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Friday, August 2, 2013


SUNDAY, August 4, 2013


Topic:  World Wide Terror Alert
Guest:  Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

Topic:  Breaking The Grass Ceiling
Guest:  Sarah Thomas: football referee; finalist to become a permanent NFL game official

TopicDemocratic Politics
GuestRep. Steve Israel (D-NY)

TopicPolitical Panel
GuestCNN Political Commentator Donna Brazile
Guest Former congressman Artur Davis
Guest  CNN Political Commentator Alex Castellanos
Guest  Former White House communications director Anita Dunn

Anchor:  Candy Crowley

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS – Airs 10:00AM – 11:00AM and 1:00PM – 2:00PM     

Topic:      Is The American Dream Over?  What’s The Future Of Upward Mobility?
Guest:     Raj Chetty, PhD, professor, Harvard University
Guest:     Megan McArdle, columnist, Bloomberg View
Guest:     Jeffrey Sachs, PhD, author, To Move The World (2013); director, Earth Institute, Columbia University
Guest:     Scott Winship, PhD, fellow, Economic Studies, Brookings Institution

Topic:      Iran’s New President
Guest:     Nicholas Burns, professor, Harvard University; former Undersecretary of State responsible for Iran (George W. Bush Administration)
Guest:     Hamid Dabashi, PhD, professor of Iranian studies and comparative literature; Columbia University

Topics:    Will Saudi Arabia go the way of the USSR?
Guest:     Karen Elliott House, former president for Dow Jones International, former publisher for The Wall Street Journal
Guest:     Thomas Lippman, adjunct scholar, The Middle East Institute

Anchor:    Fareed Zakaria


Topic: Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity: The State Of Conservative Talk Radio
Guest: Thom Hartmann, Syndicated radio talk show host
GuestMichael Medved, Syndicated radio talk show host
Guest:  Michael Harrison, founder & editor of Talkers Magazine

Topic:  NBC Hillary Clinton min-series; CNN Films film length documentary on Clinton
Guest: Marissa Guthrie, The Hollywood Reporter
Guest: Matt Lewis, senior contributor, The Daily Caller

Topic: Coverage of The Anthony Weiner Sandal: Entertainment News Outlets vs. Mainstream Media Organizations
Guest: Jim Moret, chief correspondent, "Inside Edition"
Guest: Mike Walters, TMZ reporter 

Topic: Is HBO's "Newsroom" accurately depicting journalism and life in the newsroom? 
Guest: Juana Sommers, Politico reporter
Guest: Rosie Gray, reporter

Topic: The Future Of Newsrooms as Huffington Post's D.C. Bureau Opens With Yoga Rooms, Nap Rooms and Kegerators
Guest: Amanda Terkel, Politics managing editor, The Huffington Post

Guest host:  Patrick Gavin, Politico

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Anonymous said...

So much for moving beyond politics. But what else
is new. CNN lies to viewers all of the time.

Anonymous said...

My favorite CNN weekend shows are The Next List,Parts Unknown and Stombo. It would be nice if CNN would show some of CNN international on weekends. Take viewers to places around the world. It works for Parts Unknown. CNN International covers the world daily. I am not a fan of the repeats. On Sundays, a family friendly news show would be nice.BBC does a wonderful kids news show.

Anonymous said...

Heads up. I don't know if you guys have noticed but on weekends CNN seems to be trying some new segments along the lines of science, arts & leisure. it's a start but needs to be broadened. Consumer news, health & wellness, green smoothie recipes are blowing up like crazy. People like bargains,stretching dollars and getting the most out of their bucks. Technology,etc. I would have no problem with CNN developing their own Austin City Limits, If you want to strike gold in cable news offer the most news content. CNN blew with sports by going with the Bleacher Report. It's not known for being a real sport news, it's a blog with trolls. CBS,NBS & FNC are mounting challenges to ESPN simply because sports news is bigger than politics will ever be. The NFL kicks off today with new rules. Have not seen 1 story on CNN. News, information,lifestyle, health & wellness, arts & entertainment, live interviews and performances, Authors and writers,science, environment,technology, you name it. If you go and visit a theme park or cover extreme sports use Go PRo so that viewers will get POV photography.

Anonymous said...

