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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

TDS vs. CNN & Wolf Blitzer

Has Wolf Blitzer lost his mind? What was CNN's 'lead political anchor' thinking giving direction to the POTUS?

After Mr. Blitzer's big moment with President Obama he spent a moment adding gravitas to his reputation by respectfully posing with other anchors who interviewed our Commander and Chief.

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Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart has a valid point. CNN looks stupid. Did you hear the applause from the crowd. Ouch. TVN has the ratings for Tuesday and CNN only had 93,000 more viewers than MSNBC. If CNN is not way out ahead of MSNBC on an international story like Syria. Jeff Zucker you have a big problem. CNN is network in decline. CNN is a national joke.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's soooo good to have Jon back!! So good. I really missed him and no one can do it smarter than Jon Stewart. No one!
Yes, Wolf was stupid, telling the leader of the free world to look directly into the camera. But hey, it's CNN! The network that get's stupider by the day.
And yes, the Prez set us up for war, and the nerve, no war and no momentum. Oh hum. Now what will all the highly paid pundits and anchors talk about?
I know. They can all criticize Obama for NOT going to war.
They must have two sides to every issue: criticism for War. Criticism for Not going to War.
Yes, It's gotten so easy to read Jeff Zucker's mind, it's scary.

Anonymous said...

Wolf was clearly told in advance (or it was decided as a group) to push CNN's bragging rights as a 'global' network -------

--------- especially after Charlie Rose and a domestic only channel like CBS scooped CNN with the Assad interview.

But Wolf clearly had an epic fail.

I sense Zucker behind pushing the global brand thing --------- yet another mistake.

He ZUCK'ed up.

Anonymous said...

CNN does this all of the time with some of the
stupidest slogans ever. We we cover the story
like only CNN can. What the heck does that
mean ? Tabloid stye and void of facts. Nothing
is bigger than the news. It's Wolf's job to bring
us the story not try to make himself the story.
CNN go back to journalism school. What a minute,
that's impossible because the man in charge of
CNN is an entertainment guy. Bingo. That is why
CNN is not being fixed and is still problematic.
No one with a news background is around.

Anonymous said...

Did CNN fire it's entire research department or have all of the brains left the building ? Wolf Blizer was just on saying it's remarkable that Putin has written an op-ed in the NYT. It's not the first time. Business Insider is pointing out that he wrote a completely different op-ed for the NYT back in the day. What's scary is that CNN is talking this seriously. I have not topped laughing. Who knew Putin writes fiction and satire. Watch those poll numbers increase in favor of an attack. Obviously, Putin watches too much CNN.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder if AJAM is gaining anywhere from 500-5,000 viewers from CNN daily. It might seem small now but over time that could grow and spell some major bad news for CNN. TDS is expressing how millions feel about CNN these days. In the past, CNN never had a real news alternative with resources that CNN can only dream about matching. AJAM can be quite successful having a younger viewing audience that is highly educated and wealthy. CNN will not get viewers to turn from FOX or MSNBC so irritating their viewers.TWC lost viewers over the CBS fight. Fios, Direc TV, Dish & Comcast are all going to be gaining viewers. TWC does not have AJAM. So as people drop them they will discover that other providers have AJAM. CNN can't afford to turn off viewers.