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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

CNN Coverage: President Obama’s Address to the Nation

CNN Coverage: President Obama’s Address to the Nation

CNN’s team of anchors and correspondents will lead the network’s global coverage of President Obama’s Syria address Tuesday, Sept. 10 beginning at 8 p.m. ET.  The president will speak to the nation live from the White House at 9 p.m. ET.
The special coverage begins tonight at 8 p.m. with Anderson Cooper 360°. At 9 p.m., Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper will anchor coverage of the President’s address along with the network’s international and domestic correspondents. After the address, a special edition of Piers Morgan Tonight will air at 9:30 p.m., followed by AC360° Later at 10 p.m.  At 11 p.m., Jake Tapper will anchor a special program, Crisis in Syria: Decision Point.  
CNN will conduct an instant poll of viewers who watched the presidential address; the interviews will begin immediately after the address and the results will be available later Tuesday night.  The poll will reflect the opinions of viewers who watched the presidential address on Syria.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for CNN, the network launched a new lineup dayside/prime time up against Monday Night Football. There was also the US Open. Maybe today would have been a better launch day. I have a feeling the ratings for Monday will be brutal for CNN. Next week here comes the network shows. CNN has zero momentum. CNN is losing ground. CNN could end up being ranked 4th behind HLN.

Anonymous said...

Why do the comments I post here end up on ATA? We can only mention 360-related comments on ATA now? I thought we were allowed to discuss it on both sites, there are a few comments here on it. Just curious.

The ATC Team said...

@anonymous 3:19: We're trying to keep comments at ATC relevant to the topic of the post and/or CNN in general. Because your comments are well thought out and it's obvious you are watching 360 we've been posting them at ATA. If you want to discuss something random you can suggest we start a 'Your Views on the News' post. We were doing that weekly but have been a little less consistent lately. Thanks for taking the time to thoughtfully comment, we appreciate it.

anon 3:19 said...

@The ATC Team, thank you for clarifying, makes good sense to me!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much ATC Team. The comments on TV
Newser go from bad to worse. I hope that those of us who actually watch CNN or at least try can visit this blog and have a constructive conversation about CNN..
I really hope that tonight's edition of 360 Later has more content and video. I could be wrong but why not just Charlie Rose. He got the big get journalistically speaking. Anderson Cooper should mix things ups. If it is just panels every night . It's too predictable and won't get viewers. Consider This on AJAM at 10 is the better show. Sometimes there are 4 or 5 different topics in an hour but it moves fast because the objective is not to bicker. 360 Later has to have meaningful conversations.

Anonymous said...

Wow.360 Later was the hands down best discussion
on President Obama's speech and Syria tonight. I turned to CNN after being upset with MSNBC. Chris Matthews had a complete meltdown. Matthews said Obama would be killings Syrians. Did he not get that Assad is killing his own people.My favorite part of 360 Later was when the panel called out John King with a come on man moment on an instant poll. A very
smart panel. It was real and genuine. Even David Kay
said it was the best thing he did all day.

Anonymous said...

I vote for "Your Views On the News."
There are enough people interested in the issues in general to have that as one Major topic at least every two weeks.
If you watch 360, than the comments should be about THE NEWS.
Not everyone wants to depict the panel members...who they are, how they spoke, whether the viewer liked them.
We're all adults here, and supposedly we get our information from various sources.
As Ted Turner once said: THE NEWS IS THE STAR, not whether you liked the pundits and how they looked.
We get it. You don't like pundits on CNN, but they don't care.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. I was just watching New Day and they did a
package on NYC 's mayoral race. Who is in charge of content at CNN ?

No video or sound from Bill De Blasio, the man who actually won the democratic primary but plenty of Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer. CNN did we really need to see or hear from Leathers ? This is basic journalism 101. Other than CNN no one cares about Weiner, Sptzer and Leathers. Has CNN really gotten that dumb ? Go away. Who ever is in charge of New Day should be fired. Somebody approved that story and put it on the air.

Is it all just entertainment people running CNN
now ? No people with news backgrounds ?

Anonymous said...

You guys are really good. Now HuffoPo is picking
up on the Chris Matthews remarks. Let's be honest.
The media coverage of Syria is horrible. Jon Stewart
talked about this last night. Of course, CNN was a
part of what JS was criticizing. It began when he
called Assad a monster for making Syrians watch
CNN. Later he took on Chris Cuomo and CNN
graphics. I agree with JS that the media was in full
war mode. They were so pumped up that Obama
was going to strike that when he did not they got
upset and lost sight of the real news. Now Dr
Sanjay Cupta is criticizing the media for not
covering the refugee crisis. In fairness Gupta and
Jim Sciutto they have done outstanding work. Same
goes for 360 Later on Tuesday. Also AJA has
been doing extensive reporting on the refugees.
The media gets an F for it's Syria coverage.
Pundits are being too heavily relied upon. I hate
to say it but I think CNN, MSNBC & FNC are
setting out to misinform and confuse because
they don't know how to cover Syria.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say. Isn't it ironic that the media questioned
the video of a chemical weapons attack but not the
fake Jimmy Kimmel twerking video with the fire ? He
mocked the so called news channels too.

Anonymous said...

It stuns me that 2 names that are overlooked as major players and heavyweights are Samatha Powers and Susan Rice. 2 women with major foreign policy cred who playing major roles in American foreign policy.
Both have a major role in advising the president. The
media has also seemed to overlook 1 other gem. John Kerry and Chuck Hagel know war they have experienced war. The same can't be said for the TV talking heads. Both fought in an unpopular war that divide America. I am certain they bring that experience to the table. It is easy for the talking head to run their mouths. Their words and actions don't have consequences and have no value Nor does it matter. It's a different story for Obama,Kerry,Hagel, Rice & Powers. There are very few people who walk in their shoes. What Syria reporting. There has been none. Al- Assad is taking his words right from CNN scripts.