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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Your Views on the News 12/3/13

Yesterday was a sad day over at our sister blog All Things Anderson.  After 8 years of blogging AC360 we finally threw in the towel and dropped our coverage of the program.  We've seen the subtle shift in content for the last few years not only at AC360 but with CNN too.  Seems dumbing down the news is what the executives think will sell.  How's that working for you so far CNN?  

In a continuing effort to rise to the top of the (dung) heap Zucker has now said that programs are the future of CNN, not news.  Does this man no know the first N in CNN stands for NEWS?  Zucker's comments:  "The goal for the next six months, is that we need more shows and less newscasts,".  He also added that viewers can expect to see programming changes in primetime as well as on the weekends. Zucker said he was looking for "an attitude and a take."

Feel free to discuss further when you're done banging your heads against the wall.

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Cyn said...

Not only is Zucker a short-sighted idiot, he doesn't even use proper grammar. (It's "FEWER newscasts," moron!)

Sorry to hear of the demise of ATA. Y'all stuck it out far longer than I was able to... and I no longer automatically turn to CNN when there is a major emergency happening.

Ted Turner's legacy has been destroyed. CNN was once the undisputed leader in news, and although certainly the shout-fests popularized by Fox have changed the face of news, it would have been nice if someone had modernized the delivery methods without tearing down the wall between news and opinion, between facts and beliefs, between working the streets for information and walking the streets for cash.

(Yes, Mr Zucker, I just called you a whore.)

We can only hope now that network news departments take back the banner of delivering actual news, because the 24-hour "news" channels have become something else altogether.

Anonymous said...

It's not working for CNN and the ratings reflect that, however CNN has no ideas about it's news identity. I gave up on 360 and CNN a while back. GIve me AJAM any day. AJAM is the only real news channel period. America Tonight is the best cable news prime time show. It's real reporting and journalism. As AJAM gains wider distribution it will be interesting to see if they can find viewers. It's no secret that the viewership numbers are dropping for CNN, MSNBC & FNC are dropping. Expect that to continue in 2014.

Anonymous said...

The latest TV data shows that sports & news are the only things that viewers still watch live. The DVR is changing viewing habits. When I hear the words attitude and take from CNN, that's code for pundits. CNN should invest in original reporting just like Anthony Bourdain, which is original programming. Send your people out to find news stories in America and the world. Try better story selection and storytelling along with better writing, delivery and presentation. For goodness sake, there has been a crucial ruling on the Detroit bankruptcy and CNN is completely ignoring the news. THe original news channel can't abandon the news.

Anonymous said...

Parts Unknown is a unique show. It is a learning experience. Besides it was not Jeff Zucker's decision to bring the show to CNN. Everything Jeff Zucker has done has been a failure. Hello. Nothing this guy is doing is working. CNN is suppose to be smart, informative and a learning experience. CNN has been so dumbed down that the network is unwatchable. This is like ESPN deciding to abandon sports. The ratings woes will continue for CNN. Vice is the only news show that is similar to Parts Unknown.

Phebe said...

@Cyn, we haven't given up on Anderson, still covering him when he's in the news, just done with 360 until...probably forever.

I totally agree with you about Turner's legacy. He had a vision and it was ruined starting with Kline and continuing to this day.
I'm anxious to get AAJ, hope my cable company offers it soon.

Anonymous said...

(between working the streets for information and walking the streets for cash.)
Does this statement include the so called journalists/anchors on CNN, because it should.
That is exactly the reason 360 is now failing, even if it is the highest rated show in the, pardon the expression, "dung heap."

Anonymous said...

Is it me, or does White House Press Secretary Jay Carney look as
though he is well, 14, as in fourteen years old?
According to TVN ABC's Jonathan Karl has been trying hard to dodge his "white house talking points," and can't manage to get beyond them, like a hard brick wall.
When did any Administration think it was a good idea to have someone look as though they were fresh out of boarding school?
And why should anyone in media believe him?
I know Ari Fliesher was a former Press Secry for the Bush Administration, and no, I don't care for the man one bit, especially since he is now employed by Fox News, but at least we can all agree, He never looked fourteen.
When I want hard news, I don't want to get the updates from someone who wasn't even in the womb, when I graduated highschool.
There's young and then there's "creepy young," Jay.

Anonymous said...

According to Huffpost, the POTUS asked for suggestions to make Obamacare work. He said in a speech before a select group that as long as he was President he would not repeal Obamacare.
Well, we didn't expect him to, it is afterall his legacy legislation.
But if he wants suggestions, I have one. It may sound simplistic, and luckily I am already on Medicare and have a suplement by my former employer.
I am one of the lucky ones.
I did try the website just to get an idea of what the many problems were. I did not actually apply or put in any info....but how about a PHONE NUMBER, PRESIDENT OBAMA?
You remember them....even in your bubble.
Wouldn't it be simplier instead of assuming everyone is technologically inclined, even yourself?
When Netflix first came on the scene, they did not avertise a phone number and '60 Minutes' took them to task for this indifference.
Even Amazon does not advertise a phone number, but if you look diligently enough, yes, there is a contact number available.
Rule#1: Don't assume everyone is on the same page you are....because they're not.
Start advertising a government functioning phone number with LIVE Social Security. Hey, that works, automated and not!!

