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Friday, January 24, 2014

CNN's SOTU Coverage Schedule 1/28/14

CNN to Provide Comprehensive Coverage of the State of the Union Address and the GOP Response

Guests include Obama biographer David Maraniss, former speechwriter Jon Favreau, Bush adviser Karen Hughes, and Nobel winner Paul Krugman

CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper will lead the network’s live, comprehensive coverage of President Barack Obama’s fifth State of the Union Address on Tuesday, Jan. 28, beginning at 7 p.m. ET. Guests joining the network’s special coverage will include Obama biographer and journalist David Maraniss, former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, former George W. Bush adviser Karen Hughes, and Nobel Prize winner and The New York Times op-ed columnist Paul Krugman.
            CNN’s Chris Cuomo will kick off the day’s coverage on New Day beginning at 6 a.m. live from Capitol Hill on the morning of Jan. 28. Cuomo will continue to report from the nation’s capital on Wednesday morning.
Throughout the evening, news and commentary will be provided by chief political correspondent Candy Crowley, chief political analyst Gloria Borger; and Crossfire hosts Newt Gingrich, Stephanie Cutter, S. E. Cupp and Van Jones. On the magic wall, chief national correspondent John King will illustrate how the balance of power could shift with the 2014 midterm and gubernatorial elections. Senior White House correspondents Jim Acosta and Brianna Keilar join the coverage from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., along with chief congressional correspondent Dana Bash from the halls of the U.S. Capitol.
CNN’s chief national correspondent Jim Sciutto will also have live, exclusive reports from Tehran as Iran begins to implement the U.S. nuclear agreement. Correspondent Tom Foreman, live from the virtual studio, will put the president’s claims on income inequality to a Reality Check using advanced statistical analysis and state-of-the-art data visualization. Furthermore, national correspondent Suzanne Malveaux will moderate a focus group from Des Moines, IA, where registered voters provide real-time reaction during the speech.
In addition, a CNN/ORC International instant poll of American speech watchers and their reactions to the president’s address will be released during the 11 p.m. hour.
Late night coverage will continue with State of the Union: Postgame with Jake Tapper providing perspective from the evening’s address and response. After that, King puts the final touches on the network’s coverage as he and top political reporters from news organizations discuss how the President’s priorities will be impacted by the midterm elections.
CNN Digital will provide users multiple ways to access the president’s speech along with the network’s analysis.  In addition to streaming the speech live and unauthenticated on and CNN’s mobile apps, digital correspondent Peter Hamby and guests will give real-time analysis of the address in a companion stream, called the “Politi-cast.” The running commentary will tap into live reaction of the speech and the immediate impact it is having on social media.
CNN en Español will also broadcast the presidential address. Correspondent Juan Carlos López will offer post-analysis with a team of experts and anchor Fernando del Rincón will host a special presentation of Conclusiones.

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Anonymous said...

I'm very much looking forward to this considering I love CNN's approach on major political events. I do hope though that their on-screen graphics are not over done like last time. I don't want to be distracted by squiggly lines while watching President Obama speak.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the POTUS covers increasing gun violence that is plaguing the nation.
Just this weekend another shooting of two innocent persons and the shooter Columbia MD. It's become the new normal, where people just say, "how terrible. I feel for the victim's loved ones."
When will this be taken seriously?
When businesses such as the Malls, see a drmatic drop in business and the property managers of these malls put pressure on Congress to do something about the power behind the NRA. Everything is money.
It matters not that people die, sadly. The ONLY THING that will make a difference is when someone starts to lose money and people in mass, stop shopping at the malls. And that day is closer than you think.

Anonymous said...

The President did have one line on gun control, but he was not explicit and he did not say he would use his executive powers to enforce new gun control legislation.
He spoke for over an hour and touched on most topics, both domestically and foreign.
And yes, the Affordable Care Act was more than mentioned.
Supposedly, 9 million people have signed up and from the way the POTUS spoke, it is a resounding success.
Yes, Obamacare will define his Presidency and if there are anymore "Sandy Hooks," that will also define his Presidency, and not for the better.

Anonymous said...

The SOTU ratings were viewed by only 33 million people last nite. The lowest level seen since 2000, or before we were abruptly tramatized by 9/11.
So it is not surprising that the President's oratory and SOTU speeches, have been less than awe inspiring.
His demeanor is not ratings driven.
He seems real enough to most of us, but has he been effective?
He never has invoked executive privilege, even when Congress has been at an impasse and this is frustrating. This Congress has been deadlocked many times during his Presidency and yet "being liked by all," seems to be what his legacy is about.
Unlike W., he will never be known as the "enforcer or the "decider."
He likes to delegate leadership,
rather than lead.
So knowing his personality, with its flaws and imperfections, viewers decided that nothing new was going to be said, and nothing new was. So ratings for the SOTU were down.
President Obama has proven to be one who "ponders," and some view this as indecisive.
Whatever the reason, Americans have cast their vote, and a good many decided it just wasn't worth the effort.