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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brian Stelter Joins CNN

Brian Stelter announced on Twitter this morning that he was leaving The New York Times to be CNN's senior media correspondent and the host of Reliable Sources.  He went on to say that means he'll be reporting daily for CNN, CNNi and in addition to his hosting duties on Sunday.  Congratulations to Brian.
If you want to read the press release just follow the link.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant move Brian. Welcome to a sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

He knows a lot about the media however I think he is a terrible choice for host. He needs so much more practice. It's uncomfortable watching him. They should have definitely gone with Frank Sesno!

Anonymous said...

Good hire. Maybe he will get CNN to listen to see
how bad they really are. I'm stunned that old media
news channels like CNN, FOX & MSNBC have yet to figure out how to do a daily interactive news show like Take Part Live or The Stream. The are so many news stories on social media that the MSM ignores. I am talking out real legit news. Not the ranting but real news being passed around. Look for CNN to have another big announcement that Bill Weir will replace Piers Morgan so time early next year.

Anonymous said...

I'm still not really sure who Bill Weir is, but he must be good.

Anonymous said...

I dont think this is a good idea. Stelter is a smarmy, pretentious twerp and CNN has way too many of those already.

Anonymous said...

Now that CNN is not gaining viewers with breaking news it's Jeff Zucker we have some problems. A major international story is developing daily out of the Philippines and CNN is still a distant 3rd.

Anonymous said...

Brian started TVN or was one of its first full time bloggers.
He knows news and he knows how to get it. He wouldn't be satisfied with people who just sit around waiting for it to appear on their tablets....He's a real street reporter, a breed that is hard to find today because everyone wants air time even if they are all "air heads."

Anonymous said...

CNN is getting the ratings they deserve. Dumbing down the news on a network like CNN was a huge
mistake. Viewers will continue to pass on CNN. Have any of you tried watching CNN lately ? You will turn from the channel. CNN is unwatchable. Viewers are so over CNN. Previously, viewers likely tolerated CNN rather than watching FNC or MSNBC. Now they seem to have found an alternative. Is it Bloomberg or AJAM or a combination of both ? CNN went all pundit crazy. Guess what viewers are smart and know this is not news and the lies are not corrected.. CNN is trying to legitimize the Blaze. Really, this is CNN ? You can't make stuff up and try to fool viewers that it is news. The # 1 requirement seems to be say something stupid.

Anonymous said...

CNN has some serious credibility issues.
Their bogus reporting on ACA is a major
reason. Botched reporting. How can CNN
completely ignore the outright deliberate
tactics by republican governors to derail
access to healthcare. CNN has out right
lied to viewers. CNN is acting like the GOP
wants Obamacare to work. Kinda reminds
you of the botched SCOTUS ruling. It's a
shame how the right wing media gets CNN
to go along with myths about the ACA. An
analysis shows the media has gotten the
so-called horror stories with Obamacare
wrong. Some real reporting and research
shows how lazy and easily manipulated
the media has been when it comes to ACA.
There was also a recent study showing that
all of the people complaining are white. So
Latinos,blacks and Asians don't need access
to healthcare. Yes, CNN is promoting the
myth that Obama takes from whites to give
to undeserving minorities.

Anonymous said...

CNN loading their programs with anti-Obama politicians, right wing pundits and talking points has not moved the needle on the ratings, except maybe in the WRONG direction but they're not getting the message that the public wants honest, factual reporting and not sensationalism designed to please one fairly unpopular political group (GOP/Tea Party).

Anonymous said...

It's not all CNN . As if CBS didn't learn a lesson from it's Benghazi fail, now they messed up with an inaccurate Obamacare report base on leaks from Darrell Issa. It's time for people to hold the media accountable for blindly following Issa. I don't trust Jim Acosta, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer and the entire worst political team on television. They stink. CNN is al out of credibility. You can't trust CNN.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone watch New Day this morning? I caught the first 30 minutes and it was all so uncomfortable! Kate, Chris, and Michaela all looked so sleepy and had this "I'm already bored of this show" vibe. I could definitely tell there was tension between Kate and Chris. It's obvious that Chris and Michaela are friends in real life as anyone can see from social media, but it's unfortunate that those rumors last month might be true that Chris may want Kate out. It seemed like Kate was double speaking at times, attacking Chris. Indra Petersons was giving the weather and Chris said he hated the cold and kate said she liked it. Here is the transcript after Chris said he didn't like the cold:

PETERSONS: I thought you thought good news was cold.

BOLDUAN: Good come back. I welcome the cold.

CUOMO: It's easy to say a side against me. Supporting me is what's difficult.

BOLDUAN: Thanks, Indra.

PETERSONS: You're welcome.

BOLDUAN: We'll fight this out again.

It was all said with smirks, but you could tell there was something behind it. It was just uncomfortable to watch. Have Michaela co-host with Chris or bring in Brooke Baldwin. Kate was much better hosting an hour with Wolf Blitzer in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Americans needs to be able to see networks like BBC & ALAM. Facts have to matter or what's the point of the news. Where are the journalism standards. The pundits have been dragging down the ratings for CNN for years now so why keep doing what does not work.
At this point you can't reach any conclusion about the ACA. There is still 5 months to enroll. It's not like it is a Black Friday sale with limited supplies.CNN is giving the GOP a pass. CNN is coming across as opposed to healthcare for the uninsured. Has anyone seen people who are uninsured during all of this coverage. Is not that what the ACA is all about. Don't hold ;your breath because CNN is conduit to distractions and right wing talking points. At least have the decency to admit mistakes and do corrections. News has to be fact based not made up. Media companies should respect their customers more. Mediaite and Media Maters have done a great job showing how shabby the ACA reporting has been.