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Friday, December 13, 2013

Sunday Morning's Programming 12/15/13

SUNDAY, December 15, 2013


Topic:    Budget Deal and Economy
Guest:   Peter Orszag, Vice Chairman of Corporate and Investment Banking, Chairman of the Financial Strategy and Solutions Group, Citigroup, former Director of the Office of Management (Obama Administration)
Guest:   Douglas Holtz-Eakin, President, American Action Forum, former Congressional Budget Office Director                                   (Bush Administration)
Guest:   Rana Foroohar, assistant managing editor, TIME

Anchor:  Candy Crowley

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS – Airs 10:00AM – 11:00AM and 1:00PM – 2:00PM  
Topic:    Are American Kids Falling Behind – Or, is the Rest of the World Really Just Catching Up?
Guest:   Sal Khan, educator, entrepreneur; former hedge fund analyst
Guest:   Joel Klein, former Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education
Guest:   Wendy Kopp, founder, chairwoman of Teach for All
Guest:   Tom Friedman, Pulitzer prize-winning columnist, The New York Times; author of From Beirut to Jerusalem

Topic:    Liberal, Democratic Islam: Do the Strictures of Conservative Islam Have Basis in the Koran?
Guest:   Mustafa Akyol, journalist & author of Islam Without Extremes: A Muslim Case for Liberty (2013)

Topic:    Why Israel is Unable to Make Peace; the Case Against Iran 
Guest:   Ari Shavit, journalist, Haaretz; author of My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel (2013)
Anchor:  Fareed Zakaria


Topic:   The AP and Washington Post Report on Robert Levinson
Guest:  Matt Apuzzo, reporter, Associated Press

Topic:   Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Discusses a Recent Slate Story About the Race of Santa Claus and Tells Viewers That Santa and Jesus are White
Guest:  Aisha Harris, reporter, Slate

Topic:   Political Panel on Photographer Access to the White House and the GOP’s Plans to Shrink the 2016 Primary to Convention Schedule
Guest:  Peter Hamby, national political reporter, CNN Digital
Guest:  Christina Belantoni, Editor-in-Chief, Roll Call
Guest:  Amy Holmes, Anchor, “The Hot List” at 

Topic:   Unprecedented Marketing for “Anchorman Two”, Has it Oversaturated the Marketplace?
Guest:  Sam Thielman, reporter, AdWeek
Topic:   Comcast’s New “SeeIt” Feature
Guest:  Sam Schwartz, Head of Business Development, Comcast

Anchor: Brian Stelter

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Anonymous said...

Brian Stelter = bad anchor.

Anonymous said...

2 words for CNN : news content. Consumers are
in the drivers seat. Millions view CNN as a political
channel rather than news. They need to produce
news content for multiple platforms.. Great example
is the CBS Eye Opener. It can be viewed on TV, tablets or smartphones. Produce a brand new version every 30 minutes. Mobile news is going to explode in a major way in 2014. So looking forward to something called AJ +. No anchor or grid just news content for millions who can't relate to fake news channels. CNN dissed viewers. There is very little the network can do to fix that. Instagram is now a news source. That is how millions are following Mandela and Kiev, They could care less about the talking heads or opinion. CNN is not transitioning with society. If you don't realize the changing demos of America, you won't have customers. Even majority of immigrants to this country are women. The content shift should have occurred 10 years ago.