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Friday, January 24, 2014

CNN's Ratings Decline & Your Views on the News 1/24/14

From Variety, feel free to discuss:

The climb has gotten steeper for Jeff Zucker and CNN.
This week marks Zucker’s one-year anniversary as prexy of the cable news network, and Nielsen ratings released Tuesday show that for the week of Jan. 13-19, the net delivered its lowest ratings yet under his watch.
CNN attracted 78,000 adults 25-54 in total-day and 99,000 in primetime for the week. Meanwhile, Fox News Channel averaged 218,000 in the same demo for total-day, almost matching CNN and MSNBC (which earned 148,000) combined. In prime, Fox pulled in 261,000 and MSNBC attracted 235,000.
Compared to the same week a year ago, CNN plunged 33% in the demo and 28% in total viewers; its declines were even greater in primetime. Fox News, on the other hand, was up in total-day by 3% in adults 25-54 and 6% in total viewers, while MSNBC was down 5% and 11% in these categories respectively.

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Anonymous said...

I really don't see CNN's ratings getting any better unless there is a major breaking news event or an American presidential election.

Anonymous said...

Save the CNN brand by ending CNN USA and replacing it with the neutral CNN International. Hopefully if this ever happened, it would be by the 2016 American presidential election year. 2014 and 2015 will be worse than ever for CNN USA, especially under Jeff Zucker. Mark my words. This replacement idea would be a smart move.

CNN USA's neutral anchors would hop over to CNN International of course. If you look at any past big breaking news stories or political events in the United States, there has ALWAYS been a simulcast with CNN International. So why not? Save the name, save the brand, save money and distance CNN from the opinionated FOX "news" or opinionated MSNBC "news". All the ratings talk the past few years gets in the head of viewers. You don't see Al Jazeera's ratings being compared to everyone.

Anonymous said...

CNN can no longer be counted on for "Breaking News" coverage and higher ratings. They killed their chances with that, making every minor story "Breaking News!"
So now viewers go to really breaking news on Fox or MSNBC.
And even with all the factual info
on CNN and how their prime and daily numbers have fallen farther than anyone elses....Zucker will release a statement saying everyone is up for this past quarter.
Why can't he tell the truth?
He doesn't have to say we s--k.
He can say "We face many challenges." Jeff Zucker knows how to be politically correct.
The truth ALWAYS comes out in the end.

Anonymous said...

I have followedAC's work for a long time.Its frustrating to see him sitting behind a desk &telepromptor all the time not out on assignment..He is so good at getting the lstories behind the people/incident. Segments he does with 60Minutes show how good he can be. It seems CNN news is one sided

politically &like AC in particular is limited in what he csn say or ask. I watch the program from BC Canada he is my choice for good world news. He started the AC360Later
program but it is always being jacked around todifferent time or not on at all which is a problem considering time zones.Also I doubt you have a way of registering what programs Canadian viewers are watching. Who wants to watch Anthony Boudsin all evening or some specialthatcould be shown on weekends. I have enjoyedDon Lemon filling in for Erin Burnett he hss had some good discussions going etc. If CNN wants to be a leader in thd ness area theyhave to use the good staff they have &not ha ve everyone repeating what the last guy has just reported Everyone has areas they are more interested in so use ghem in that way &give the encouragement &recognition needed. Praise works wonders. As a last thought maybe a big changebis needed as CNN ratings should be better you certainly have some staff that can effect that.

Gary Larsen said...

Ted Turner has said "raise the white flag" and I'll be over there in 5 minutes. Get the flag ready please.

Anonymous said...

There are so many talented people at CNN and someone needs to figure out the best way to use them. Erin Burnett should be on in the afternoon to talk business. Jake Tapper should take over her spot and talk politics. Leave Anderson at 8:00. Put Don Lemon on at a very late hour. He really is a talk show host and not a journalist.

Anonymous said...

Move Christiane Amanpour and Fareed Zakaria to CNN Primetime.

Anonymous said...

