down -27% in total viewers.  AC 360 continues to top Hayes by robust margins in total viewers (693k vs. 604k) and in the demo 25-54 rating (256k vs. 166k).
Piers Morgan Live was the #2 rated program at 9pm topping MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show (238k vs. 229k) in 25-54 rating.  PML also grew vs. a year ago – increasing by double-digits +22% in total viewers (681k vs. 560k) and +52% in the key demo (238k vs. 157k). Maddow was down by -19% in total viewers and decreased -20% in the demo, and Hannity also lost viewers at 9pm decreasing -13% in total viewers and -19% in demo 25-54.

Anderson Cooper at 10 pm was the #2 show in cable news in both total viewers and the demo, and #1 on CNN among the key 25-54 demo rating.  Anderson Cooper at 10pm grew vs. a year ago increasing +31% in total viewers (649k vs. 494k) and +50% in the demo (258k vs. 172k).  On the Record was down -16% in total viewers and -19% in the demo and MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell saw the largest monthly decreases for MSNBC in primetime – down -29% in total viewers (586k vs. 831k) and down -27% in the key demo rating (185k vs. 253k).

CNN Digital domestic site has highest July on record for page views and video starts
U.S. mobile web posted the highest month ever for video starts’s domestic site had the highest July on record for page views and video starts with:
•         1.4 billion page views, up 9% over June and 11% over July 2012
•         99mm video starts, 19% over June and 15% over the previous year
•         94mm unique visitors, 5% more than June and 8% over the previous year

Additionally, CNN’s US mobile website had 361mm page views in July and 6.4mm video starts, the highest of all time.

Source: Adobe SiteCatalyst and Bango Analytics through 7/29; *Note: Historical records for uniques and page views for go back to August 2005 and video records to July 2007. 


Network Bests MSNBC In Total Day Breaks All-Time Record 

HLN continues its ratings momentum, marking five months of consecutive year-over-year growth in prime and total day in both total viewers and P25-54.  In M-F prime, the network posted the biggest P25-54 and P2+ viewership gains among all cable news networks and bested MSNBC by +5% in the key demo (197k vs. 188k).  In Total Day, HLN was also ahead of MSNBC among P25-54 by +15% (159k vs. 138k), marking the fifth consecutive month HLN outperformed/tied MSNBC.  

July 2013 vs. July 2012

PRIME  (M-F  8p-11p)

P2+                  +55% (466k vs. 301k)
P25-54             +86%  (197k vs. 106k)

TOTAL DAY  (M-Su 6a-6a)

P2+                  +57% (387k vs. 247k)
P25-54             +57% (159k vs. 101k) 

In addition, fueled by coverage of the Zimmerman trial, every hour in M-F prime (7-11 p.m. ET) delivered double and triple-digit increases vs. July 2012 in P2+ and P25-54.  Program highlights include:
  • Morning Express with Robin Meade once again surpassed MSNBC's Morning Joe for the 5th straight month (146k vs. 129k), and ranks as the #2 cable morning news show among P25-54;
  • Jane Velez-Mitchell (7 p.m. ET) up +64% in P2+ (493k) and more than doubled its P25-54 audience (+101%/207k);
  • Nancy Grace/Nancy Grace Mysteries (8 p.m. ET) up +34% in P2+ (530k) and +65% in P25-54 (221k);
  • Drew On Call/Mysteries (9 p.m. ET) posted the biggest P2+ (+76%/496k) and P25-54 (+104%/206k) gains amongst cable news in Prime;
  • HLN After Dark/Mysteries (10 p.m. ET) up +63% in P2+ (384k), and + 89% in demo (168k)., HLN’s online destination for users, posted gains in all key metrics over both the prior month and the prior year. July 2013 broke an all-time record with 7M unique visitors, up +23% from June, and +56% vs. July 2012. The site gathered 51M page views, up +33% vs. June, and up triple digits from July 2012. Additionally,  video starts reached 4M, an increase of +16% from June, and +100% vs. July 2012. The site’s top article “George Zimmerman trial: 84 evidence photos” at 15M page views this month, and the top video was “Did the prosecution prove its case?” with 66k video starts. Source: Adobe SiteCatalyst  Note: Current month’s data measured from 7/1/13 – 7/30/13. launched in October 2011.