Anonymous said...

TV by the Numbers has the ratings for Monday and it is easy to see that CNN is in big trouble. How do you transform CNN into an avant garde cable news network ? Consider the new experiment for the 11 o'clock hour a failure already. 360 is the only thing CNN has going for it. It likely has to do with Anderson Cooper more than CNN. New Day, TSR, Crossfire, Out Front, PMT, Legal View, The Lead and pretty much all of the shows that are a drag on the ratings need to go. CNN is in dire need of a complete overhaul. It's possible that viewers have pretty much given up on CNN.

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear that Zoraida Sambolin is leaving CNN.

Anonymous said...

CNN didn't broadcast President Obama's excellent CAP speech or they cut away from it. The president has some strong, important words about income inequality and GOP obstruction and what he plans to do about it, but CNN doesn't want its viewers to hear that, they'll just have one of their annoying panels trash the speech they barely showed. How often has CNN spent all day on showing a right wing event like CPAC but they can't be bothered to broadcast a speech by the PRESIDENT? It shouldn't be optional.

What CNN WILL be showing is an interview of Glen Beck by S.E. Cupp (ugh and ughier). Seems they have PLENTY of time to showcase right wing propaganda but no time for President Obama. I guess we know the direction CNN is headed now.

Anonymous said...

Well there is a God, and justice was served.
Martin Bashir officially resigned according to TVN.
Why didn't management MAKE him resign the minute he demeaned Palin in his digusting manner??
Yes, I agree. We all do....Palin IS a 'dunce.' But he should have left it at that and he chose to go further and that was WAY over the line.
Lesson learned: Palin is and always will be a dunce, but that dunce now has a bestseller on the NYTimes Best Seller List.
So I guess her stupidity sells to many portions of the elite right.
And Martin Bashir is a Pr--k, who should have been FORCED to leave by MSNBC...too late for redemption.

Anonymous said...

Bashir shouldn't have been forced out by MSNBC. Palin is a monster who has said and done far worse than Bashir ever has. She offends, denigrates, insults without limit and has NEVER apologized, nor has Mark Halperin who called President Obama the vulgar word anon 10:25 used against Bashir - he's still with MSNBC. It seems conservatives can say anything without consequence in the 'liberal media', but liberals are asked to 'resign'. No sympathy for Palin here, she deserves whatever is thrown at her. Bashir was one of the strongest liberal voices on MSNBC and never failed to speak up against the GOP, I will miss him. MSNBC is becoming less of a refuge from CNN these days and they seem to be headed in the same sorry direction unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

You might just be able to see AJA really soon. The LA Times says TWC will be adding AJA as early as this week. If you have Direc TV, FIOS or Dish it's already available. The TWC addition means that AJA will now be available in NY and Los Angeles. Most media types likely don't have access to AJA. This is huge. We are talking about the 2 largest television markets. IMHO, since sports one of the growing areas in television , why not do a sports highlight reel show. It could be live a midnight. Extended clips of NFL, NBA , MLB , College football & basketball. It is also the type of show that people can watch on mobile devices You could easily run a update at 10 AM or noon with updates and the upcoming games that day. You could do sports and scores updates all day /night in real time. Do you know how big sports scores in real time is . The same goes for news. Try to deliver the news in realtime. I not sure if CNN could pull this off but AJA just might be able to given their wealth of resources. It all comes down to content. AJA has the opportunity to be a game changer in cable news America Tonight is exceptional journalism. there is nothing like it in cable news.
AJA is doing an outstanding job. No other news organization comes close.

Anonymous said...

AJAM arrived at the perfect moment when both CNN and MSNBC became unwatchable.

Anonymous said...

AJAM is the best thing to happen in cable news in the United States. It's a real news channel and my network of choice. I hope AJAM gains in 2014. Maybe it is perfect timing.

Anonymous said...

"She offends, denigrates, and insults." SO? AND YOUR POINT IS, DUH?
I will repeat Palin is a dunce and she may very well offend, denigrate and insult, BUT that is out of sheer stupidity.
Bashir is an educated person who stooped to Palin's level AND it was done with malice, at the same exact time Alec Baldwin insulted someone OFF the air, and that someone happened to have been gay.
If Baldwin was let go, Bashir should suffer the same consequences, for his lack of sensitivity and gender bias.
Bashir's useage of the words 'deficate and urinate' has the SAME CONNOTATION as the dehumanization of a gay person.
Equal justice for ALL, liberal or conservative!