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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CNN's October Ratings


“Crossfire” is Up +11% in Total Viewers and +17% in Demo Rating;New Day” is also Up Compared to CNN Programming a Year Ago

“Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown” Ranks #1 in Cable News in Demo Rating and is Up Triple-Digits in Both Total Viewers and Demo 25-54

CNN Mobile Video Up 10x; Politics Section Posts Best Month of the Year

In spite of October’s highly partisan news cycle, all CNN weekday programs were up this month vs. a year ago; while every FXNC and MSNBC weekday program was down.  This month, Fox News Channel’s program line-up declined each weekday hour by double-digits vs. a year ago among the 25-54 demo rating. MSNBC posted the largest 25-54 rating declines in cable news vs. a year ago every weekday hour from 8:00a – 10:00p (with the exception of 7p).

Year-to-date, CNN ranks as the #2 cable news network in total day (6a-6a) in both total viewers (434k) and in the demo 25-54 rating (140k). 

For the month of October -- all CNN weekday programming from New Day, to Crossfire and throughout primetime grew vs. a year ago, highlights include:

New Day (6-9a):  For the month, New Day is the only cable news morning program showing growth vs. a year ago in both total viewers (up +15%) and 25-54 demo rating (+2%). Both Fox and Friends and Morning Joe are registering double-digit declines among 25-54 (-22%/-24%, respectively).

CNN Newsroom (9a-4p):  Ranked #2, topping MSNBC in both total viewers (570k vs. 455k) and in the demo (148k vs. 101k).  CNN daytime also saw double-digit growth vs. last year  (+36% in total viewers/+20% in key demo rating); while MSNBC daytime is down -13%/-36% and FXNC daytime is off -16%/-24%.

The Lead with Jake Tapper (4p):  Posted double digit growth this month – increasing +33% in total viewers and +34% in demo 25-54 rating.  FXNC and MSNBC are both down in total viewers (-11%/-16%) and both lost significant viewers in the demo rating with FXNC down -25% and MSNBC off -38%.

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer: Ranked #2 in the demo at 5p, topping The Ed Show (196k vs. 171k) and growing in both total viewers (+35%) and in the demo (+45%) compared to last year.  The Ed Show is down -25% among total viewers and -39% in the demo rating while The Five is off -6% and -19%, respectively.  The Sit Room at 5p was CNN’s top-rated weekday program among total viewers (716k). At 6p, Blitzer’s show is also up double-digits in both demos, while the competition is down double-digits in both demos.

Crossfire (6:30pm)Crossfire is the only cable news program during this time period to grow (compared to FXNC and MSNBC) -- increasing +11% in total viewers and up +17% in the demo rating compared to CNN programming a year ago.  FXNC lost -28% of its 25-54 demo audience and MSNBC is down -39% vs. a year ago.  And among total viewers, FXNC is off -18% and MSNBC is down -23%.

Erin Burnett Outfront (7p):  Is the only program in the time period to grow vs. last year, increasing  +15% among total viewers (573k vs. 500k) and +13% in demo 25-54 (186k vs. 165k).   FXNC is down -21% in total viewers and -36% among 25-54 and MSNBC’s Hardball is off -3% in total viewers and down -27% in the demo rating.

AC 360 (8p): Is registering the largest growth vs. a year ago of CNN’s weekday primetime line-up (up +27% in total viewers and +19% among demo rating) and was the network’s top-rated weekday program in demo 25-54 (211k).  FXNC and MSNBC continued to register notable declines at 8p, with O’Reilly Factor  down -28% in total viewers and -41% in younger viewers 25-54 while MSNBC’s All in Chris Hayes was off 33%/46% compared to a year ago.  AC 360 Later (10p) was up +6% in total viewers (528k vs. 497k) and up +5% (180k vs. 172k) in the demo vs. a year ago.

Piers Morgan Live (9p):  The show also saw increases vs. last year – growing +10% in total viewers (638k vs. 578k) and +6% in the demo rating (186k vs. 176k).  Both MSNBC and FXNC lost a substantial amount of viewers at 9p with The Rachel Maddow Show down -32% in total viewers and -49% in the demo rating and FXNC 9p programming off -32%/-44%, respectively.

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown on Sundays at 9p ranked #1 among cable news in its time period with 327k among 25-54 viewers -- far ahead of FXNC’s Justice with Judge Jeanine/Stossel Special (110k) and MSNBC’s Docs (127k).  The show posted triple-digit growth over a year ago among both total viewers (+114%, 722k vs. 337k) and demo rating (+289%, 327k vs. 84k).

Last October cable news viewing was elevated due to 2012 presidential election coverage which included the four Presidential Commission Debates.  As a result, all three cable news networks were down in the overall primetime (8-11p) and total day (6a-6a) dayparts vs. a year ago.

MSNBC continued to get a ratings bounce from the network’s doc series MSNBC Investigates and MSNBC Specials this month.  Without these series, (Lock Up, Caught on Camera, Undercover, To Catch a Predator, Predator Raw) MSNBC slips to #3 in total day in the key demo (dropping from 145k to 134k).  

CNN Digital

In October 2013, CNN’s domestic mobile website posted 339 million page views (up 36% from October 2012) and 5 million video starts (10 times more than October 2012).  CNN has clocked year-over-year gains in mobile web page views for 16 consecutive months and in mobile video starts for the past 13 months. 

Source: Bango Analytics for Mobile Web from August 2012 through July 2013, Adobe Reports & Analytics for Mobile Web August 2013 forward, October 2013 data includes through October 27, 2013.

