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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Isha Sesay on Wendy Williams 10/25/13

CNN's Isha Sesay was a panelist on Friday's Wendy William's show, filmed in NYC.

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Anonymous said...

i really feel bad for Rachel Nichols. CNN is ruining any chance of Unguarded being successful by putting on Crossfire first. No one wants Crossfire besides CNN management. Putting crappy shows on at a different hour still won't make viewers watch.

Anonymous said...

I like Wendy Williams but is it really necessary for literate, educated people, like Isha Sesay, to talk about panty lines and whether something is considered pornographic and lower her own standards?
Has popular culture, and crude popular culture at that, taken over everyone?
Can't some of us speak on an intellectual level about things that really matter?
Wendy Williams has her place, but the name of her program shouldn't be "Talk."
It should be "Babble" or "Dribble"
because that is exactly what it is.

Anonymous said...

CNN apparently does not realize that Obama
was not sworn in until 2009. So how could he
have started the spying on the European Union.
It started in the Bush Administration.

Anonymous said...

LOL this what I love about this blog. No matter where you click on you are almost guaranteed no one is actually talking the actual topic just ranting about CNN.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked the United States spies. Is the American press really believe that the EU does not spy on America
and no one is asking the same question to European governments. We all know the answer would be yes, No way in the world is this the revelation that the lame American press is making this out to be. It's about politics in Europe for their citizens. Does anyone believe that there are no French, British or German spies in the U.S.. CNN put things into perspective and stop acting like this is new.

The same things goes for congressional hearings. They have low ratings and no credibility. We know the Obamacare website glitches are just political acting at it's worst. CNN stop trying to sell it as being legit and constructive.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to cancel PMT. Replace it with a news show anchored by Isha Sesay, Micheala, Nicole Lapin, Betty Nguyen and Mariana Van Zeller if they can get all of them. CNN needs to shake up cable news with a group of ethnically diverse females with a prime time show in cable news. Dare to be different. CNN shows need more energy and chemistry. Make it a fast paced news show with news, interviews, interesting topics and interesting guests from a wide spectrum but no pundits. Heck , women are interested in sports too. Loosen up and have some fun like The Talk. Does CNN hves to be so angry and give off a negative vibe ? Don't like the tone of CNN. Does everything have to be political ?

Anonymous said...

@4:59AM; Evidently you didn't read ALL the comments, so don't make believe you did.
I wrote about Wendy Williams.
Now dream up some more inappropriate comments about this website.