All content, unless otherwise cited, is © All Things CNN and may not be used without consent of the blog administrator.


Anonymous said...

Now let's see what happens for the rest of the year. TV by the Numbers is already saying that post Zimmerman CNN took major hits. CNN is only been # 2 for 3 consecutive months. Will CNN or MSNBC finish 2013 at # 2. It proved to be true that FNC has some demo issues.. Fox & Friends had lower than 1 million viewers. They are flat with viewers but continues going down in the demo in prime time. The problems hit CNN first. This is going to come down to the decisions of the bosses at CNN,MSNBC & FNC. Their decisions will determine the fate of their networks. No one can rest easily.

Anonymous said...

Been brainstorming to think of ways that CNN can remake the news and to be come the leading innovative and creative 24/7 news channel in the news game.

First,news trailers,micro-movies. Take for example the Cannes jewel heist. You don't need to say a word. Just use video,info-graphics and data journalism. For something like this the instrumentals work best. A song like 69 Police featured at the end of Ocean's 11 with George Clooney would work or some hip hop beats. This is the proper way to engage viewers being they would have to watch and read to see what is going on. Can you say interactive. Believe it or not Bloomberg is the lone cable news network that uses this technique. CNN needs to the find the people behind this and hire them to create original content for CNN. Do this all day long.

It's time for the crawl to be history. Edit news vignettes from the papers, the web. Fresh updates every 30 minutes. Drop the gigantic banners all of the time. From here on out all video,sound,packages,you name it has a media bar.
Time elapsed left/time remaining right. Redesign the CNN logo. Try to make it so that everything is on a single line. Too much junk on the screen has got to
go. Wait there is more to come.

Anonymous said...

Develop a story-teller mentality. For example Alison Stewart has a book out about the legendary Dunbar HS in Washington, DC. Have come in do a sit down with someone like Strombo. Have her read some of the material. Connect the dots to the real school that is undergoing a 122 million dollar modernization. Take someone like Tom Foreman. You interweave the words and stories of Alison and Tom to tell a story. Presentation and delivery is horrible in cable news. Treat you viewers like you are having a conversation with them. This can be used for any author,writer,filmmaker. This gives CNN more original content.

Really try to not just have the anchors sit and read scripts for many hours. Give the the real News Room. real time if possible. Have your reporters send tweets all day long on CNN about the stories they are working on. Hey video is even better. Video teases for a visual medium. Priceless.

Put viewers first and give them the ultimate news experience.Do your jobs and knock it off with the politicizing the news. Drop it with the most overused and over-hyped words in cable news. Conservatives,liberals,left, right. Mass appeal is essential to growth. Don't want to hear one word about another media personality. Who said the news is about you. Stop making stuff up. There is plenty of news to go around.

The reason why there is a decline in viewership for cable news is because of a thing called saturation. the demo drop will eventually lead to viewer losses.
CNN needs to constantly being in new customers and not alienate their core viewers.

Give us a reason to watch CNN for an hour. If CNN is unpredictable , the network grows. One other word the CNN vocabulary needs to lose is debate. Try conversation ,discussion or talk. Be smart and intelligent. Act like you got some sense. The news is getting lost due to noise. Evolve and revolutionize. Modernize with current society.

Anonymous said...

Finally, try satire some times to deliver news stories.
For example.GDP report. You can just be lazy and have the anchor read a boring script or try this flip of the script. Use the talent and staff at CNN.

Someone would say : hey it's GDP day. Next up someone would say alright global dance party. So everyone gets ups and starts dancing with the hottest song this summer Blurred Lines. The reason being it is going to tie into other news items that are tied to the GDP.

