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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Anderson Cooper Headed to the Philippines.

Anderson Cooper will anchor Anderson Cooper 360° live from the Philippines beginning tomorrow. With over 10,00 feared dead, Cooper will be live with the latest reports on the devastation and recovery efforts.

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Anonymous said...

Good to know he's still willing and able to do this type of reporting, takes me back to the days when CNN/AC were must-see TV and compelling reporting.

Anonymous said...

So happy he is doing this. I am definitely looking forward to his reporting. CNN is lucky to have Anderson Cooper.

His show should be a two hour block from 8:00PM to 10:00PM during primetime. It would be great, especially getting Piers Morgan out of the picture.

10:00PM to midnight should be those two hour CNN Films or documentaries or specials WITH live "Now In The News" briefs during commercials.

Wolf Blitzer should be on for two hours before Anderson Cooper from 6:00PM to 8:00PM. Get rid of Crossfire and Erin Burnett.

I have come to enjoy Jake Tapper and I much prefered Kate Bolduan in Washington instead of New York. I think they both should get a 4:00PM to 6:00PM block together. Both can be quirky but serious. Good fit I think. I don't think she's a good match for Chris Cuomo.

2:00PM-4:00PM should include Kyra Phillips and Carol Costello to do the news.

12:00PM-2:00PM should be Michael Holmes and Hala Gorani to do Around The World. Suzanne Malveaux should return as a White House correspondent now that Jessica Yellin is gone. Better fit.

As for mornings, 4AM-6AM should stick with John and Zoraida. From 6-9, pair up Brooke Baldwin with Chris Cuomo. I see this as WAY better. And from 9 to noon, have Michaela Periera with the upcoming Bill Weir. Michaela would definitely attract West coast viewers.

Anonymous said...

What on earth am I watching on CNN? Honestly, what is happening to this network? I love Parts Unknown but why is Anthony Bourdain doing a talk show?! There is a drunk girl on air now who thinks she's funny saying she did drugs as a kid and had access to cocain and asking why isn't the mayor of Toronto skinny after doing crack? Why is this garbage on CNN? I found it ironic too how they have another guest who is a chef and said when Emeril Lagasse left food network, the channel basically tanked. HE'S ON CNN!

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear that Anderson will be broadcasting live from the Philippines. Yes, return 360 to it's strong journalism roots. IMHO, CNN was a little slow with it's coverage of Typhoon Haiyan, they are playing catch up to AJAM. Why wasn't Anderson doing reports from the Philippines this weekend ? It will be interesting to see if viewers will come to CNN for this story. Breaking news has not helped CNN lately.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that it takes a tragedy for 360 to pivot
from the pundits. Considering that it is CNN we
can be sure CNN will find a way to use pundits
even for reports on the Philippines, tuning off
viewers. That is the one thing that CNN is good
at these days. Huge success there. Except that
is counterproductive for the network.

CNN's problems are beyond cosmetic anchor
changes. It's about content, storytelling, writing,
video, delivery and presentation, as well as the
guests the network uses and how they set up
various segments. CNN won't move beyond the
fake ideological fights or too much crime
coverage. CNN looks like Jerry Springer and
Maury Povich. Can't stand them or CNN. The
network who chose to turn on their viewers.

Anonymous said...

@8:26AM: Agree with you 150%.
It does take a major tragedy to get CNN moving and it also takes a
major tragedy to get Anderson Cooper to do his job of on sight reporting.
Sadly, covering a typhoon where many have lost their lives, is not his first priority anymore.

Anonymous said...

Anderson is doing some good reporting from the Philippines. The big question will be will the viewers tune in for 360 ? Once you turn off viewers, it's no easy task to get them to start watching CNN again.

CNN should go with more 1 hour shows not the 2 hours of a solo program. With the exception of a morning show, all other shows should be for 1 hr.

Also, when was the last time we saw promos telling abut the news on CNN. What's the mission of CNN ? The wounds are self inflicted. CNN had zero room for error. I don't see how CNN becomes relevant again. When you bring back Crossfire, that's a glaring sign that you have no fresh ideas.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we have AC on Fridays nights anymore? We need more new shows on the weekend most especially Saturday and Sunday evenings. Documentary is good but not too much of the same thing over and over again. I like Anthony Bourdain's shows but they get repeated too often. That's when you change the channel.

Agree that AC360 should be a must see TV reporting. Anderson Cooper is topnotch. Want to see him out in the field more. I am happy to see him in the Philippines.

Overall no complaints. CNN has a talented and brilliant team and that includes the CNN contributors.

Anonymous said...

Even with Anderson stuck at the airport and not able to get into the main areas of devastation, 360's reporting on Haiyan was excellent and thorough. This is what CNN does best and what Anderson is really suited for, he did some good interviews with the mayor and others and had tons of info. Shout outs to Paula Hancocks and Anna Coren for their great reporting.

Anonymous said...

"CNN has a talented and brilliant team including their contributors."
You HAVE to write the next Press Release for CNN. Someone has been drinking their Kool Aid and its made you really sick.

Anonymous said...

Anderson should use a map when speaking of the Philipines.
He is giving the impression that the entire island was damaged and
according to the NYT, that is hardly the case.
Economically Manila, the capital and most important city, is managing quite well, but CNN is like the Extreme Weather Channel.
They hope and pray everything is extreme so more people will watch them....but something tells me that is not working for them any longer.
We've seen Anderson cover so many disasters that this could be any place, any time.
If Anderson wants to stand out any longer, he must start doing more investigative reporting, on his own....or he will be just another anchor doing the status quo...and relying on others to do the leg work.

Anonymous said...


The Philippines is 3,000 + islands.

The entire island of Leyte was damaged but Manila, on the island of Luzon farther north was barely touched.