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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Max Foster Interviews Prince William


“Prince William’s Passion:  New Father, New Hope” premieres on CNN Sunday, September 15th at 10 pm ET

Portion of the interview will air on CNN’s New Day on Monday, August 19th at 8 am ET

CNN’s Max Foster sat down for the first interview with Prince William since he and his wife the Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their first child.  The interview is part of a one-hour special, Prince William’s Passion:  New Father, New Hope, which will premiere on CNN  on Sunday, September 15that 10 pm ET.   The special chronicles the Prince’s passion for Africa and his dream to save the world’s most endangered species.  As a new father, the Prince discusses his hope that one day his son can experience the same Africa that he and Prince Harry did as young boys.
A portion of the interview will air on CNN’s New Day on Monday, August 19th at 8:00 AM ET.  In it the Prince reflects on becoming a new parent and how it has forever changed him

The Royal Family has worked on conservation in Africa for generations.  In Prince William’s Passion:  New Father, New Hope, the Prince discusses how he is continuing the tradition.  His love of Africa and its endangered species were instilled in him by his father Prince Charles, and late mother Princess Diana.  The Duke of Cambridge also highlights some of the incredible work done by individuals in the area of conservation including Tusk, an organization that he is a patrons of.

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Anonymous said...

In the not to distant future, we will see these headlines : Pundits make ratings plummet for CNN. Crossfire misfires for CNN. CNN is losing viewers and large numbers and ad revenue too. Don't know who told CNN that they could get away with being offensive without alienating viewers but they are wrong. CNN was 4th in the prime time demo. The choices that CNN is making is turning of minorities,women and others. Obviously, CNN is struggling and needs all of the viewers they can get. CNN miscalculated again.

Anderson the 360 staff need a swift kick in the butt. ED is no longer on MSNBC at 8. Chris Hayes is on hosting All In. Hayes has principles and has chosen to inform viewers and have wide ranging content. Most of all when you see a panel on All In you don't get a circus. Hayes puts viewers first and he wants them to walk away with something from the discussion. So 360 can keep going with pundit panels just because at their won peril. Viewers will stumble upon All In an AlJazeera. CNN is in serious trouble and it's about to get worse.

Anonymous said...

CNN is in serious need of an upgrade. For millions a talking head is what Derek Thompson , Economics In English for the Atlantic. Also, an interview with an author,entertainer or newsmakers. The double box is so last century. That is why you see the huge Samsungs in studios. CNN has to work on camera angles so viewers can really see video, photos, animation,data journalism, News from CNN on the web even when the anchor is in the chair. Bloomberg does a great digital look with what are we working on. Nobody likes to be yelled at or insulted . CNN change your tone. Not only does CNN need women and minorities because of changing demographics but minorities use mobile devices higher than other groups. CNN is apart of the problem. The world is very different now. CNN acts like it is a one way street those days are gone. AJAM is going to be the worst nightmare for CNN. They did extensive research and know it's all about content. Not only that viewers will get more news per hour.

Anonymous said...

CNN is being poorly managed again. Jeff Zucker is making the same mistake as his predecessors. Rely on pundits. Opinion can't save CNN and puts the network on a collision course with it's core viewers. News is suppose to inform. Make you think. Right now CNN is not smart or intelligent. That's a crime at CNN these days. Take Part is the new kid on the block and already their content and guest lists is better than CNN. You won't see the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial on Take Part. CNN already has a talking head channel called HLN. Their twin gets lousy ratings too unless there is a big trial.