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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tonight's Nelson Mandela Coverage on CNN

Anderson Cooper will anchor network coverage tonight from 8-11pmET, and he will be joined by Robyn Curnow, Christiane Amanpour and Wolf Blitzer.  CNN correspondent Robyn Curnow is in Johannesburg, South Africa reporting on the country's reaction to the death of Nelson Mandela.  Amanpour and Blitzer  will contribute to the network's coverage with analysis and interviews.

CNN Films' 'An Unreal Dream' scheduled for 9pmET tonight will be rescheduled.

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Anonymous said...

Nelson Mandela was a great man. I have been watching the news nonstop. A true historical figure. I will be watching many hours of news for his homecoming. The events end with his funeral on Saturday. We knew this day was coming. The video out of South Africa has been amazing.

Anonymous said...

This has been fascinating to watch. There are those of us who know the name but the man Mandela and his life story. Apartheid, sanctions and college protests. It's like watching history in motion. You get to see the man and hear the speeches. Unfortunately,it takes a huge story like the death of Nelson Mandela. Just learned about a song called Sun CIty. It would be nice for CNN to rebroadcast the day Mandela was released form prison, the process that lead to him becoming the first democratically elected President, his inauguration events. Also, learned of a band called the Specials with a song called Free Nelson Mandela. CNN should even play his speeches he made while visiting America. Can CNN also show the movie Invictus or down the line show the new movie Long Walk To Freedom. I'm sure some time back in the day HBO did something.

Anonymous said...

You never know what or when news will happen.
Once the news broke you know that viewers turned
to cable news by the millions.

Anonymous said...

I'm no longer watching CNN. What does some negative anit-Mandela post on Ted Cruz Facebook page have to do with the story. Why elevate the nonsense on FB or Twitter to a news story. People posts things like this on FB every minute but it's not news and shows how dumb CNN has become. AJAM here I come. Good riddance to CNN. Why even give CNN a chance anymore .

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Robyn Curnow is in Johannesburg and not Anderson.
He is in NYC???
How can that be after all his reporting for channel one when he was just out of highschool.
I say CNN is missing a great opportunity not sending A-n-d-e-s-o-n on this mission.

Anonymous said...

Hate to ruin 9:41's sarcastic moment, but apparently AC has already been spotted in Johannesburg.