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Monday, October 28, 2013

Spurlock Is Back But Is Stroumboulopoulos?

From The Wrap (because apparently CNN didn't think we were worthy of a press release):

CNN has renewed “Inside Man” for a second season, the network announced on Monday.
The docuseries, which is produced and hosted by “Super Size Me”‘s Morgan Spurlock (who recently directed One Direction’s “This is Us” concert film), will get eight more episodes starting in Spring 2014.
“Coming on the heels of a terrific first season – not to mention a successful documentary covering the world’s biggest boy band – Morgan is ready to tackle even more provocative stories on CNN,” said Jeff Zucker, President of CNN Worldwide.
“‘Inside Man’ is the perfect example of the type of program our audience is looking for when we aren’t covering the news of the day. We are happy to be continuing our relationship with Morgan and his excellent production team at Warrior Poets.”
Spurlock will tackle subjects ranging from celebrity to income disparity in the upcoming season.

The Star posted a report about George Stroumboulopoulos' CNN program:

After a stint in Los Angeles, CBC interviewer George Stroumboulopoulos is back in Toronto working on his George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show. It kicked off its 10th anniversary season Monday night with guests including comedians Russell Peters and Ron James.
A decade on the CBC is pretty much as good as it gets for job security in the entertainment business here. That’s not the case for Strombo’s much hyped Los Angeles CNN show, Stroumboulopoulos, which aired this summer. The cable news channel has so far not renewed the show.
“Strombo was always conceived as a summer series,” said CNN spokesperson Shimrit Sheetrit in an email to the Star. “George continues to do his show in Canada and no decision has been made about whether his series on CNN will be back.”

To read the entire article, including his ratings issues please follow the link.

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Anonymous said...

I never enjoyed the Stroumboulopoulos program. Plus it did bad ratings wise which did surprise me a bit considering he is a big deal in Canada. I'm glad Inside Man has been renewed for a second season and that Parts Unknown has been renewed for a third season. Programs like this, including CNN Films, are great for CNN weekends. I also enjoy Sanjay Gupta MD as well as Your Money. All do well and are all very informative and most importantly, not boring. Unfortunately, Rachel Nichols Unguarded did terrible Friday night in the ratings. It should perhaps move to weekends as well.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to depart itself from competition and not try to create shows that can compete with other news channels. Keep in mind that CNN's main source of income is from CNN International. They need to stick to the factual news and get rid of opinion. Get rid of Crossfire and Piers Morgan Live. Can anyone name a television channel that used to be #1 then tanked then went back to #1? Yes Jeff Zucker brought the Today Show to #1 however don't forget about the failures of The Tonight Show, the Katie Couric Show, etc. He's not a television genius. The reason why Fox News is #1 is because the majority of people who get their news from television on a regular day are conservatives. Whenever there is major breaking news, CNN is #1 because people who normally don't watch television news tune into CNN because it is a known brand. CNN needs to acknowledge this and stop trying to make dramatic television. It will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

Strombo needs to stay in Canada.
He was never a good fit for CNN.
In fact he's not a good fit for US television...period.
From what we've seen, he's not ready for primetime, at least not our primetime.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Strombo but have him do the show like
he does in Canada. CNN bored down the show. He
needs to be live not taped. 11 PM on Friday is a
problem. Friday is 1 of the least viewed nights in
television not even mention Saturday. The ratings
for Inside Man were not that great either.

Just like CNN lured Anthony Bourdain away from
Travel they need to lure Take Part Live from Pivot.
It's a news show that mixes comedy well and it
close the the Daily Show. Jacob Soboroff and Cara
Santa Maria should replace PMT. Their show is
live and interactive. Love the Decoder.