If Greta Van Susteren, according to TVN, thinks Justin Bieber is important in covering a "mix of the news," she's wrong. She's not on the Disney channel or MTV.
Most viewers who watch HER on Fox News, are far less interested in Bieber's shenanigans than she might think and she's underestimating her audience's intelligence.
Who really gives a flying hoot what that
twerp does or doesn't do, and if it is legal or isn't legal.
By now, more than half the country is far more interested in Chris Christie's dilemma and whether bridgegate and the distribution of Sandy funding was legal.
If viewers want to know the happenings of a drunk enduced teen, they can turn on the E channel or MTV, and you, Greta, must review your program priorities for adults, who relish News over nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Later this week, the ratings will be released for cable news and it won't be pretty for CNN. Look for FOX and MSNBC to be down too. AAJAM still has a very long way to go but needs to stop trying to be like all of the other cable news channels. The Steam should be on from 730-9 PM. News on social media is way better than the same churn churn news on cable news. Get the viewers involved. Keep America Tonight on 9 and move Prime News to 10 PM. Consider This should be live a 9 AM or noon. GIve that Rob guy a sports show at 11 PM. Sports highlights get viewers.
As long as Jeff Zucker is at CNN, nothing will change for the better. Poynter says CNN laid off some 40 journalists at the end of 2013. CNN is putting on a really bad product. Also, a recent study showed that viewers just don't like cable news. Viewers are hip they know news when they see it and it can't be found on the dail. However, AJAM could possibly fix that but that could take a couple of years. Viewers are skeptical when they hear another cable news channel is now available.
CNN says they do news but that's not true. With the Olympics coming CNN ratings will continue to dive. MSNBC will be carrying some Olympic coverage so they will get a huge bump in the ratings. Someone needs to come up with a real time news model,original reporting and interviews with people who are connected to news evernts.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter what channel you watch the State of the Union address.
We will all see the same President
He will talk about doemstic policy and foreign policy achievements, if there were any, and he will point out a certain few people in the audience who did a momentus deed, who will be seated next to the First Lady.
And hopefully, no one will yell,
"You lie," when Obama speaks of his great accomplishment in enacting Obamacare.
BUT, if HE fails to mention what he will do about gun violence, he
fails, at least for me, domestically.
So far, he has done nada, nothing
except hand "the problem" to Joe Biden.
It is quite evident that the POTUS is no longer the most powerful person in the world or the USA. He used to be. But now the NRA is running the country and we all know it.
We might as well have Wayne himself give the State of the Union address, for it is He who is legislating.
Has our President just become a figure head?
Ask yourself that when he begins to speak, and if makes NO mention whatsoever about guns, the answer is unfortunately, is in the affirmative.

Anonymous said...

AJAM does have the potential to be different .
People are also cord cutting or downsizing to
the most basic cable channels. Facebook has
already announced that they have more people
in prime time than TV. Since TV is fading Obama
is making a huge social media puss for his SOTU.
I still watch 360 on CNN. Anderson had a good
and emotional interview with Creigh Deeds.

AJAM is covering and bringing us stories that none
of the others are doing and that includes ABC,CBS,
& NBC. AJAM is a work in progress. CNN , MSNBC &
FNC are not getting newer viewers. Love America
Tonight and The Stream ,Tech Know are more
modern shows. Consider This coves some very
interesting topics at times, Of course, the ratings
are low for AJAM they have to find viewers. I
could see Consider this making waves at noon.
It looks like the show is recorded to me. When
you look at what is on the cable news landscape
at 12 PM it would stand out. Especially with CNN
moving Legal View to noon. I would also love
to see The Stream cover multiple topics as well
as some AJ+, once it gets rolling. CNN, MSNBC
& FNC are not going to change. It's a mistake
for ALAM to imitate them. Do your own thing
and present yourself as a real news alternative.
Cable news has to adapt and use social media
to connect the news with viewers. You don't
need pundits but intelligent conversaion.

Anonymous said...

It is now being reported by FTVlive that Jeff Zucker is looking to replace Kate Bolduan on New Day and is looking for a new role for her to return to Washington DC.

If you ask me, I think Robin Meade should be poached from HLN.

Anonymous said...

TVN is reporting that Larry King said that CNN has 'real problems.'
Well Klein thought it was Larry that was "the problem."
Then Zucker thought it was Soledad that "was the problem."
Larry said to put on Spongebob or cartoons in primetime.
I say no one would know the difference. CNN is a cartoon now.
Bring on the cartoon anchors and let's see if it makes a difference. My prediction: A cartooon of Anderson Cooper may very well increase his couldn't hurt. He could do the voice overs and it would be an original right from the start.
Now there's something Jeff Zucker can take to the bank.