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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Your Views on the News 9/28/13

Here's the place to put opinions and comments on the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Anonymous said...

We've had some random comments coming in on our Sunday programming post that we've moved to this thread.

Anonymous said...

It would be fantastic for CNN to publicly advertise and acknowledge that they are only #1 with major news and say that they don't want to compete with Fox, MSNBC or any other news network. Why not? Their $600 million revenue comes from CNN International anyway.

"We know we may not always be on top, but we are here for you when you want straight forward, factual news. You can trust us now and you can trust us during major developments. We have the best in the business on CNN…the most trusted name in news. Your world wide news leader. This is the new CNN"

Have very simple on-screen graphics. The CNN logo and the discription headline is all that is needed, getting rid of the news crawl and animated program box. Use Breaking News appropriately.

From 4:00AM to 6:00AM have "Early News with Zoraida Sambolin". From 6:00AM to 9:00AM have "Morning News with Chris Cuomo & Kate Bolduan". From 9:00AM to noontime have "Morning News with Michaela Periera & John Berman" keeping in mind that it is still morning out on the west coast. From noon until 2:00PM have "Around The World with Suzanne Malveaux & Michael Holmes". From 2:00PM to 4:00PM have "The News with Brooke Baldwin". From 4:00PM to 6:00PM have "The News with Jake Tapper". From 6:00PM to 9:00PM have "Happening Now with Wolf Blitzer". From 9:00PM to 11:00PM have "360º News with Anderson Cooper". From 11:00PM to 1:00AM have "Late News with Don Lemon" and from 1:00AM to 4:00AM have "The News with Isha Sesay".

As for weekends, continue "Morning News" and "The News" with the likes of Victor Blackwell, Fredricka Whitfield, Alison Kosick, etc. along with Sunday morning shows with Candy Crowley, John King, etc. and Parts Unknown, Inside Man, documenteries, and films.

As usual, major anchors like Wolf or Anderson would appear during the day if there was major breaking news.

All VERY simple. No competition. And yes I am over thinking this even though it probably won't happen.

Finally the professional likes of Christiane Amanpour, Fareed Zakaria, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Gloria Borger, Jim Acosta, Jessica Yellin, Dana Bash, Arwa Damon, Tom Foreman, Joe Johns, Chad Meyers, Christine Romans, Rachel Nichols, etc. on hand for their unique reporting and get rid of all opinionated reporters. CNN should be only news, not arguing opinions. Viewers should be able to make up their own mind.

Anonymous said...

Stop counting on 360. Anderson Cooper is doing his darnest to be known as the "gay anchor," which is a real turn off.
It may play well on both coasts, actually it doesn't from the ratings," but MOST people don't want to look at an anchor and view his "sexuality."
This has become a real turn-off.
And from his ratings, I'm NOT ALONE.
There is a 'perception' about him now and it has become a distraction. If I was wrong, his ratings would be much higher....otherwise he is just, boring.

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan had Chelsea Clinton on the other nite and although she is appealing, her projection is rather poor. She was big yawn.
When NBC hired her as a commentator, she was less than stellar, as they soon found out.
Piers asked her if she would follow in her parent's footsteps and be as successful as they have become.
If first impressions are any indication, the answer is "No."
She's nice looking, with potential, but if her last name weren't Clinton, she'd just be another person with a good head on her shoulders and no place to turn.
Chelsea in many ways reminded me of Caroline Kennedy.
When Caroline Kennedy ran for the NY Senate seat, the woman couldn't even formulate a sentence.
Shocking as it was, with her priveleged background, all we could do was shake our heads in amazement.
Sometimes, the apples do fall far from the trees, especially if their not feritlized and well maintained.

Anonymous said...

CNN is a network in serious need of a makeover. CNN is
making moves that continue to worsen the network. Who is the visionary to lead CNN into the 21st century ?
360 is the only thing that is watchable on CNN.

Anonymous said...

TVN is reporting that Jeff Zucker has been very vocal about "diversity" being a big part of CNN's DNA. Really?
This statement couldn't be more false. Why did Soledad O'Brien, a solid talent, exit, the minute Zucker showed up?
If diversity was lacking before HIS ARRIVAL, it certainly isn't any better now.
Why did he hire a "has been" like Newt Gingrich if diversity was such a large part of his plan?
Whenever anyone says the line: it's part of our know for sure, they're lying.
This is media speak for "let the chips fall where they may, and you're out the door."
Crossfire will ultimately fail because it lacks diversity and ethnicity, something TDS ALWAYS HAS.
Perhaps Zucker should take lessons and start watching Jon Stewart and who he hires as his "fake correspondents." Those fake hires are more thought provoking than anyone on CNN or any show on cable news.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Norah O'Donnell for turning in an absolutely dightful 60 Minutes segment, whose subject was Bill O'Reilly.
She asked the tough questions and actually put him on the spot a few times.
I do hope we see more of her on 60 Minutes. They do need more women correspondents, and Leslie Stalh is getting a wee bit worn around the edges.

Anonymous said...

@11:41 PM

I'm sorry - but what does that have to do with CNN ??

Anonymous said...

I believe that Michaela is being wasted on New Day. She should have her own show later in the day.
Perhaps CNN should rehire TJ Holmes and pair them up.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that some commenters here don't really watch the news because if they did, they'd be writing about it.
Next thing you know they'll say what does "closing down the federal government have to do with CNN?"
If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. Before people comment, they should be given an IQ test...but that's discrimination! Yes, it is.

Anonymous said...

For once the RNC is pun intended.
Why in the world would NBC and FOX be interested in doing a mini-series on Hillary Clinton?
Yes, I know why but not all viewers are liberals and not ALL viewers care whether the RNC locks out CNN for showing the series and it is bias and left leaning.
What has she done that she deserves a mini-series?
And if the RNC wants to get even, and we know they will, they'll invent and write a series for Chris Christie.
Now that might get huge ratings for all the wrong reasons.

Anonymous said...

FTVlive is reporting that CNN will drop Piers Morgan. Hope this is true!

Anonymous said...

Oh say it isn't so.
CNN came in second in daytime and #3 in primetime!
Oh No. It has to be Piers Morgan's fault. After all, he is the lead for Anderson Cooper.
But wait. Anderson blamed Larry King for his poor ratings and now he has to blame Piers and whats her face, Burnett.
Well according to TVN, good old Wolf blew Cooper out of the water on Monday nite. Yes, there was a government shutdown so that's why HIS DEMO was UP.
And now, back to Cooper.

Anonymous said...

@10:22AM...I remembered your post when I randomly saw John Berman and Michaela Periera anchor this morning at 9:00AM! Maybe someone at CNN saw your post...