Sound effex time: the vinyl record scratching. Vinyl is making a big comeback. Next person would say hold up wait a minute. dude that's gross domestic product. Have a spilt screen of someone entering the same words on their smartphone or some other tablet. Remember the classic video from Thomas Dolby with the professor saying the word science.
Only this time she or the says gross domestic product, the output of goods and services produced by labor and property located in the United States. The professor than proceeds with animation,infographics,data journalism to say Q2 GDP was 1.7 %. The professor says there was also an ADP report on this day. Someone says all dance party. The professor says Bueller. This person will then sit down. The professor would say 200,000 jobs were added in the private sector. Of course, a major jobs report drops this friday at 8:30 am. Mark the day on your calenders and now you know. It ends with some saying I think we just got schooled.
Obviously a CNN anchor or reporter would have to be the professor. When he or she is talking about the jobs report on Friday, you would have some words from the Fitz & the Tantrums News 4 U. The part of the song when he says I've got some news for U and it's going down.

These are examples of how you make the news go viral and attract potential new viewers. Viewers are in the driver's seat. Make these all available on CNN,social media and the news. Tired old worn out formulas over and over again is Einstein's defination
of insanity.

Anonymous said...

Now will CNN actually do this, probably not but hey it might make them think and realize change has to come to CNN. It's about CNN surviving and thriving in the 21st century. Finding ways to bring in viewers when there is no big story to bring viewers to CNN.

Let's call this communicative journalism. It's new and it's top priority if to find new and creative ways to bring the news and news oriented segments to viewers in and outside of homes. It's all about news,information,Story-telling,writing ,video,
photography, etc. Elements that make good
journalism. Content is king. CNn has the right resources. IF only they knew how to work it.

Just today there is a report out that Faeebook draws more prime time viewers than major networks. THe reason CNN is not engaging or interactive. MSM became so bad that people created alternatives.

CNN needs to be the revolutionary network in cable news. If not they are on borrowed time.

Anonymous said...

I've always said that CNN should go for a demo win.
That's how every network makes money. 360
delivers the demos for CNN. Of course, CNN wants
to mess that up by changing the 10 PM hour. Not
everyone catches 360 the first time. Just do 2 live
hours of 360 with different stories and interviews.
At 10 bring back the old school 360 with the theme
song and Nth Degree.

Anonymous said...

How is Strombo's show doing? It's not always on. He's supposed to be the game changer for CNN.

Anonymous said...

According to TODAY'S TVN, MSNBC's Hayes and O'Donnell are doing better in the ratings than Anderson Cooper in BOTH time slots.
Not that either cable network is doing well, but Cooper has become a self-serving "has been," and viewers, including myself, have become bored stiff with 360, with him or without him and the ratings prove my point.

Anonymous said...

Too late for CNN. Judging by the ratings so far this week , CNN is losing viewers.

Anonymous said...

New Day could make some noise for CNN in the morning if they add more content and better guests. This morning they are doing a good job. Fox & Friends has been average less than a million viewers. It's entirely possible for New Day or Morning Joe to catch up to Fox in the demo or surpass them in the category.

The problem with 360 and other CNN shows is that their standard is to have the anchor just sit back and ask questions ot opposing viewpoints. Yawn That is for people who lack journalism skills. If you are a network journalist you can navigate any interview. It's not about ideology , POV,opinion or pro vs con. Go back to solo interviews. If Anderson is not careful, Chris Hayes is going to sneak up on him and put 360 back in 3rd place.

Yesterday, Erin Burnett did a segment on is it okay for women to cry at work with pundits. Excuse me but she is in NYC the home of several women oriented magazines. Not to mention websites. Heck she could have brought in some of her female colleagues at CNN for a constructive conversation.

CNN needs a new rule : stop using pundits outside of political shows. Try using real journalists and people who are smart,intelligent and actually can put things into perspective and have ties to the story.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to stop acting like it's the 50's and they are Hoover. How dare you make Blurred Lines a hit song or buy Rolling Stone with the bomber on the cover. People don't care what anyone at CNN thinks. Blurred Lines has been # 1 for 2 months and that Rolling Stone magazine sold many copies. The genie is out of the bottle. The internet has changed everything. The American public decides not cable news.

