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Friday, November 22, 2013

Sunday Morning Programming 11/24/13

SUNDAY, November 24, 2013


Topic:       Deal with Iran?
Guest:      Rep. Ed Royce, (R-CA)
Guest:      Rep. Eliot Engel, (D-NY)

Topic:       Senate Nuclear Option and the Political Fallout
Guest:      Sen. Bernie Sanders, (I-VT)
Guest:      Sen. Ron Johnson, (R-WI)

Topic:       Political Roundtable
Guest:      Bill Burton, former deputy White House press secretary (Obama
Guest:      Alex Castellanos, Republican consultant, CNN political commentator
Guest:      AB Stoddard, columnist, the Hill

Anchor:    Candy Crowley

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS – Airs 10:00AM – 11:00AM and 1:00PM – 2:00PM  

Topic:      The Future of Space Travel – Mars and Beyond? The Future of Electric Cars –   
   Concerns About Fires
Guest:      Elon Musk, inventor/entrepreneur, SpaceX and Tesla Motors

Topic:       Immigration Reform; Latino Voters and the Upcoming Elections
Guest:      Antonio Villaraigosa, former Mayor of Los Angeles

Topic:       Is the U.S. Economy Experiencing Another Bubble? 
Guest:      Colin Camerer, behavioral economist, California Institute of Technology

Anchor:     Fareed Zakaria


Topic:      MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Apology for His Offensive Comment About Sarah Palin    
               and Alec Baldwin’s Suspension from MSNBC’s “Up Late”.
Guest:    Amy Holmes, anchor, ‘Real News’ on The Blaze
Guest:    Erik Wemple, reporter, The Washington Post

Topic:     Michigan’s Flint Journal Apologizes to Readers for Failing to Realize a  
               Candidate for City Council was Actually a Convicted Murderer. 
Guest:    Vincent Duffy, News Director, Michigan Radio
Guest:    Richard Prince, journalist, the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education

Topic:      The Significance of BuzzFeed Hiring an International Women’s Rights
Guest:     Lauren Wolfe, director, Women Under Siege

Topic:      Bloomberg News Faces Criticism After They Reportedly Quashed a Story to  
   Avoid Angering the Chinese Government.
Guest:     James Fallows, journalist, The Atlantic

Topic:      Media Coverage of the Comparison between the Box Office Receipts for   
               Movies with Non-White Casts and White Cast.  Are Movies With Non-White   
               Casts Unintentionally Race Themed?
Guest:    Viviana Hurtado, Ph.D, host, Hispanic Business Today: American Success    
               Stories; Founder, “The Wise Latina Club”
Guest:    Alyssa Rosenberg, Features Editor, Think Progress

Guest Host: Eric Deggans, TV Critic, NPR

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Anonymous said...

Shame on PBS for re-enacting what went on in the CBS news room in
Dallas that fateful day.
In their retropsective of the Kennedy Assassination, actors actually took part, interspersed with real news footage of the sixties, to reenact how events unfolded in the news room.
Wasn't this tragedy horrible enough, as we remember it?
Did they really need to dramatize the event in full color, digitally, with the look of the sixities and the old dial phones, with note pads??
The viewer could tell from the clarity of the voice overs and the black and white characterizations, that this was not the actual footage. (And newsflash to PBS...there was NO NEWS IN LIVING COLOR THEN)
As a viewer, I was offended.
The ordeal struck a chord as it was, and to make us more vulnerable is in excusable.

Anonymous said...

For @11:47PM

What does PBS have to do with CNN ??

Dear moderator - this site seems to be now be dominated by someone constantly posting about general political things or non-CNN content.

I would like to thank you for creating this site, but I'm afraid I will no longer to be checking in.

Anonymous said...

Eric Deggans should have been given the hosting gig for Reliable Sources. He is smart and well spoken, plus it would add to CNN's diversity.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it CNN and pretty much all of TV is in big trouble. Cable TV is declining badly. Take a look at the data on Business Insider. 2014 is the year when advertisers will likely flee from cable news. CNN might be getting hit the worst 1st but they will be in gold company with MSNBC & FOX joining them. All are losing viewers and advertisers are moving more to digital and away from TV. Given that cable news audiences are older than the rest of cable/satellite you can see the writing on the wall.