Strombo had Cara Santa Maria from Take Part Live on his show Friday. It is a news show aimed at millenials
(18-34}. it airs at midnight and is a late night take on news and conversations online. If CNN management takes a look at this show they would know the deal. Left vs right is prehistoric. Pivot just launched on August 1st so I don't know if it is available but they are online.

Anonymous said...

Looks like CNN is doing another one of their cast suspicion on the Obama Adminstration Benghazi reports this week. There was an article about it which said there isn't much that's damning in the revelations and since the main sources seem to be Bob Baer and Republican congressman Frank Wolf, there's a clear anti administration bias. Drew Griffin has struck me as biased ever since he covered ACORN and Todd Palin. I don't trust that his reporting is impartial and neutral and I don't hold out hope that this special will be balanced. This is the kind of reporting CNN is doing these days and it's unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

I really like Brianna Kieler and I hope she gets a permanent anchor job. I would also like to have a lifestyle/fashion type of show on the weekend. Also it was very nice not having Don Lemon hosting this weekend. He really should be on HLN or an entertainment show. To me he is not a journalist.

Anonymous said...

Nicole Lapin does consumer oriented news. CNN
has Alina Cho. She should be doing more relatable
fashion trends and styles. What is the hot item this
fall,the color ,the style. Hello, it is back to school
time . Parents could use some tips on bargains.

CNN puts Strombo on at 11 PM Friday. Wrong time
for a hipster show. Take Part LIve is awesome with
Jacob Soboroff & Cara Santa Maria. George pointed
out that she is a science correspondent. LOve the
way they kick off the show with the Decoder. It is
in the same news vein as the original Hour hosted
by Stromob. He began the show with the Debrief.

Right now the extremes own cable news. It is not
for the rest of us, the overwhelming majority. I can
tell you that millennials are hip to real news. They
know how to separate news from noise. They are
inews/meida savvy. A good news product would
transcend generations,genders,etc. CNN is using
outdated formulas that won't work.

It's gonna get harder for CNN. You got Fusion,
AJAM and others coming out the original reporting,
original shows an original content.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this blog about news. I learn so much. I actually caught the 8 AM replay of Take Part Live. The line come on Congress is priceless. Nor was I aware of the Ms cord law. Ironically, CNN was mentioned on the show. They were talking about how CNN has become partisan bickering and sensational trials. Viewers want CNN to be about news. Nobody wants CNN be FOX or MSNBC. They want some news. There is no excuse for the news disappearing from CNN in primetime in favor of crime and talking heads. Pivot is brand new. They found good news content. I don't know if Jeff Zucker or any of the suits at CNN get that they have to change. People want news and information. Why can't a show like Take Part Live be on CNN weekends instead of Crimes Of The Century. CNN has a history and is held to higher standards. You have got to hire producers,writers,talent, people who will make CNN better and not worse. The best way to tackle politics is satire. Going back to Laugh In, Smothers Brothers,SNL. Now there's Stewart, Colbert,Maher and others. CNN has got to get away from ideology and develop a new approach to politics. I agree politics should not totally dominate the news cycle since most of their political topics are made up. It is not based on what is really going on. Limit the politics to the political shows like SOU,TSR. Let's be honest politics is not the interesting to be 24/7. The pundits and partisan bicker has no place in news. The big question is who will clean up CNN.

Anonymous said...

Home come CNN is not covering the lab burger ?
An historic event is happening in London with the
cooking and eating of the test tube burger. Thank
goodness for the internet. There's an impending
food crisis and this is a possible solution. CNN
could have covered this live.

Anonymous said...

Who is responsible for elements of HLN now being featured on CNN. Would you believe that Morning Joe had on guests from the New Republic. MJ had them on to talk about their article the feminists of Zion. There is no shortage of good journalism and amazing content. Gotta love the hipsters. They now how to get to the real news and interesting items. It's all about leadership and having a clear plan/vision for CNN.

Here's a hipster tip about the Time Warner/CBS dispute.
Turns out it is not true that all TWC customers can't see CBS shows. Newsflash : If you have a smart TV or digital television, all you need is a digital antenna.
Ever hear of something called sub channels. They local channels you can only see with digital antenna.
You never lose your network TV because it comes over the free airwaves. These sub channels are not available on cable or satellite. It's true about Show Time. However, if you have Netflix, full season of shows eventually come to Netfilix. While it's older and running behind they don't care. They also go to Barnes & Noble to read magazines and newspapers for free.