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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Dispatches

Michael Ware had an astonishing (and scary!) look inside Sadr City this week:

Christiane Amanpour made two appearances on American Morning this week -- first on Tuesday, where she discussed the situation in Lebanon:

And on Friday, she was on to discuss President Bush's "appeasement" remarks in Israel:

After Senator John McCain gave a speech in which he described what he hopes to have achieved at the end of his first term, CNN analysts evaluated some of his thoughts; Peter Bergen spoke about the ones involving the end of the Global War on Terror:

(Peter also had two posts on the AC360 blog, one about the McCain speech and the other about OBL's latest tape.)

Where in the World...?

On Monday, John King was in New York; Dana Bash in Portland, Oregon; Suzanne Malveaux in Louisville, Kentucky. Tuesday, Dana was in North Bend, Washington; and Suzanne was in New York.

Wednesday, Suzanne was in Grand Rapids, Michigan; John King hosted Larry King Live (above). Thursday, Suzanne started the day in Grand Rapids and ended it in Chicago; Dana was in Columbus, Ohio.

Friday, Dana was in Louisville, Kentucky. And this morning, both Dana and John King are in DC... probably hoping to get some final wedding plans done, but instead they are working the phones/BlackBerrys for info on Senator Kennedy's condition.

That's it for me today... Tonight is the dinner for the winners of the National Headliner Awards, held in Atlantic City. Congratulations again to all the CNN winners!

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Phebe said...

Where oh where was Candy Crowley this week. I miss her!

Sapphire said...

I was just thinking today that I have not seen Candy in a few days which I thought was strange. Hopefully she is on a well deserved vacation

MWmcFan said...

The frontline coverage we get from Michael Ware is phenomenal! He is so courageous and intelligent, wish we could hear more from him all the time.
It was very informative hearing Christiane’s analysis about the situation in the Middle East as well as Peter Bergen’s too.
Thanks for the post Cyn!