Anonymous said...

We're not allowed to talk about Strombo's ratings here? All manner of things are said about other programs/hosts on CNN but I posted a simple comment about how he was doing and it wasn't posted, maybe this one won't be either, but I'll try again, if it's not posted, I guess I'll have my answer. He was heralded so much here I was wondering how the actual show is doing.

Anonymous said...

Yikes is all I have to say for CNN's ratings this week.
When Jon Martin comes in next year, I hope that
Chris Licht ,who is in charge of CTM ,is on his shortlist for the next president of CNN. We are seeing a meltdown in the making with Jeff Zucker.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Looking at the ratings on TVN and TV by the Numbers gives the impression that something is terribly wrong with cable news. CNN,MSNBC & FNC all have low ratings this week. They all seem to be losing viewers.

Anonymous said...

@Wonz on ATA: I have no google account so my comment appears here.
I whole hearedly agree about the Anderson Cooper who stood up to Mary Landrieu in 05.
He totally disappeared into a shell of his former self and quietly dismissed that Anderson Cooper who made him a household name.
The questions is: WHY???

Anonymous said...

CNN prime time fail. CNN is not doing any news in prime time just 3 hrs of nothing but talk. Last night 360 had only 2 stories. The Castro sentencing and Edward Snowden's dad, clear propaganda. Meanwhile on All In, Castro,charter school cheating scandal.Ky senate race, Snowden.. Chis Hayes guests list made 360 look bad. Hayes had on a sex assault victims, a constructive conversation on Snowden. Hayes ended with an interview with a journalist who covered Russia back in the day. There is no excuse for 360 to bring in Jeff Toobin and a defense attorney. So CNN has decided to take the Crossfire,Maury Povich and Jerry Springer route. CNN is currently being damaged beyond repair.CNN has also put the crawl back in prime time. CNN can't afford to just have panels in prime time and no news. Recent studies have shown that viewers are being turned off by bickering and divisive talk. If CNN bothers to look at the ratings they would see this is true.

Time Inc. is a part of Time Warner. Yet we never see material from Time, Sports Illustrated or Fortune.
A-Rod is on the cover of the latest edition of SI. Hello bring in the reporter and use portions of the interview and photos. CNN is getting worse and the wounds are self-inflicted. Apparently the objective is to lose viewers. CNN will barely limp into 2014.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely time for CNN to launch a women's news show. I can not believe that 2 incredible items all over the web have been widely ignored. First, the issue that all women face that can't be avoided, the period. Some one has put together a fabulous web ad that focuses on the 1st time. This happens at summer camp. At the same time Business Week has an article on how this can cause sick days at work. C'mon every woman has a story on this one. Secondly, there is a cartoon in Pakistan called the Burka Avenger. The heroine is actually a teacher who becomes a superhero who takes on the Taliban who does not want girls to go to school. All CNN needs to do is to have their own female journalists and their colleagues who are fellow female journalists and writers. No pundits or political types. CNN please do a women's news show with women of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Women are the majority population. CNN has to start attracting females.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this blog. The comments on TV Newser & Mediate are nothing more than political rants no wonder TBTN banned comments on cable news ratings. This blog has sanity.

Personally, I think that CTM is shaking up the morning news shows. They have a great slogan : news in back in the mornings. I think that is where some of those AM cable news viewers are moving to. CTM has more news in the first 30 minutes than 3 hours of cable news. If CNN can get Chris Licht, there would be hope. It's all about content not opinion. More news more viewers. The success of CTM proves this. It's not just AJAM . Fusion is coming too.

Anonymous said...