With four days remaining in October 2013, reached 95 million page views -- up 90% over the previous month.  Earning 14 million page views on October 3rd, the section had its highest day of the year.  CNN Politics ranked #1 in the Politics category for the week of Oct.6 with 11.5 million unique visitors, beating HuffPost Politics by 43% and Politics by 54%. 

Sources: Adobe Reports & Analytics, thru Oct.27. comScore Media Metrix, weekly data, week ending 10/6/13.

CNN’s social referrals more than doubled in Oct. 2013 versus the same month of last year.

Source: Source: Adobe Analytics & Reporting (Oct 1-27-13 vs. Oct 1-27-12)

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Anonymous said...

I refuse to analyze this false fabrication of the truth.
It is complete and utter BU..SH..
There is just no other way to justify it.
CNN is third hands down and it would be fourth if there was another network on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Inspite of this pretense, TVN is reporting that CNN is down 45% in primetime and -50% in its demo.
Where in this ridiculous release, does CNN let this FACT be known??
This release is one of the many reasons WHY CNN can not play the hand it was dealt and deal with it.
They pretend that everything is as it should be and continue down their path of denial.
Sounds like a good GOP plan to me.

Anonymous said...

Every press release about ratings is going to be spin - you emphasize the positive and forget about the negative. They all do it. CNN's job is just harder than the others because they are the inventors of cable news and they are embarrassingly in third place. Literally, a third rate news network. Why would anyone issue a press statement that says, "yeah, we suck."? That being said, until they drop ratings bombs like Morgan and Burnett, and they learn to deliver news in an informative and interesting way instead of their moralizing, pretentious, know-it-all lecturing, they will continue to be a third rate network. I don't care what their rose-colored pree releases say.

Anonymous said...

CNN is in ratings trouble. When you have to compare last year vs this year, you've got nothing. Dumbing down the news and crappy shows won't fly CNN.

Anonymous said...

2014 could mark huge changes in the cable news landscape. You have AJAM in wider distribution, Fusion is now around and will gain distribution as well. Now there is word that CBS wants to get into cable news. Right now CNN, MSNBC & FNC are not as diverse as America. Fusion & AJAM have that covered. Far too long cable news has ignored the changing American demographic. Programming has to be diverse as well. From news to culture, sports, music& arts,travel, whatever. Nor do I think that CNN, MSNBC & FNC can get away from political ideology and be more news content oriented.

Anonymous said...

Leaning to the right and practically blocking liberal guests from their programs is not helping their ratings.

Anonymous said...

@5:45AM: While I agree with your premise, that CNN isn't going to concede that it is doing poorly,
going after MSNBC and Fox, is totally disingenuous and they do, as you so aptly put it, "suck."

Anonymous said...

The Huffington Post put things into perspective.
All 3 cable news channels had dramatic drops in
viewership and demos. Shrinking viewership is
going to be an issue for CNN and the competitors.
Hollywood Deadline says AJAM is launching some
new shows in 2014. including a brand new morning
show along with a slate of other shows. AJAM is
going to make a strong push. It's all about 2014
at this point. So far this week, CNN is tanking.

Anonymous said...

AJAM & Fusion should not fall into the politics dominate trap . The ratings mean the audiences for that market has reached it's limits.. Both AJAM and Fusion have a long way to go. It's all about being fresh, new and connecting with a product that millions more will watch. Somebody has to become the Netflix of cable news. I don't see that coming from CNN, FOX or MSNBC. Cable news is in flux. There does seem to be fewer product ads and more infomercial ads on the cable news networks.

Anonymous said...

Neflix is consumer oriented. Cable news has been taken over by talking heads with agendas. The goal is to misinform and lie to viewers and you have to wonder why CNN is in a downward spiral. Journalism/news is suppose to inform , be a learning experience. Viewers know that what they are seeing on CNN is not true and definitely not news. There is no mass market for ideological talking heads. Look at the people they put on CNN. They are political partisans, talk radio, ideological media types. Not based on facts or reality.
Just opinion and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

It would not be surprising to see Al Jazeera pass HLN,
FBN or CNBC at some point in 2014. All week long
the network has been doing an eye opening in depth
series on the sex crimes on college campuses in the
U.S. Kudos to AJ. They are adding more bureaus and
aiming to take on CNN A year from now we could
witness a shakeup in the cable news. AJ is likely taking
viewers away from CNN but it's just not visible right
now. Eventually we will see. Yes, CNN management is
concerned after reading the Hollywood Deadline
article. That's now the news CNN needs. Watch out.

Anonymous said...

When will CNN learn not to trust Darrell Issa on facts,CNN just read from the script form Issa claiming that only 6 people enrolled in Obamacare on the first day. That can't be true because some states operate their own exchanges. The website has had some glitches to how can anyone say definitively how many people have actually enrolled. You can't trust CNN. The press is being taken to the woodshed for botched reporting the second time around on Obamacare. CNN's Drew Griffin has already been mentioned for a false and misleading report he did. CNN's botched reporting is why CNN is getting the ratings they deserve. Critics are right either CNN is lazy or their people really don't know anything about the AHCA. It's your job as a reporter to learn about the story you are covering.

Anonymous said...

Chris Christie's exceptance speech, for the next four years, sounded as though he did have "OTHER" ambitions in mind.
Yes, he is the perfect role model for the Republican base to follow.
Working alongside Obama, and not against him got him the funds needed to help with the devestation on the Jersey shore.
If only the Republicans in Washington will look at his odds in a Democratic state and apply them. But they wouldn't. Their too afraid of the Tea Party candidates which mean nothing to the voting public, in a general election.