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Friday, July 5, 2013

Sunday's Programming July 7, 2013

SUNDAY, July 7, 2013


Topic:      Defense policy; Egypt & world hotspots; Impact of same-sex marriage decisions on U.S. military
Guest:     Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Topic:      Egypt unrest; Snowden and NSA leaks
Guest:     Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) 

Topic:      Egypt unrest
Guest:    CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour
Guest:    Editor-at-large, TIME magazine and CNN anchorFareed Zakaria

Topic:     Egypt unrest
Guest:    Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. John Negroponte
Guest:    Former U.S. ambassador to Egypt Ned Walker
Guest:    Senior fellow, Saban Center for Middle East Policy and author of "The Stakes: America & The Middle East" Shibley Telhami

Anchor:  Candy Crowley

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS – Airs 10:00AM – 11:00AM and 1:00PM – 2:00PM     

Topic:      This week in Egypt
Guest:     Additional guest(s) to be announced.

Topic:      Understanding what’s happening inside Egypt
Guest:     Mona Eltahawy, Egyptian-American journalist and democracy activist
Guest:     Tarek Masoud, PhD, assistant professor of public policy, Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government
Guest:     Bret Stephens, global view columnist, The Wall Street Journal

Anchor:    Fareed Zakaria

RELIABLE SOURCES – Airs LIVE Sunday 11:00AM – NOON // Guest hosted by CNN contributor John Avlon

Topic: Egypt erupts, U.S. and Egyptian media react; how definition of “coup” impacted coverage.  Egyptian military forced national TV outlets off the air.  Also Secret recording of a Rupert Murdoch meeting with staffers; DOJ deadline next week recommendations on a proposed journalist shield law.
Guest: Josh Rogin, senior correspondent for Newsweek and the Daily Beast
Guest: Errol Louis, host of ‘Road To City Hall’ on NY1
Guest: Jackie Kucinich, host ‘In Play’ at The Washington Post
Topic: Social conservatives express concern over media coverage of issues related to gay marriage and abortion.
Guest: Ken Blackwell, senior fellow at the Family Research Council

Topic: The Observer’s false and poorly sourced scoop about the NSA
Guest: Michael Moynihan, columnist for Newsweek/Daily Beast

Topic: Air a never-before-seen interview with the late Michael Hastings and his wife Elise Jordan.  The interview, conducted last year by John Avlon and his wife Margaret Hoover, features a unique perspective into Hastings’ brand of reporting as well as his relationship with his wife.

Guest Host:
CNN contributor and Newsweek/Daily Beast senior columnist John Avlon

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Anonymous said...

The sad news out of San Francisco shows that cable news is at risk of becoming irrelevant. It;s all about information and content no ideology or POV. You Tube already has the radio traffic of the crash landing. It is already being reported that 2 are dead. There is an executive. Samsung executive David Eun has been providing a firsthand account.

I'm stunned that cable news does not have a team on their news staff to dig and find news on Twitter , Face Book , You Tube, etc. Content and information matter/ Ideology and opinion is not journalism.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes CNN by all means get your information from YouTube, Facebook, etc. Then sit back and get ready to be slammed for not vetting your sources and for posting inaccurate information. Anonymous 5:32 you can't be serious?

Anonymous said...

You are misunderstanding what I am saying. Every TV station,newspaper, etc are on Face Book, Twitter & You Tube. David Eun is an executive at Samsung so he is legit. You google to find out all of the television stations in San Francisco and surrounding markets. You get live feeds and social media updates. There is a right way to find legit news on social media. You just don't blindly follow rumors. You go to legit news. How do you think people followed the Texas abortion debate when it was not on cable news ? There are ways to get good info
from social media, you just have to know how to
make it happen. Conor Knighton is a master at tying Google searches , social media and news. Back in the day Current TV was a master at this. There are several elements that originally existed on Current that CNN should embrace but you have to hire the likes of Jason SIlva, Max Lagavere, Conor Knighton, Brett Erlich, etc. People share real legit news on social media. Talking heads is not how you utilize TV considering it is a visual medium.

By the way if you have been watching CNN, you would have noticed that David Eun's content has been on CNN. There are legit websites that can give you breaking news as soon as happens.

Anonymous said...

CNN now has exclusive video of the moment the Asiana plane crash as it happened. Millions of people all around the world have smartphones and they capture the news. You have a vetting process that let's you easily know fact from fiction. So when you turn on your smartphone you automatically get the weather in your city sot CNN please drop the weather bug for New Day. Way too much clutter is the screen making it coverup the video at times.

CNN should take a cue from CBS NEWS. Pundits are old news so you don't bring them on for important news stories like Egypt. Really CNN ? How about Mo Rocca or Brett Erlich for a new political show. Crossfire is old news too. Sure viewers want to see Newt Gringrich. Not. Get rid of pundits and replace them with content viewers can actually use. CNN needs to become more news centered than political. Content is king and CNN had better wake up. Keep things smart and informative. Who needs to see yelling,fussing and annoying talking heads. They are making the so called real journalists at CNN lose credibility. How in the world would anyone find it appropriate for serious journalists to have to bring on pundits from the left or right to talk about the news. Facts don't matter to pundits. Guess what no one knows the pundits or even cares/ So it ends up being Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer said. the show hosts are who viewers remember.

