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Friday, May 16, 2008

Ratings, Red State, & Spielberg

I'm back! I have to thank my friends here at ATC and ATA for covering for me over the last two weeks, I've enjoyed my time off, but it's nice to be back.

The first item tonight is a quick look at ratings from Tuesday night's primary coverage.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008
West Virginia Primary
Adults 25-54^
Total Audience 2+^

It's not really suprising that the there were not as many viewers tuning into the election results on Tuesday night as we've seen during past primary coverage. The real question wasn't "Who would win?" but "By how much would she win?". In looking at the ratings, each of the three networks defined a different time period as their "Primary/ Election coverage" time slots. (I crunched the numbers for the 7PM - 12AM time period and when compared with the averages above, the numbers are slightly different, but the overall ranking remains the same.)

CNN peaked at 9PM with 662,000 Adult 25 - 54 Viewers and 1,886,000 Total Audience 2+ Viewers. This is more than both MSNBC (showing Election Coverage) and FOX (showing HANNITY & COLMES) during the 9PM hour.

Ratings for the week May 5 - May 9, 2008

Adults 25-54
MSNBC394,500 4

Adults 25-54

Adults 25-54

FOX won the Adult Viewers 25 - 54 ratings for the 8PM and 9PM time slots. CNN took 10PM. CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 also had the highest number of viewers Adult 25 - 54 on Wednesday with 372,000. FOX (GRETA) followed behind with 274,000 and then MSNBC (COUNTDOWN) with 219,000.

1 FOX Election Coverage (coded) from 7p - 8p
2 CNN Election Coverage (coded) from 7p - 10p
3 MSNBC Election Coverage (coded) 6p - 12a
4 4 day average. Tuesday primary coverage excluded.
^ Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Demographics where noted; Live + Same Day (LS) Fast Track Nationals.

23/6 has taken a fancy to John King and his magic wall. They posted the following video: Stephen Spielberg presents: John King on their site:

Red State Update was back on American Morning today with Kyra Phillips. Here's a clip:

Today was Rob Marciano's 5 year anniversary with CNN. On American Morning, he was showing off his 5 year plaque.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

CNN really needs to do something with the
8 pm hour. They spend way too much time
with the annoying partisan panels.
It is getting difficult to watch.

On Tues program, there was a reporter for
The Washington TImes who was also a
part of the RNC, who basically took over
the show and cut every one else off who
tried to counter her pov. It got to the
point where I stopped watching.

I think if CNN continues with this format
it's ratings will tank. Why does CNN permit
the talking points to air on it's network instead
of a legitimate discussion on the topic.

Hello. Who else to answer the question about
Iran's power in the region other than Michael
Ware or Fareed Zakaria?

Viewers know when they hear talking
points. Partisan hacks do not know
anything about the pressing issues.
All they know is attack and spin.

Why not have a cool open with video,
music and soundbites from the news of
the day and mini news vignettes mixed
with music that fit the stories throughout
the programs. Geez they could be used all
day long with different songs,different
bites and video.

Take the back and forth between
Obama and Mccain mixed with
the sports jams played at games
familiar to everyone.

There is a song for just about any
situation. Talk, talk and more talk
will just bore viewers who will hit
the mute or channel change on the
remote. It can not be that difficult
to have people put together little
30 second or longer news clips
mixed with music. You do not
have to even use the same songs
each day. That means it would
never get old.