There's no way in the world that Les Moonves and Jeff Fager would ever let CNN get their hands of David Rhodes or Chris Licht. Also, Mo Rocca and Conor Knighton are contributors for CBS Sunday Morning. I am all in favor of a ladies news show. Would love to see Michaela and Alison Stewart in the mix as hosts.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs new management who can make them the Facebook of cable news. In addition to TV, digital/mobile matters. Mashable has a report MSM and social media are connected with spreading news. Content matters. CNN had only 4.9 % while FNC had 2.9 %. BI has a report saying the NYT made millions off of digital. CNN has got to get back to the days of Ted Turner in which journalism was celebrated. People want news content. How is that 24/7 cable news networks fare so poorly. Answer : they are not providing much news content. You will never see people from Mashable,Business Insider,Huffington Post,New Republic, Quartz News, Atlantic, Monocle,Global Post,Reuters,NYT,Business Week. CNN is going to the wrong sources for content. No one is sharing right wing media. People are not stupid they know news from noise. Find a someone like Chris Hughes who bought the New Republic. He really gets new media. Originally,TSR was suppose to be old/new media. I'm sorry but TSR will put you to sleep. If CNN can devote an entire hour to nothing but crime, how come they can't ad a women's show and a news show dedicated to digital news. News from some of the previously mentioned media outlets. A daily news show about the news on the internet, popular searches and shared content. All does a good job with 3 things.

Anonymous said...

CNN has completely ignored the Riley Cooper
story. The Eagles have excused him from team
activities. If CNN ever does a women's news
show. make it like the Talk. They have fun and
really like each other. Aisha Tyler would be an
awesome hire for CNN. She could replace Piers

Anonymous said...

Cable news has a serious demographic issue. No one is trying to get viewers President Obama's age down to 16 or women and minorities. IMHO The Cycle ,All In, Up &
MHP are the only cable news shows aimed at college kids and college grads likely to have higher incomes. When was the last time CNN made you think ? Give viewers news they can walk away with. CNN made a weak attempt with The Lead. Diversity among the anchors would help. If you really want the 18-49 crowd, drop the pundits. 16-54 ,women, minorities and college grads are the viewers CNN needs to pull in.

Anonymous said...

Technically the new ratings started on Wednesday. CNN is not alone in falling ratings. August 2013 could be some of the lowest ratings in cable news for a long time. It's getting ugly. From 4-7 PM CNN could not get 100K in the demo. However, the Fox ratings are more shocking. MSNBC was already slipping.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Zucker will never hire anyone with forward thinking ideas to move CNN into the 21st century. They would end up with his job. That is why he still has Ken Jautz around. CNN & HLN are terrible. Jan 1, 2014 will mark 1 year of the Jeff Zucker era. I don't think Zucker lasts long at CNN. His shows are New Day and the Lead and the soon to be DOA Crossfire. 360 is the only thing CNN has going for it and lately 360 has been messed up and unwatchable.

Anonymous said...

@ The regular commenter on ATA who always criticizes Anderson Cooper for going after the Obama Administration and then rationalizes why HE does this, face this fact.
He is a REPUBLICAN because of his pocketbook, and for no other reason.
Don't read in between the lines and say "Benghazi?" It has not one thing to do with foreign affairs.
People vote their pocketbooks and so long as HE HAS multi-million dollar contracts he does not want to share his wealth and pay higher taxes, on the rich....and he is very rich.
Stop the idolization and either accept him for what he is, or change the channel!
I have no Google account so this appears here.

Anonymous said...

Time warner Cable, better known in
the North Eastern corridor as Cablevision, is up to its old tricks and the old tricks may infact help cable news shows.
'New Day" could see a rise in ratings, from alternate CBS blackout shows such as "CBS This Morning" which is currently doing well, ratings wise, according to TVN.
Happen to catch CNN's New Day, and the anchor who had breast cancer was rehashing her ordeal to the New Day panel.
Now I am sympathetic with anyone who has breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter, but it was obvious that she was "playing it to the hilt," and copying Robin Roberts from GMA.
It would be really nice to tune in to a CNN program for once, and actually hear "the News."
Is there any chance of that ever happening on this "New Day?"