CNN's major priority should be delivering news content on opinion. Why do you think MSNBC is trending down during the day. You need video an reporters to file reports all day long.MSNBC just goes with pundit panels all day long and look at the ratings. So why would CNN even go there.

Conor Knighton is a journalist of the future. He knows how to work old and new media together to make it all work. Right now he does some work for CBS along with Mo Rocca. How about hiring Conor Knight to do a Google Current type news shows and have a daily segment like he did called we've got you covered. It's a segment he did involving finding news articles in magazines and newspapers.

CBS NEWS saw an opening that was being ignored by the others.

Jason Silva has Mind Games on NAT GEO.. Great point about Current. They were innovative and revolutionary but not a big brand like CNN. The pod concept was cool. You had the story with a simple media bar at the bottom. You just simply super the story title and the reporter but not for the entire time. As far as I know Jeff Zucker has yet to hire 1 innovator or forward- thinker.

CNN is losing ground to Business Insider, Quaartz, New Republic, a relaunched Digg. Breaking News, Newseum,etc. There is some good journalism out there and it is not on cable news.

Anonymous said...

The problem with CNN is that they are terrible.
The only shows that anyone give positive buzz
for are 360 & TSR. Recently, Anthony Bourdain
and George Stroumboulopoulos were considered
to be good moves for CNN. Crimes of the Century
not so much. The Lead and New Day has to get
better. Both can be boring at times.

Anonymous said...

You guys might be on to something. Gallup just released a poll on the news. It turns out that 50 % of 18-29 /18-49 year olds get most of their news from television. If CNN were to become, the world's largest news content provider, they would easily attract more viewers and be more attractive to advertisers. News consumption is growing and growing. CNN has the resources to pull this off but CNN has to deliver the news. News,news, news. The major reason why TV is still the # 1 source for news with all ages is because it is a visual medium. Video,video,video. Sound,sound,sound , can be the natural sound that comes with video. One thing is certain people want news . AJAM sees this opening but will CNN get into the game.

Anonymous said...

Is it really necessary for CNN to have wall to wall coverage of the Zimmerman trial even when there is a court recess ? Didn't viewers just see that. Too bad Al Jazeera is not on now. Good grief even MSNBC is moving on to other news.

Anonymous said...

CBS NEWS went out and got David Rhodes, a 30 something news manager, I don't see Jeff Zucker hiring young hotshots. Zucker has kept CNN's management the same. So nothing will change. No fresh ideas.

Anonymous said...

Like Jeff Zucker would ever hire David Rhodes or
Chris Licht. Lets not forget that Ken Jautz is still
at CNN so nothing is changing at CNN. Hello .
CNN is going back to Crossfire in 2013. Enough
said about the direction of the network.

Anonymous said...

I know there are a few Aisha Tyler fans on this site who have advocated for her to be on CNN. I never thought too much about it - she's funny but there is a lot of talented people out there. Well this morning, I listened to an interview with Aisha on NPR. She was talking about her new book. OMG, she is hilarious, real, wicked smart, and superbly witty. I'm a believer now. CNN would be smart to bring her into the mix but honestly, she is way too good for them. I think NPR should hire her!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:21am - so right! Too much deadweight still at CNN mgmt - I can't believe Ken Jautz is still there. Crossfire is going to be a disaster. They didn't even get interesting people - just more hacks and flacks. Piers Morgan is still a ratings black hole in primetime. When is Crossfire going to air? They never answered that.

Anonymous said...

You do know that Mo Rocca and Conor Knighton work for CBS Sunday Morning. The show is blowing up like crazy. Aisha Tyler is the best one on The Talk, another CBS show. Why would they jump ship to CNN ?

IMHO CNN should have wooed the Vanguard Team from Current. It was one of the best doc series to ever come to TV. AJAM is dropping the show so that means That correspondents like Kaj Larsen, Adam Yamaguchi and Christof Putzel are available. Brett Erlich was great with Viral Video Film School and his dry sense of humor was perfect for his political segments. Maybe a political satire show based on facts would be better for CNN. The left vs right silliness is no longer going to work.

Anonymous said...

Its entirely possible AJAM will pick up members of the Vanguard team. CNN for whatever reason wants nothing to do with them. Honestly, I'm hoping AJAM turns out to be pretty good just to show CNN how its done.

Anonymous said...

According to Huffpost, the majority of people feel the same way I do about Eliot Spitzer.
And not just for comptroller.
He should challenge "the Weiner."
My bet is on Eliot because he's bright and smart and funny and he knows how to run a state.
Weiner can't run anything except his mouth.

Anonymous said...

