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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

John Zarrella Out at CNN?

FTVLive is reporting that: longtime CNN correspondent John Zarrella is out at the network.
Zarrella has been CNN’s Miami correspondent since the 80's.In fact Zarrella was named to the Miami bureau when it was established in December 1983.

We here at ATC are huge fans of Zarrella's, not only for his serious news reporting but also his irreverent NYE reports from Key West. What will New Year's Eve be like without Zarrella in Key West with the drag queens?  We can't imagine. 

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Anonymous said...

Here's another fine reporter leaving CNN.
Well, as they say: You'll always have Kathy and Andy to ring in the New Year.
Her with her despicable mouth and him with his smirk.
That ought to do it for ya!!

islandlad 67 said...

Another loss at CNN Very tired of good people leaving the Network. John Zarella covered it all with accuracy and class. I dont believe we ever saw him back stepping on a story. CNN used to be a news net work now it is a entertainment channel

Doug Bedwell said...

Happy New Year, Mr. Zarella. I watched u before CNN and have enjoyed u since, thanks to CNN I could watch u long after I left Miami. I just want to know where you're going, now. U r way too young to retire. ANYWAY, IM GONNA MISS YA'....Big fan Doug