A commenter on ATA said it was "too quiet there," referring to the fact that there were only two comments about the trial.
I wrote 3 comments HERE and none of them appeared and none were offensive in any way, shape or form.
Perhaps if ATC members didn't DISCOURAGE us from commenting in either place, there WOULD BE MORE COMMENTS, PRO OR CON.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 12:23, Thanks for pointing out there was a problem with comments not being posted. Occasionally Blogger sends comments into cyberspace instead of the file for publishing. When we went looking we found a few sitting in the spam file instead of in the comments file.

Anonymous said...

Let's get one thing straight when speaking about the verdict in the Zimmerman case....Trayvon, was NO "child" and I am very tired of seeing an OLD PHOTO of him looking so innocent WHEN HE WAS A CHILD.
Trayvon was a minor yes, but he was no child, and to call him that was again playing on our emotions and not the truth.
And "that child" was hanging with adult women like Jeantel who proved to be a "promblematic" key witness, who had an attitude that did the prosecution no favors.
Everything else that the prosecution presented was supposition to sway this impartial jury.
Had this trial been held in any other state other than Florida, where carrying a concealed weapon is not an offense, the verdict might have been different.
But nothing the prosecution said or did showed this jury that what transpired was "beyond a reasonable doubt." It was a tough decision but Trayvon Martin had his day in court. Like it or not, justice has been served.

Anonymous said...

10:43pm, 17 yrs old is a child. And you say Jeantal was some "adult woman." SHE IS 19!!! That is hardly an adult woman - now who is playing on emotion?!?! Justice has been administered, now get the hell over it.

Anonymous said...

@10:14PM I stand by both statements.
If Jeantel were to have committed a crime she would be tried as an adult in a court of law.
The Boston bomber is being tried as an adult and he, I believe is 19
perhaps older.
By law you are considered a minor up until the age of 18.
So stop with the pretended outrage, and KNOW the law before you respond.
And please admit to the fact that a child is one who in under the age of 13 or a teenager. Trayvon was not nine years old, a mere child. Had he lived he would have been tried as a minor, but NEVER A CHILD.
The lead prosecutor was entirely wrong in even using the term 'child.'
He tried to demean the jury's intelligence and it backfired!

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between legal definition and at what age we consider youn people adults. If you are going to stick to the legal definition, then by your own admission, Trayvon was legally a child! Both the prosecution and the defense do their best to play on the emotions of the jury - that is their job to make the most convincing, compelling case. As for the law, there have been many cases when CHILDREN even as young as 13 where tried as "adults" due to their crimes, but that doesn't make them adults in the eyes of society. It just makes them really messed up kids. If you look at it from a human development perspective, our brains don't reach full cognitive maturity until early to mid 20s. In a circumstance with a gun, the 30-something should be expected to be more responsible than a 17 yr old kid. I could care less if you stand by your statements because you are obviously doubling down on ignorance. Go play with your guns, you knuckl-dragging redneck.

Anonymous said...

"Go play with your gun you knuckle dragging redneck."
So much for YOUR ignorance.
I own no guns and am anti gun by choice.
I live in a blue state and am very well educated at law and cognitive development, and at the age of thirty is "just stuff you made up." Girls do mature faster than "little boys."
So as I always love a good debate with a "fellow redneck," by your own definition, the Mennedez brothers were 'children' whose minds just didn't develop because of their lack of maturity at 19.
Hmm Sounds good to me, but that jury didn't buy it either.
Wrong again.

Anonymous said...

In todays NYT, the Op Ed section, Mayor Bloomberg who has long favored gun control, called Trayvon, not a child but "a young man."
I like that term. It fits Trayvon's description perfectly.
It is unfortunate that he will never be tried in court, "as a young man."

Anonymous said...

10:55pm, The Mennedez bros were on trial for a crime they committed. Trayvon and Jeantal were NOT on trial for a crime. Trayvon was a victim of a crime - that goes to show your prejudice. As for maipulating the jury, the defense did the SAME THING!! When they showed pics of trayvon, they showed older pics with his shirt off, acting tough. If you wanted the jury to show his real age, why not show them the pics from a few weeks just before his death? Was it because those pics frequently showed his parents and family? Of course!!! No, the defense went with pics from over 2 yrs ago cuz it painted a scarier picture. Get a clue. I agree withe the person who referred in Trayvon as a young man, or perhaps teenager. But in the world of Zimmerman vs. Martin, George was the only adult and he did not act like one.

Anonymous said...

@9:54AM: Please don't take Law 101.
"The Menendez brothers were on trial for a crime they committed."
Yup, and so what does that have to do with their AGE??? Nothing.
Pleaze spare us your next comment because it is total nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the"Boston Bomber" why in the world would 'Rolling Stone' Magazine glorify him in a favorable setting such as their cover??
If they were acting responsibly they would have elected to place him in a more sinister setting and not present him as though he were to be idolized by zealous teens.
Teenage girls are already captivated with this looks, so why dignify this with a cover shot.
Totally irresponsible and another
black eye for freedom of speech.
CVS and other chains are certainly justified in boycotting this magazine. Hit them where it hurts, in the pocketbook!